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{ Searching for love}



I could still remember how much I hate him even though I can't forget him.

Why can't I just move on and forget any of this ever happened?

Connor is a very sweet person and doesn't deserve someone like me.

A knock landed on my door.

I quickly wiped the tears off my face. I muttered a come in and he did.

" ERM are you okay?" He asked.

I nodded as I looked away so he won't notice my reddish eyes.

" you don't look okay to me Belle. You know we can still talk about it right?" He sigh and sat down on the couch in my room.

" I said am fine just leave me alone.' I said trying to push him away even though i don't want to.

" I just wish I could leave you alone but I can't. My heart bleeds when ever I see those tears. Whatever the problem is , it ain't worth your tears okay?" With that he stood up and walked outta my room.

A part of me wanted going after him and hug him from behind telling him how much I needed his company but I can't 

I just can't. Am sorry Connor but I can't let you into my messed up life

You don't really deserve someone as messed as me.

I stood and looked under my bed and brought out a small box.

I opened it and brought out the very fabric I wore.

Held it to my chest as I cried my eyes out.

I cried so much like it would take away my pain but no.

Cried till there was no more tears left to cry.

Eventually I slept off. I still have nightmares about him .

He would taunt me in my dreams telling me no one want me and it was true.

No one wants me .



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