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💐{ miss arrogant} 💐

Episode 47

💐Raye Montez 💐

"Hey! You're cheating." I groan softly.

We're s actually doing the straw game. We're eating with just straws and Kay is cheating.

"No am not." He chuckled and kept trying to cheat.

" Come on you cheat." I punched his arms playfully.

#am not cheating." He stopped and bend over to steal a kiss.

I held him to myself so he won't break the kiss.

I rested my back on the bed as we kissed passionately.

He trailed kissses around my body to my neckline.

I fondle with his hair as he did that.

He slowly pulled off my clothes revealing my naked body.

A moan escaped my mouth as his lips came in contact with my tits.

Damn I love it when he does that.

He got hold my pants and ripped it off aggressively.

I helped him off of his clothes.. he positioned himself in between my legs and thrust into me tenderly..

Our moans filled the whole room as he moved in and outta me in a normal speed..

He turn me over and made me ride his joystick..

He had another memorable sex again.


" Here have this. 'kay said and handed me a cup of coffee before seating down beside me.

" Thanks babe " I muttered and sipped from my coffee.

" So we'll be leaving Seattle tomorrow morning. And i was beginning to love the place. " He chuckled at his words..

" Yeah but I miss home and my mom too." I SMiled.

" Likewise. How about we play one last game before we leave?" He Smirked playfully.

" You're a king of cheaters.lets play rock paper scissors who ever wins get to pick the game." I suggested.

" Deal baby." He said and we started.

F**k I won.

" Yeah yeah that's what am talking about." I did my victory dance.

" Oh please you just cheated." He rolled his eyes dramatically.

" Oops sorry I didn't know you're jealous." I mockingly said.

" Huh am not jealous i just said you cheated." He glared playfully.

" Look who is jealous." I stuck out my tongue at him.

He tickled me making me burst into laughter.

" There's no way am jealous baby." He kept tickling her till we rolled over and fell to the ground.

I couldn't hold my laughter.

" As if jealous wasn't enough he tries to kill me. " I giggled and broke free from his grip..

" Get back here miss cheater am not done with you yet!!" He ran after me.

Kayden loves to play a lot.

I really can't wait to see my mom tomorrow , I know for a fact that she's gonna spoil me tomorrow.



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