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 {💘Searching for love💘}

    Episode      31.


 I smile and look at Isabelle who raises her brows at me. 

 "What are you thinking about? "

 She chuckles and I shake my head. 

 "Nothing really. I'm just happy you allowed me to stay with you. "

 I smile and she returns it while I have across to get to where she is. 

 "It's okay. I was just helping a friend. "

 She says and I don't feel too good about the fact that she only consider me as a friend. 

 "What are you making? It smells good. "

 I utter, stretching my head to look at what she's cooking and it's pancakes. 

 "Just pancakes. Thought you might be hungry and I was craving for some too. I hope it's alright with you? "

 She raises her brows and I smile. 

Anything is alright with me as long as you're here. 

 "Pass me the spatula. "

 She says and I nod before giving the spatula to her and she uses it to turn the pancakes. 

 "The plate. "

 I give her a bowl and she drops the pancakes in it then close it back. 

 "Another plate. "

 She says and I pass her another plate and she divides the pancakes into two. 

 "Syrup. "

 I give the syrup to her and she spreads it all over the pancake before adding milk. 

I didn't know milk is needed for it. 

 "Sorry, I usually eat mine with milk. Do you? "

 "Yea, add it. "

 I smile at her and she packs the two plates to the dining while I put everything back in their place. 

 Doing this together feels as if we're married or something. 

 "Don't we look like a couple? "

 I laugh and turn to look at her, her expression changes immediately.


 "Um, I don't know why I said that. I shouldn't have, I'm sorry. "

 I say and she smiles before shaking her head. 

 "It's okay. It's nothing.

Can you make the coffee? "

 She asks and I nod before turning back. 

 I grab two mugs and place them down before pouring the coffee in it. 

 "So you want yours with milk or not? "

 I ask her. 

 "Without. I have milk in my pancakes already. "

 I nod before adding milk to mime and adding nothing to hers. 

 I clean the counter and grab the two mugs, walking towards her. 

 I drop the mugs on the dining table and take a seat across from her. 

 "Your boss didn't say anything when you got fired? "

 She asks after a long moment of just eating and I smile. 

 "Um.. He isn't really around and I don't think he'll care much because he already choose his manager and would probably think whatever he does is right. "

 I shrug and she nods while i take a sip from my coffee. 

 "So what do you plan on doing now? "

 Make you fall in love with me. 

 "Find a small job or something. Maybe work at a restaurant. "

 I shrug. I didn't really thought about that. 

 "Okay. "

 She says and when I look up at her, I laugh. 

 "What? "

 She asks and I shake my head. 

 "What's it Connor? "

 "Nothing, you just have a little something on your face. "

 I laugh and she rolls her eyes at me. 

 "Where? Here....?"

 She points to her cheek and I shake my head. 

  "There.. "

 I point to her cheek and she try touching it but it doesn't reach there. 

  "No, there.. "

 "Just point it or help me! "

 She snaps and I get up before walking to her side. 

She turns her cheek to me and I help her to wipe it off. 

When she turns to me, her lips meets mine and she gasp into my mouth.



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