Sunday, 14 June 2020



{ Searching for love}


💐 Isabelle Fitzgerald 💐

And that was a relieve. I walk outta the board room and walked towards my office.

I still have lots of files to sort out sent by my boss.

He claims it's his day off so am gonna do all his work.

Like seriously it's nerve wrecking.

A knock landed on my door.

" Come on in." I Mumbled.

The door pulled open and he or she walked in.

I don't really know who it was because I'd practically buried myself in work.

" Good day ma'am , a representative from McQueen's Corp is here . " My secretary announced.

" Okay send them in. " I said Calmly still busy with work.

The door opened again this time I felt the presence of two people.

", Good day ma'am." I heard a deep calm masculine voice I was forced to look up.

It was a guy putting on round glasses I guess he's the representative.

He's super cute even with the glasses and formal looks.

" Hello seat down please." I gestured him to the couch.

" Thank you. " He smiled and took his seat.

" You must be the representative from McQueen's right? What's your name please?"  I asked politely.

" Erm I'm Connor and I came in place of my superior for the business deal . " He said all formal.

" Okay do you mind taking a look at our business plans? " I handed the files to him.

All this while my eyes never left him.

Gush his lips are so pinkish and small too.

He has this flawless skin , he's just too handsome to be called a man.

He glanced at me and his eyes met with mine.

He smiled brightly showing off his Dimples before turning to the files again.

' hmmm it's nice and promising. I  hope we don't regret this. " He said smartly.

" No you won't our company is reliable and trustworthy. " I SMiled.

He brought out his pen and signed in the documents before handing it over to me.

" Congratulations miss?" He asked.

" Isabelle. "I SMiled and shook hands with him.

He held on to my hand for a brief moment before letting go .

" Looking forward to seeing you again miss Isabelle." He said and walked away.



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