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💅 Purchased Heart 💅

          Episode Twenty-six

   { He wants a wife 🔥}

A diamond ring From Tyler !!

" At first, you were just a normal girl i wanted to marry to please my grandma…but as times goes on , I mean the more I got to know you the more your love mesmerize me.

" So I thought.. purchasing your heart was a silly decision and I may not be happy with that …So now Karen I want to ask for your love …I want you to be my everything.."I gasp slowly as tears build up in my eyes.

" I love you Karen .Will you marry me ?" He asks and I could feel my self stammering to speak already.

" Yes ! Yes !" I replied as he slips the Ring onto my finger , he slowly stand up and I jumped at him.

Hugging him Tightly as he was all mine…

" I want you !" He requested and I kissed him as an acceptance.


He wrapped me around his waist and carried me upstairs.

I tilted my head to the other side so he could have a clearer picture of my lips … it was a sensational and pleasure one not like some usual gentle kiss.

He kept pushing me backwards as we kissed until I reached the wall and my back landed on it.

He pinned me to it and lifted my right leg to wrap around his.

I closed my eyes and held him tight to myself as I felt him caress my hips.

The kiss was getting rougher as he pushed me all the way to bed ..I groan softly when I fell on the Bed unexpectedly.

This was something I've never felt ..

I exhale deeply as he lie on top of me , tracing is wet lips on my neck as shivers run down my spine…

I was scared to moan as I didn't know how it'll feel to.

He brought his mouth to mine and slip is tongue down my throat making me gab.

I brushed my fingers into his hair and held him close, not wanting him to stop as the pleasure was too lustful.

He brought his hand to the Hem of my top as I raised my hands up for easier access.

Like a perfectionist, he unhooked the clasp of my bra as my bo*obs was sprung at his face , he licked his lower lips .

I was scared at the same time happy and also hoping I'm not making a wrong choice by doing this for him.

But he loves me and I do to !

Bringing his warm hand on my left br*st as he mould's like he was kneading a dough …after some minutes of caressing.

I gasp at his mouth on my bre*st  as he rolled his tongue graciously on it … tingles filled me up and I couldn't help but release a soft moan…

 While sucking and fondling with my bo*bs , he was zipping down my pants already.

He left my b*obs and concentrated on taking off my pants.

He finally took it of after a battle with the ropes and left me Stark naked.

I felt bashful as I covered my face with my hands, he definitely chuckled at how I just behaved.

He kissed me and played with my honey pot, sliding in two fingers at a time.

"Ouch!" I groaned, feeling a huge discomfort.

He crashed his lips on mine and fingered me roughly. I moaned into his lips as he didn't let me break the kiss this time around.

The pain was unbearable but like I've read in books , it becomes pleasurable after a while 

He removed his trouser as my mouth agape at his large size..

How the heck will that fit !

He inserted his d*ck into me and was about thrusting but stopped..

" Are you !" I didn't let him finish his question as I nod , he kept quiet for awhile with his d*ck still at my entrance.

" It'll be painful !" He warned but I didn't reply.

Holy Molly!

He penetrated without warning as he continues to go deeper , trying to adjust to his large size..

His breathing was rough and so was mine as we moaned in rhythm.

"Ohhh" I moaned as o felt pains .

"Godd" I cried out .

"Oh !

"Oh my God"

I shut my eyes and moaned , either with pains or list ..

It became calm after awhile as he continued to be rolling my clit while drilling it.

Oh! Shit! 

He stopped for awhile and came closer to give me a refreshing kiss.
" I love you!" He whispered in my ears again.

Back to work ..he went down again but this time harder and deeper like something was depended on this thing.

"Oh my...

"Ah...yes, yes!

"Oh, my Goddd " this moaning was different as I was already asking for more…

I screamed loudly as I felt his c*ck hit my G-Spot … It was something I've never felt in my whole existence ..

The flapping sound of flesh meeting could clearly be heard as his thighs slap led against my butts.

He stare dazzling info my eyes as he pulled out of me, I felt something warm around my honey pot . that's release right !

I gasped for air as I fell flat on the bed, my hands sprawled apart. He also laid beside me, taking in deep breaths.

We stayed apart for a while and then he turned towards me pulling me closer .And finally he achieved laying me on him.

I was on top while he was down with our body Stark naked..

Hope nothing more..

"Are you okay !" He asks battling his lashes and I was feeling his heart beat.

I smiled nod.

He pulled me back to the bed and I made a crunchy face making him worried.

"Does it hurt that much ?" He asked and I scoffed.

"Yes " I replied feebly as he wasn't supposed to ask like that.

I turned my back at him leaving him in a thinking puzzle..

" I'm truly happy that I'm your first .. It's a great thing in my life…
" Thanks so much Karen …I'll love you like you've never felt before !" 
" And one more thing since you said it's still painful Don't worry, I'll make it feel better day by day "- he said in his sweetest voice and and pat my a*s before heading to the bathroom..

Wow !

Can't believe that ..

The sweetest thing ever




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