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 {💘Searching for love💘}

       Episode   38.


 "What did my brother say? "
 I mutter to Adam and he turns to me. 
My heart skips a beat at the way he looked at me. 

 I don't even need to deny it anymore. 
I love Adam. I really do but I know he doesn't feel the same way. 
He thinks I'm younger and I'm his best friends sister. 
I'm not his type and he doesn't want anything serious either. 
He wants to remain in his ways as a playboy. 

 "Fine. He just wants some information about Isabelle and he say to greet you. "
 Adam says and I nod. 
He couldn't even call me. 
I guess he's in hide and wouldn't want her to discover anything. 

 I really miss him though and I wish they will settle everything quick. 
This place doesn't feel the same without him especially since I've been avoiding Adam. 
He told me the kiss was a mistake the day Calvin left and it hurts. Badly. 

 "Um, I'm just gonna go. "
 I mutter, proceeding to walk away when he grabs my wrist. 

 "May  ."
 He utters and I gulp in before turning to him. 

 "I'm sorry. "
 He mutters and I bite my lower lip to stop the tears from falling. 

 "It's okay Adam. I understand, you can't date your best friends sister. "

 "Am sorry for that and for this too. "
 Before I could take time to understand what he's talking about. 
His lips were already on mine and I gasp. 

 He pulls me to himself, wrapping his arms round my waist before pulling back. 

 "I'm sorry but I can't control it. "
 He says again before kissing me. 

 I moan and wrap my arms round his neck . 
I don't care if the maids are looking right now and I don't think he cares either. 

 He begins to move back and our kiss starts getting sloppier but I didn't pull away. 
 He grabs my legs and wrap it round his waist, taking the steps up the stairs. 

 My back meet against the wall and he drops me down on my feet. 
I moan harder and push my hips against his, earning a groan from him. 

 We pull away and he yanks at my jacket, pulling it off me. 

 I start unbuttoning the buttons of his shirt before attaching my lips to him again. 

 He flips us around and we're at the other end. 
I gasp when he bites my lower lip and we started staggering towards the door. 
I don't know which room and I don't care much either. 

 He uses his feet to kick the door open and I finally succeeded at pulling his shirt off him. 
He close the door and has me against the wall, trailing kisses down my neck while moans leaves my lips as I tug at his hair. 


 "I don't know sister. I just don't want you to pass through that pain again. It was hell for me seeing you that way  "
 He says and I smile, pulling him to my chest and hugging him. 

 "I know Stephan. I know but you need to understand Connor. He means no harm, he's just trying to get to know me. You're being too rude. "
 I mutter and he pulls away from me. 

 "Are you sure "
 He asks and I smile before nodding. 

 "I am. I will be fine  "

 "Okay. I'll try to act nice but I'll surely kill him if he hurts you. "
 I chuckle and shake my head before pulling his cheeks and he glared at me just like he always does. 

 "Goodnight Stephan. "
 I peck his cheek before walking out of his room. 

I bump into Connor at the hallway but he merely walks pass me. 
He has been avoiding me, even during dinner. He said nothing. 

 I sigh before walking to my room and closing the door behind me. 
 I breathe out before plopping down on the bed. 
 I close my eyes and my dream is fill with the image of him smirking down at me while I scream.




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