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 {💘Searching for love💘}

Episode   37.


 I gulp in as I stare at Isabelle who's also looking at me. 

 "What did you do to her? "
 Stephan growls and I breathe out. 
Why is he so overprotective? 

 "I'm asking you what you did to her! "
 He yells and I slightly roll my eyes. He's talking to me as if I'm some kind of kid when in reality. He's the kid here. 

 "Stephan, stop it! "
 Isabelle yells but I don't think he listens. 

 "How dare you touch her? How dare you touch my mistake? '"
 He yells again. 

 "I think your sister can debate what she wants and what she doesn't.
You shouldn't try to tell her what she'll do. She's your older sister and she can take care of herself. 
What happened was voluntary. I didn't force her. "
 I say for the first time and he scoffs.

 "Stephan leave it. I'm fine, okay? "
 Isabelle says and his eyes shoot to her. 

 "Fuck this! "
 He yells before walking back out of the door. 

 Isabelle sighs and sits on the couch. 

 "I'm very sorry about him. He's just.. Worried about me and trying to protect me. "
 She rubs her forehead and I nod. 

 "Yes, sometimes you should try to let him understand that you can protect yourself. "
 I mutter and she looks up at me. 
Damn! Those eyes. 

 "I'll be in the room. "
 I mutter, about to take a step when she pulls me back. 

 "About what you said. "
 She utters and I raise my brows. 

 "You said it was voluntarily. The kiss but you said it was a mistake earlier. "
 She narrows her eyes at me and I sigh. 

 "Nothing is ever a mistake with you Isabelle. "
 I mutter, looking straight into her eyes. 

 She stares at me for some minutes before standing on her toes and kissing me then pulling back away. 
It was more like a peck but it ignites something in me.

 I pull her to myself and wrap my hands round her waist before claiming her lips as mine and she wraps her arms round my neck. 


 I moan as I tug at his hair and he pushes his tongue against mine. 
He tastes so good that I want more. More of him. 

 I push him slightly to the wall and his fingers dig in my waist. 
That action made that image comes in. 
I remember clearly when he holds my waist so tightly and harshly. His fingers digging into me that it started to bleed. 

 I pull away from Connor immediately and he's breathing hard. 

 "What's it? "
 He asks, cupping my face and looking straight into my eyes. 

 I can't keep doing this. I can't keep kissing him, leading him on them only to break it seconds later. 

 I have to control myself around him. Connor doesn't deserve this. 
He doesn't deserve any of what I'm doing to him. 
I keep stringing him along in my messed up life. 

 "I can't Connor. "
 I mutter, shaking my head in his hand and he raises his brows at me. 

 "You can't what? "
 He asks, staring deep into my eyes and the way he was staring at me made my knees weak. 

 "I.. I'm sorry but this isn't right. I can't do it, it Will only feel like I'm using you when I am not even going to be with you. "

 "But you want me too. I can see it in your eyes so why are you denying this?! "
 He asks in a soft voice. 

 I know. I've come to grow some feelings. 
I have this indescribable attraction towards him but I can't do it. 

 "I.. "

 "Don't deny it Isabelle. I know you want me. "
 He cuts me off and I look into his eyes. 
I do but I can't. 

 "I don't. "
 I mutter, staring down but he raise my head again. 

 "You're lying. "
 He whispers. His voice barely audible. 

 "I'm not. I don't want you, I'm sorry if I made you think that way but I don't. "

 "Then why did you kissed me? "
 He ask again and I bite my lower lips. 

 "I kissed you doesn't mean I'm attracted to you. "
 I mutter under my breath and he shakes his head. 

 "I only kissed you cause I wanted to get something off my mind. I'm sorry Connor. "
 I add and he let's go of me before shaking his head. 
Hurt flashes in his eyes and it pains me to know that I'm the cause of that but there's nothing that can do done. 

 He looks at me one more time before turning and walking up the stairs. 

 I'm really sorry Connor but this is for the best. 
I'm only trying to protect you from the mess that is me.



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