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💅 Purchased Heart 💅

                  Episode Twenty-eight😘

Grande- Finale

💥 Karen 💥

" What ??" He exclaimed and run towards me as i munched teasingly on my popcorn.

" I was invited also  ,so be on Your way we're seeing tommorow !" I replaced with a grin.

" Uhmm , I don't think I can stay a day without you " he replied childishly and I smirk .

" We'll see on Sunday !" I countered.

" Okay I understand but we'll stay another day !" He suggested and my brain loved the idea as I got on my feet and wrapped myself around him.

" I'll miss you !" I hummed into his ears .

" Me too but can you stay alone ?" He asks calmly as he holds my hands.

" I'll call Alexa!" I said to him and he pecked me before heading out.

I watched from the window till his car departed …

We'll be seeing in next tommorow !!!

📱📲 Hey Baby , just got your message 📱📲

📱📲 Thank goodness are you on your way ?📱📲

📱📲 I'm so sorry, I'm at Jeffrey's family's house !📱📲

📱📲 Oh that's sad  !📱📲

📱📲 Or I should just tell him 📱📲

📱📲 No no no , don't anger your mother inlaw , bye 📱📲

I lay helplessly on the couch as I stare blankly at the white flourscent ..

🍭🍭🍭🍭 Sunday Morning ..

" Oh what's it !!!" I mumbled annoyingly at the annoying ringing tone of my phone .

I groan before picking it up as I didn't even check the caller ID before accepting.

I wasn't aware I just accepted a video call  until I heard the heavy laughter of my sweetheart.

" My baby just woke up !!" He laughed again and I frown at him for making jest of Me.

" I'll hang up if you don't have anything good to say !" I replied sternly.

" I just wanted to see you smile ..Hope you had a restful night !" He asks and I nod and smiled.

" I did , you ?" 

" Of course ! You're gonna be late !" He earned and I kissed the screen before hanging up .

I sprang out of the bed and scurried to the bathroom to have a refreshing shower !

I picked the package I received from Jaycee yesterday and unravel the box…..

" WoW !! " I squealed happily at the sight of the lovely orange dress .

I wore it and wore the white sandal packed together and let down my hair but straightened it ..

I tried making a bang with the tutorial video and I got it perfectly..

Putting on a pink matte lipstick.

I brought out my phone and took a beautiful shot, I pondered on where to upload the picture and finally chose Instagram.

💬 I'm outside 💬 I received the message from the company's manager and took a last look at the room before heading out.


I'm damn tired as I stretched feebly after getting down from the plane.

" I want to make a quick visit to the event , you all go get some rest at the hotel and you'll be back when it's time !" Jay explained to us and I smiled before turning to the van.

I fall on the soft bed and slept off.


" Karen ! Karen ! Karen !" I flinch from my sleep at the heavy bang on the door.

" I'm coming !" I replied casually, fiddling with my fingers.

" It's time already !" She said and I shot a glimpse of the weather.

 Night already..

The drive to the Wembley stadium was a very rough one as everywhere was filled with cars and a lot of people.

We finalize got our way and I'm so thankful they reserved a vvip table for us.

There was kind of some quiet chit chat amongst the people as I walk wobbly to my seat.

" Karen !" I turned as I was about to seat down and saw a famous model Lady C .

" Oh my God !" I squealed and run into her embrace.

" I'm glad you're here !" She said with a smile and I smiled back.

I watched the showcase and the music concert with so much happiness as I clapped to cheer .

My eyes widen when Tyler got on the stage , the whole hall roared of cheers as he stood at the mic.

He was truly handsome and popular..

" Someone asks me earlier.. you've became more soft ! , I smiled and didn't reply because I'll reveal what's making me becoming someone I would have been from the beginning !" My heart raced faster as I see him gave the speech.

"I want to introduce the Upcoming Modelling Star and My fiancee Karen !!!" My heart stopped !

I couldn't believe my ears , at first I thought it was just to present me as a model but as his fiance..

It's shocking.

" Please come up !" He urged as Jay tried standing me up.

How I'm I to Walk up in front of thousands !!

Everyone clapped as I stand beside him on the stage and few of the popular models came to hug me .

And we took photos and smiled..

I didn't even know what to say as I kept mute whilst holding hands with this gorgeous man.

I was taken aback when I noticed we weren't heading to the previous hotel .

" My things are there !" I tell him.

" I've taken care of it !" He muttered .

As if he was waiting for us to get down quickly..

He pushed me all the way into the room and my back hit the wall.

" Calm down !" I urge him teasingly and he licked his lower lips.

He bury his head into my neck, making me feel wet already.

I held his face up and planted kisses all over his face as he moans softly.

We kissed and kissed until we pushed ourselves to the bed and finally we were on the bed..he lifted my short dress up and lifted my legs up .

I was a little scared as this is something I wouldn't have imagined myself doing at all .

" Stay calm   I'm not a monster " he teased, tracing his fingers towards my pants and he removed it with just a try.

I shut my eyes tightly when I see him bringing his head forward..

" Ohhh !" I moan when his tongue tickled around my honey pot.

He began to lick and suck the hell out of my honey pot Making me moan like mad.

" Ohh Tyler !

" Oh yeah !

" Unmmm !

" Ahhhhh" I gasp when he pushed his tongue in .

This is so cool !!

He stopped after awhile and I felt him lick up my juice.

Taking off his trouser and I took if my dress leaving me in just my bra.

" Oh" I groan when he penetrated without warning as he held onto my hair tightly.

Every single thrust of his was getting too hard and I couldn't help but feel some pains but not as much as the first one ..

" Slow do.wn!" I stutter as I find it hard to breathe due to his pace .

" Oh my goddd!" I groan .

" Humph!" I released a heavy sigh when he pulled out from me and wrapped me around him.

We calm down for awhile and he got down, not yo the bathroom but to bring something.

He crouched beside the bed Making me turn towards him .

" Firstly no more contract or rules except for the fact that I can't share you !;" He stated and tore the agreement into pieces.

" Secondly .This is an ownership file of The New Estate I bought for you . You'll own everything coming from it so sign !" I flinch and sprang up not caring about my nakedness.

" You're buying me an estate ?" I asks.

" I bought it already !" He challenged.

" Lastly ..I want to give you the full permission to own me and our wedding preparations will begin immediately we get back !" He Finally concluded and I jump onto him.

 I can't believe my ears 

" I love you !!" I let out and hugged him tightly

" Tyler loves Karen 💥 
" I'll love you forever cos I purchased your heart !!"

     ðŸ’œThe End 💜

Love you all💋



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