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 (💘Searching for love💘)

     Episode       35.


 Someone must have hurt her. And very badly too for her to be this way but the question is who hurt her? 
Who would want to hurt someone like her? 
She so peaceful and so kind, why would anyone ever want to hurt her? 

 "Stop crying Isabelle. Everything will be okay. "
 I mutter, patting her hair and she sobs harder on my chest, pulling me tightly to herself as if she's scared I would run away. 
 I pull away from her and take her hand, dragging her towards the bed. 

 "I'm sorry you had to See Me like that. "
 She shakes her head and I look up at her. 
Her eyes are so red and bloodshot from crying too much. 
What could have happened to her? 

 "Who did this to you? What happened? "
I say to her. I know she wouldn't answer but I just wanted to know. Who could have dreamt of hurting her? 

 "It doesn't matter anymore. "
 She chuckles and stares down at her feet. 

 "If it doesn't matter anymore then why are you still crying about it? "
 I raise my brow at her. She looks at me before turning away from my watchful gaze. 

 "I said it doesn't matter anymore Connor. Forget it, okay? "
 I sigh and nod before grabbing the tray of food I made for her. 

 "Would you at least eat what I prepared? I try my utmost best not to burn the house down. "
 I tease to lighten the atmosphere and I'm glad I did when she laughs and shake her head at me. 

 She grabs the tray from my hand and munch the food in her mouth, closing her eyes as if to savour the taste and I look at her, eagerly waiting for what she's gonna say. 

 "It's good. Really actually good for a guy. "
 She smiles at me and I return it. I'm glad she loves it. 

 "But you can't do this better than me though. I'm better than you. "
 She smirks and I scoff playfully. 

 "That's a lie. I'm better. "
 I smirk and she shakes her head. 

 "Did you tasted the pancakes I made yesterday? I'm better than you. "
 She rolls her eyes and that made me remember. 

 "You ain't going to work? "
 I ask and she shakes her head. 

 "No, I called in for a free day today too. I will have to get up early tomorrow, there will be tons of work to do. "
 She sighs. 

 "Then we shall have a contest. "
 I smile and her eyes shoot at me, with her brows raised. 

 "Contest? "
 She raises her brows and I nod. 

 "Yes, like a cooking competition. Let's see how good you are in this thing. "
 I scoff again and she bows playfully. 

 "Then it would be a honor to have your ass kicked, chef. "
 She laughs and I playfully roll my eyes. 

 "We'll see about that, chef. "
 The competition is mainly to get her mind off whatever it's bothering her but it will also be fun, I think. 


 I don't know how but Connor manage to get me from crying at the window to cooking in the kitchen. 
I'm glad he was here. God knows what I would have done. 

  I'm making French fries and Connor is making rice pudding, I think. 

 Stephan will be our little judge when he comes back. I know it's just a game but I actually love it. 

 "Almost ready to go. "
 Connor whispers behind me and I nod before wiping off the sweat on my forehead. 

 "Okay. "
 I turn to him and smile before turning back to mixing the flour. 

 "Hey, you have little something on your forehead. "
 He says and I turn to him to wipe it off. 

 "Really, where? "
 I ask and he points to somewhere while I try to wipe it off. 

 "you just made it worse. "
 He laughs and I roll my eyes at him. 

 "Just point to where it is. Or better off, clean it for me. "
 I push my head to him and he takes two steps closer to me. 

 His hand makes contact with my skin and I feel my body jots. 

 I look down at his lips and remember the accidentally kiss from yesterday. 
Thinking about it makes me... 
 His lips were so soft and tasted like raspberry. 

 I shake my head. 
No, I shouldn't do that. 
I told myself but instead, I find myself moving closer. 
 Before I knew what in doing, I've already locked our lips together and his body tenses. 
I surprised the both of us.



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