Sunday, 14 June 2020



{ Searching for love}


👑 Calvin McQueen 👑

I got outta bed with the thought of putting my plans to action.

My sister May is kinda against it but I don't really care as long as I found my soulmate.

I went downstairs for breakfast and also fill my workers in on everything that's gonna happen.

" Good morning Cal." May gave me a slight punch as I sat down beside her.

" Good morning crazy girl." I rolled my eyes as the maids served my meal.

Adams should be here soon.

" So do you still wanna continue with your ridiculous plans? " She asked.

" I don't really have a choice. " I said with a smile.

I ring the bell on the table and all the servants came running towards the diner.

" What's up guys." Adams said happily and pulled out a chair for himself.

May was stylishly fixing her hair.

" Hi May." He smiled.

I could tell may was blushing heavily.

"Hey Adams." She smiled sheepishly.

Oh I see what's going on here.

" Erm. I thought you won't show up." I decided to break the awkward silence. 

" Here I'm." He stretched out his hand.

" Okay listen up everyone. There's been some changes to the rules here and henceforth you gonna see Adams as your new boss. Don't ever address me as young master infront anyone. I'm just a housekeeper  and a secretary do you understand? " I explained but they all kept quiet as they kept staring at each other.

I know they must be wondering why I declared that.

" Okay let me break it down Abit.  I'm no longer your young master for the main time, he's gonna be your master and she's your master's wife . " I pointed at may  who was smiling like a hippo.

" It's important I do this and trust me it's just temporary. I hope you all agrees to help out here? " I said nicely.

They all nodded.

" Wow that's alot bro. " Adams spoke up.

" This is the best shot have got to get what I want. You may all leave now. " I dismissed them and focused on my meal.

" Just for the curiosity is Adams gonna be staying in the mansion too? " May asked as she was secretly glancing at Adams.

" Yes of course." I nod.

She almost screamed out in joy.

If there's one thing have learnt is that they both have feelings for each other but pride and ego won't let them confess .

" let's get started then" Adams picked up an apple from the table.



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