Friday, 26 June 2020



  {💘Searching for love💘}

     Episode      30.


The bright ray light from the window strikes my eyes and I open my eyes immediately. 

 It's morning. So fast. 

 I get up from the bed and rub my eyes before staring down at my self. I'm still in the pyjamas from yesterday. 

 I get down and that's when my phone buzzed. 
I pick it up and it's a text from Adam. 

  💭 How's your first night together? 

 The message reads and I shake my head. 
This dude. 

 💭 We didn't sleep together, you prick. 
 I send back and walk inside the bathroom with my phone. 

 💭 Really? That's bad, I was hoping you were. How's it there? I figured the plan work since you didn't come back and you didn't even call to inform. 

 I chuckle and shake my head. 

 💭 Was occupied, everything is great apart from her brother gawking all over. How's may? 
 I sent a reply before splashing water on my face.

 💭 Really? I guess I will have to do something about that. She's fine, she had her hands wrapped round me yesterday. 

  My eyes widens as I read the text he sent me. 

 💭 What?!!!! 

  💭 Calm bro. I was just joking, hasn't come out of her room yet. 

 💭 Tell her hello from me. I have to go. 

 💭 Sure go make her fall in love with you. 

 I shake my head before dropping the phone on the sink and brushing my teeth. 


 I'm already washed up and I walk downstairs to the living room when I sight Isabelle in the kitchen. 

 "Good morning. "
 I greet as I walk towards her and she smiles at me before turning back to what she's doing. 

 "Work? "
 I ask, I actually thought she would have left by now. 

 "Didn't go. I'm feeling a little sick so I stayed to take care of myself. "
 She says, not looking away from what she's doing. 

 "Oh.. Okay. Your brother. "

 "Went to school already. "
 And that means we're the only one in the house without her brother sending daggers to me?




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