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💅 Purchased Heart 💅

                  Episode Twenty-seven 😘

Semi- Finale

💥 Tyler 💥

Can't believe that ..

Next day 

I woke up mumbling angrily to the ringing sound of my phone as I grumled before spranging out of the bed.

" Hello !" I said huskily on the phone.

" Good morning Sir , The Wembley stadium wants you there by tommorow for the final preparation !" My secretary explained to me and I became moody.

I hung up the phone angrily as my plan was to stay all day with my sweetheart and head there tommorow, that means I'll be going this evening.

I dropped my phone cautiously as I hear her groaning and rolling around on the bed, the duvet flew away from her body as a matter of her kick.

Gosh !

I could see the clear view of what I enjoyed last night , are golden but shiny skin.

" Hey" I muttered softly into her hears Making her flinch.

She wasn't aware she was Stark naked in front of me and quickly cover her body when she discover.

I couldn't help but laugh at her childish act.

" Did you sleep well ?" I asks , furrowing my brows as she just nod in reply.

I stare at her interestedly before carrying her in a bridal style… " what are you doing?" She asks raringly and confused.

" Another round !" I teased with a gentle smile but she hits my arm lightly.

" I'm not ready please !!" She pleaded but I continued to carry her all the way to the bathroom.

" Just shower" I finally hummed and she sigh of relief .

She was standing like a statue as I prepared the warm bath,her back facing my d*ck and my hands on her perky b*obs .

She wore something like she was going out but I was unsure and didn't want to ask until she tells me.

" Erm !" She sniffled.

" What's it ?" I ask .

" I'll be going to Jaycee today for the contract conclusion.." she tells me as she continues combing her hair.

" Why didn't I Know about this before ?" I asks sounding a bit disturbed.

" I thought you knew !" She challenged boldly.

" You ought to tell me even if I knew !" I half yelled and regretted doing so cos I could see anger in her eyes.

" Should I take you !" I ask as I see she was done..

" Thanks, I'll take my car !" Oh I forgot she has her own car now.

" Come back early, I've got something to say " i said to her and she nods before heading out.

I followed her as I didn't want her to be angry and hold grudges in her.

" I'm sorry !" I whispered as she turned back to reply me but I stopped her with a kiss.
" Don't say anything !" I ordered under the kiss as I smooched her lips.

" It's okay!" She groan with a smile as she breaks the kiss.

" Bye darling Karen !" I screamed as she got out of the room .

🔥 Karen 🔥

This isn't my first time driving but it's seems so good to drive after a long time.

I love this car !

I danced to the rhythm of x Ariane Grande Thank you next " as I drove all the way to Jaycee.

I'll be staying home all day with my sweetheart after this.

" Our Oozing with beauty !" Jay greeted in the nickname I was given and I hugged him tightly.

" Here !" I placed the file on his table and he kept quiet for awhile before putting it back.

" All the best , you're now on the top list and I'll be glad if you could stay for an unexpected photo shoot !" He stopped at my moody face.

" I know you're not supposed to start working as soon as you drop your contract but please this company requested special for you !" 

" And the pay is awesome, just 2hrs will do !" He finally added.

" Okay but let me make a call !"I requested.

" Sure I'll tell them to get ready !" He said and scurried out of the room.

 I didn't plan this ..

📱📲 Hey 📱📲I said bashfully on the call.

📱📲 What's up , are you on your way 📱📲 he asks eagerly.

📱📲 Uhmm erm I'll be a little late because of..📱📲

📱📲 I think you should hire an assistant for your schedule, what's this now ?📱📲 He replied feebly.

📱📲 I'm so sorry .📱📲 I said and he ended the call.

Why's he acting up ..
I threw my phone in my bag and head to the shooting area.

This dress is exquisite but there's something displeasing about it and I can never wear  it.

" Why aren't you wearing it !" The make up artist asks as I look awfully at the dress on the mannequin.

" It's not for her !" Jay interrupted ! 

I was dressed into the same type of dress but not the revealing one ..

" Take 1 !" The concept is of the water's bride which I made a lovely pose while almost freezing in the swimming pool.

" Take 2 " i just had to pull the Hem of my dress a little to reveal a bit of my thighs. Which I did but wasn't too exposed.

" Take 3 !" I blew a kiss 😘


" Thanks so much !!" Jay squeal as he held my hand .

" It's okay !" I replied with a grin…
" I've got to be on my way now !" I replied hastily not even waiting for the outcome of the pictures.

" I'll text you and oh one more thing.." he dips his hand into his pocket and brought something like a ticket.

" What for ?"

" It's a music concert and also a modelling showcase in which you're invited to be part of it and we'll be going together by Sunday morning.. the event is at night !" He said and I couldn't help but jump happily.

Wembley hall ?

Nothing is stopping me !!
" Tyler is also a share holder in this !" He says as I just stare at him in confusion.


" I'm back !!" I squealed happily as I run to him on the bed .

He didn't shrug and continue to press his phone..I don't even know what to do as I just bury my face in is chest.

Then build up the courage and traced my lips to his and kissed him with my eyes closed as I didn't want to make contacts with him.

We were making this go longer and deeper than expected as I'm already on the way to get naked while he was busy licking and sucking my neck like his life depended on it…

This addiction is too sexy !!.

We suddenly stopped at the hearing of steps !!.

" Whom could it be !" I ask as we disentangled from the the sexy position.

He was the first to head out as I wanted to change my cloth.

💥 Leah 💥

I'm at the last company I had contract with now after hearing sad news from 5 different agency.

How can my contract be terminated in just a night…

I don't even have the idea of where such is coming from.

" What are you doing here ?" The manager of the agency asks me annoyingly.

" I wanted to be sure about the email I...

" What's there to be sure about ,, it's true so please out of this building !!" She said angrily.

" Please answer this one question ?" I pleaded with tears on my eyes.
" Whom is it ?" 

" Who else ?" She challenged back leaving me in awe bewilderment because I already got the hint on whom it's.

How could he ???????


I knew the password to his door lock and gained easy access …to enter.

I was walking on the stairs when he hurried outside, shirtless towards me.

The fear gripped me as is eyes was scary …and I run downstairs not sure of he might pushed me angrily.

" I'm so sorry Tyler !" I cried out.

" You injured that beautiful waist , that fresh cheeks , I promise you I'll go to any extent to destroy anyone who touches a single strand of hair on her head !!!" He threatened angrily.

" I didn't mean to , I was just jealous of her ..I mean how can she get to date you when I've been with you since childhood !" I cried.

" Get out of my sight " he screamed, making me flinch.

" How did he knew so much about this ?" I could hear someone muttered and it turned out to be her in a very short top.

" Calm down !" She touched his arm softly .

" She deserves something worser than this !!" He muttered.

Worser than this. !!?

What could be worser than getting thrown out of my dream.

" Karen please plead him for me !!" I cried profusely before dashing out …

💅 Karen 💅
After the scene Leah performed here , Tyler as been in his study since forever …

I was watching movies still waiting for him to come out..

I turned back at the sound of the footsteps to see something surprising.

" Where to !" I asks dejectedly as I stare at the man all dressed up with a luggage bag beside him.

" I'm traveling to Wembley !"  I wasn't truly shock but why didn't he tell me ..

" I'm coming on Sunday too !" I replied as I didn't want to be the only one to feel shocked ..

" What ??" 

🌹  🌹



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