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 {💘Searching for love💘}

        Episode   32.


She pulls away, almost immediately and stares down at me before looking away. 
She stands up and turn her back to me. 

 "I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry, I didn't mean to. Didn't know you were still there. If I knew, I wouldn't have turned. "
 She utters not looking at me and shaking her head as if she doesn't want to remember something. 

 "Isabelle, it was just a kiss. Didn't even last long, it's alright. "
 I reply, standing up. 
I've come to realize that she's always so sensitive about these topics and I have been wondering why. Why does she keeps running away Every single time I try to get close to her. 

 "No, it isn't. I don't want you to get the wrong impression Connor. "
 She says still not turning to me and I sigh. 

 "What impression? That you don't want to be with me? "
 I whisper and she turns back,  looking into my eyes. 

 I sigh and shake my head. 

"It's alright if you don't want to let me in Isabelle though I don't really know why you can't. 
Is it because I'm poor? Is that why you won't let me in? You See Me as a poor guy who probably can't take care of you? "
 I raise my brows at her and she stares at me. 

 If that's the case, then I'm ready to tell her everything. I will tell her who I really am but that would also mean she wants me for my money. 

 "That isn't the case. I don't care if you're rich or not. I will like you if I should and if I shouldn't. "
 She says and I smile nodding. 

 "Tell tell me what's wrong Isabelle. Why are you always running away from me? "
 I ask her and begin to walk towards her and she shakes her head. 

 "I will listen to whatever you have to say. "
 I whisper and she jumps slightly. 
She must have not known when I got behind her. 

"It's not something you can understand. It's something no one can understand. "
 She shakes her head and I gulp in, swallowing the bile in my throat before asking a question that I've always been curious about. 

 "Did someone hurt you? "
 I ask and she looks up at me,surprised. 
So I'm right. Someone did hurt her. That's why she's like this. 

 "No. "
 She says through gritted teeth and I can tell she's lying already with the expression clear on her face. Someone had hurt her and whatever it is that person did, it broke her. Really hard! 

 "You're lying to me isa. Tell me the truth, maybe I might be able to help you.. "

 "I don't need your help! "
 She shouts cutting me off. "I don't need anyone's help, okay? Stop trying to act as if you can understand what I'm going through. You can't! Nobody can! 
I need you to stop asking me these questions Connor or you won't be able to stay here. "
With that, she rushes up the stairs and what's heard next is the sound of the door slammed. 

 I sigh and sit down on the chair. 
She's really hurt bit what could that person could have done to her? 
Why would anyone ever want to hurt her? 

 I grab my phone and dial Adam's number and going to the kitchen.
 I turn the sink on and the water hit against the metal. That way she wouldn't hear what I'm saying. 
 "Bro.. "
 Adam's voice comes in and I sigh.  

 "I need you to do something for me. Help me do so a proper background check on Isabelle. How she has been living her life these past few years, find out everything. "
 I breathe out and stare out the widow. 

 "Really? Why though, did something happen? "
 He asks and I shake my head, even though he can't See Me right now. 

 "No, it's nothing. I just need it  "
 I tell him. 
"Make sure it's send to before tomorrow night. "
 I say and hang up the call before looking towards the stairs. 

 Everything will be alright Isabelle.
 Although, I don't know your story. Yet.
 But I promise, everything is gonna be alright cause I'm here for you. 

 I will make sure that everything is alright. 


 I bury my face into my pillow and sob hardly. 
He's messing with me again. 

 Anytime I get close to Connor, I can see him smirking at me. 
Taunting me. 

 I thought I had forgot about him but no... He just keeps haunting me. 
 Making my life restless. 

 I wish someone would break me out of this trance. Anybody. 

 I don't want to go there anymore. Not again.





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