Friday, 26 June 2020



 (💘Searching for love💘)

      Episode       29.


"Actually, never mind about it. "
 I smile at him and he close the door while I stare down at the hallway. 
 There's no noise coming from Isabelle's room anymore. I guess she went to sleep already. 

 I walk inside the guest room and turn on the lights. It's beautiful, wow. 
Painted in mainly white and there's a couch near the bed and a closet close to the bed. 

 I wonder if there's any clothes in there. 

 I walk towards the closet and open it. 
Thankful, I find pyjamas in there. 

 I smile and drop the clothes on the bed before going to wash up. 

 I come back from the bathroom and put on the pyjamas. 

 I lay on the bed and stare at the ceiling. 

 What could be wrong with Isabelle and what exactly was her brother talking about earlier that made her that angry? 

 There are so many questions without answers but for now, I'm glad that I'm here with her and hopefully, I'll find out about everything soon.



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