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Episode 49

🌟 Kayden Strucker 🌟

I left the Montez mansion and rode home..

Raye wanted coming with me but I declined bluntly.

She can only meet mom when have explained to mom and I bet she's gonna be happy seeing me with someone I love.

I opened the door to my apartment and got in.

"Mom? Mom? Am home." I announced but got no response.

It's past noon where could she be?

I checked the kitchen and the living room but she wasn't there soon decided to go upstairs to her room.

The door was locked from the inside.

"Mom please open the door it's me kayden." I said as I was getting worried.

I heard no response , I kept banging on the door but got no response.

Had to break the door open only to meet the greatest shock of my life.

My mom was laying on the floor lifelessly.

I rushed to her side immediately.

"Mom please open your eyes please." I sobbed as I lifted her up and check her pulse.

Omg she's breathing. I carried her in bridal style and rushed downstairs.

I hit the street and luckily I found a cab which too me to the hospital.

I wanted going in with them but I was stopped by the lobby.

I gave Raye a call shortly as I paced back and forth.

Dear lord please nothing should happen to my mom she's all I've left.

She's the only family I know. I prayed in my heart silently...

" Kayden are you okay?"Raye rushed towards me with her mom and pulled me into a hug.

" Yes I'm fine. " I lied.

" Who's the doctor in charge and what did they say is wrong with her?" Her mom asked questions I don't really have answers to.

" I don't really know yet." I said just then the doctor walked towards us.

I rushed towards him immediately.

" Mr Strucker?" He asked.

"Yes that's me." 

"Am sorry to say but the patient's kidney is failing. She needs an emergency surgery immediately and also a donor." He announced.

I felt like my world was crumbling..

" Do whatever you can to save his mom don't worry about your pay just do your job and find a donor." Raye's mom said.

" Yes doc  please you have to save her."

" I'll get to work right now. " He said and walked away..

" It's okay baby relax everything will be fine I promise you." Raye said as she made me place my head on her shoulder.

I don't really know what to do right now. My heart aches so much. Why mom why her.

She doesn't deserve to suffer like this.



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