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 (💘Searching for love💘)

     Episode      36.


 I gasp into his mouth and pull away as quickly as possible, looking up at him with my eyes widen. 

 "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to, I was... "
 My words were cut off when he pulls me to himself and wrap his hands round my waist, claiming my lips. 

 He bites on my bottom lip and i couldn't resist anymore as my hands goes round his neck. 

 He pulls me more closer to himself that our chests are touching and I moan into his mouth. 
He used that opportunity to push his tongue into my mouth and both our tongues fights for dominance. 

 I moan and tug at his hair and he grabs the mixer from my hand and drop it near the bowl of flour before wrapping my legs round his waist. 

 His fingers digs at my thighs and I moan heavily. 

 He begins to move back and soon, my back is against the wall. 
 He leave my lips and trail kisses down my neck. 
Everywhere his lips touch gets hot. 
He leaves a trail of fire behind with his kisses. 

 He kiss my ear and gently nib on the spot near my earlobe. 

 Oh god. 

 He sucks on my neck and I'm sure that's gonna leave a hickey. 
He goes back to my lips and kiss me like his life depends on it while I try to swallow my moans. 

 His fingers pushes deeply into my thighs and his face comes up, smirking at me. 

 Like a Bolt of lightening, I'm on my feet immediately, eyes wide, breathing hard and chest heaving up and down. 

 "Are you okay? "
 His breathing is just as hard as mine and I shake my head. 

 "Yea, I'm.. Um, I'm sorry. "
 I whisper, looking down at my legs. 

 Fuck! What was wrong with me? 
Was I just about to make out with him? Or maybe something more? 

 "Um, it's okay. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have taken it to that. It was a mistake, my.. My head is pretty occupied. "
 I know I broke the kiss myself but hearing him saying its a mistake hurts me badly than I thought it will. 

 I can feel tears pricking at the corner of my eyes and I bite the inside of my cheeks, nodding. 

 "It's okay. "
 I mutter, trying hard not to let the tears fall. 

"I. Um,.. I'm gonna go finish the cooking. "
 I mutter and he says nothing. 

 I look up at him and he's staring at me. 

 "I'm sorry Isabelle. "
 He says again and I shake my head, assuring him it's nothing before going back to cooking. 

 It sure as hell feels like something. 





 I'm so stupid. Why did I do that? 
I just couldn't control myself when she kissed me but I should have let it go, instead I took it too far. 

 I can only imagine what she would think of me right now. 
If she hadn't stop it. I sure as hell would have done something she's gonna regret. 

 I wipe my face with my palm and I watch her make the fries. 

 She isn't talking. Is she angry? 
Hell! Of course she's angry. Why won't she be? 
 "Isabelle, I'm really sorry."
 I mutter again and she turns back to me with a smile but I can tell it doesn't meet her eyes. 

 "It's okay Connor. It was a mistake, just like you said. "
 She says and my eyes goes to her lips again. 
You could kiss her all day and never grow tired of it. 
Her lips feels so perfect and to think, I'm thinking of her lips right now when she's angry I kissed her already. 

 Fuck me. 

 It wasn't a mistake. I wanted to do it and I loved it. 


 Isabelle already finished making the fries and we're waiting for Stephan. 
 The atmosphere is awkward with neither of us saying anything and just as I was about to talk, the door opens and Stephan walks in. 

 "I'm home. "
 He announces, even though we're right in front of him. 

 "Hey little. How was school? "
 Isabelle smiles and I just keep quiet. I don't think he would want me to talk. 

 "Great. Why are you both here? "

 "We were waiting for you to come. Connor here thinks he's better at cooking than me.. "
 Isabelle says and Stephan looks at me before looking away. 

 "But I think I'm better so we made something. You taste both and tell us which is better. "
 She grins and he stares down at the food we made. 

 "Isn't it supposed to be the same thing? "
 He raises his brows and we look at each other. 

 "Just taste it. "
 Isabelle groans and drops the plate on the table. 

 "Wait! "
 He says and Isabelle looks at him. 

 "Is that a hickey on your neck? "
 He growls before turning to me, eyes blazing.




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