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Episode 48

🚫Kayden Strucker 🚫

"Are you ready baby?" I asked her as I got all our luggage's downstairs.

" Yeah but before then we need to talk a picture. Haven't updated my Instagram for weeks. " She said and brought out her phone.

Girls and pictures. She took about fourty pictures before we leave.

" Good bye Seattle." I Mumbled as we got into the car and drove off.

" Say cheese." She said and wanted taking another picture.

I SMiled sheepishly and she took the picture.

" Gush you're no fun." She glares at me.

" Yeah but the last time I checked you love me that way." I Smirked evilly.

" Here we go again. " She said and kept taking so many pictures from different angles.

Like seriously.

"Girls are real drama Queens." I Huff.

She scoffs and kept taking pictures.


"Welcome back to LA baby." I announced as I pulled up infront the mansion.

"Yeah." She smiled and stepped outta the car , I did too.

"It's good to be home." I chuckled as we walked into the house.

" Oh my goodness my baby is back. " Her mom exclaimed happily as she saw us.

" You have no idea how much I've missed you mom." Raye said and gave a hug.

" I missed you too. Kayden my dear I missed you even more. Hope she wasn't such an *ss over there. " She furrowed her brows I was forced to laugh.

" Alittle bit though but I was right there to straighten her up. " I winked at Raye who glared playfully at me.

" Aww that's so sweet, welcome home sissy." Kimberly said descending from the stairs.

"Thanks dear I missed you like hell."

"Welcome back Kay you're the only person I could proudly say I missed. " She Smirked.

" Oh really Kim him???? " Raye was about to bring down the whole place.

"Relax sissy I missed you too." She said and hugged Raye.

"Alright Everyone let's have lunch together. " Her mom said.

I noticed that Kim was staring at me in a strange way ND also staring at Raye.

Am. Sure she's gonna be suprised when she finds out me and Raye are a thing now.

" Kay could you help me with something please? My neck kinda hurts right here. " Raye said as placed her palm on the spot.

." Sorry dear, does it hurt much?" I asked as I give her a hand massage.

Her mom and Kim were staring at us in total shock.

With their mouths wide open.

" What? ' Raye raised her eyebrows.

" Wow I can't believe this, the  mighty peacock is finally tamed. " Kim squeak.


" Really guys ? Not helping Kim. " She rolled her eyes.

" Am so happy you guys worked on your differences. " Her mom said.

I smiled and kept massaging her neck.

"Can we please have lunch now!!" Kim half yelled.

" Oh please we're coming. 'Her mom chuckled softly.




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