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{ Searching for love}


🌟 Calvin McQueen 🌟

No this has to be a dream I can't believe it.

Jenielle was on bed with another guy and from the looks of it she was enjoying every bit of the sex.

I stood there watching with broken heart.

This is the tenth relationship have gotten into.

And all of them proved to me that they're all after my wealth.

I thought jenielle was different from others, but I should have known better. Girls are deceitful.

I clapped my hands to gain their attention.

Jenielle was shocked to see me as she quickly pull to a corner .

I SMiled brightly as I sat down on the couch.

" B.... B.. baby" she stammered foolishly

" How long have this been going on?" I asked coldly.

" Come on man we just having fun. " The bastard said.

He's seated my bed comfortably.

He should be scared of what I'm gonna do to him next.

" Look Calvin you caught me alright there's no need of pretending. The truth is I never loved you am just here for the money this my boyfriend whom I love Mason. " She said boldly.

It was like her words pierced my heart with a dagger.

" Get outta my house now!" I said in between clenched teeth.

They stood up and hurrily got outta my room.

I sighed sadly and slumped on the couch.

Why is it so difficult to find someone who actually loves you for you ?

I stood up and walked towards the bathroom for a shower.

I pulled off my clothes and toss it across the room before stepping into the bathtub.



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