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💐{ miss arrogant} 💐

Episode 50

💐Raye Montez 💐

It's been 48hours since the doctor had last promised us that he was gonna get a donor.

Mom had left while I stayed behind and watch out for Kay.

He's all alone and needs my support now .

"Do you think she's gonna make it?" He spoke all of a sudden.

" I've faith Kay I know your mom is a fighter. "I SMiled weakly.

He nods and looked away..

Just then the doctor came out shortly.

We both rushed towards him.

", Tell me you found a donor." Kay almost panicked..

" Am sorry but I was unable to get a donor. "  He broke the bombshell.

I could tell kayden would break down any moment.

I know how much he loves his mom and it LL kill him to watch her suffer'.

"I'll donate one of my kidneys." I said both Kay and the doctor looked at me..

" What did you just say Raye?" Kay asked..

"I'm willing to donate my kidney so your mom can be on her feet again." I said courageously.

If that's gonna make him happy then am willing to take the risk.

"Are you sure about this ?" The doctor asked me.

"Am very sure doctor. " I muttered.

" No please you can't do this. I can't bare to loose you too. " He said as his voice was cracking.

His eyes had become glossy like he would cry any moment.

"I've to Kay for the sake of your happiness.", 

", My happiness lies with you should anything happens to you I won't be able to forgive myself. " She held on my hands.

" Am sorry babe but this is the only way." I said and went with doctor to run some tests.

Tears roll down my cheeks as I watched Kay battle with himself..

"Breath Ms Montez you gonna be fine." The doc assured as he injected me.

He was about drawing blood when his attention was being called for.

👑 Kayden Strucker 👑

I fell to the ground as I wept bitterly.

I can't stand to loose two important people same time.

My heart ache so badly , Raye is my life I would kill myself if anything happens to her.

"Mr Strucker. Your attention is needed right now!" A nurse brought me outta my thoughts..

I stood and and trailed behind her as she took me to my mom's ward.

She was awake already and was looking so paled.

"Mom?" I rushed towards her as tears roll down my cheeks.

"My baby it's you. I thought i wasn't gonna see you for a long time. " She said weakly.

" Am sorry mom but I wanted to suprise you. I finally got a girlfriend" I SMiled weakly as I held her hand.

" Am so proud of you son. Where's she?"




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