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πŸ›️Purchased Heart πŸ›

           {He wants a wife πŸ™„πŸ˜}
            Episode twenty-five 🌺🌺

🀩 Olivia🀩

I couldn't believe my eyes…

How could she ?

" Ava !" I exclaimed in surprise…

" Do I know you ?" She scoffed and move to the other side.

I was left standing with Alexa,just holding it in.

" To the Hall !" Our instructor ordered and I grabbed Alexa hands to pray before heading out.

The hall was filled with something quiet luxurious and nice ..

I peeked from backstage like this was an audition, that was when I laid my eyes on him.

He was talking beautifully with Madalin .dress in a fitted suit that makes him look awesomely dazzling.

Did he knew her before!

" Good afternoon ladies are gentlemen.. Welcome to M&T modelling showcase !!" Mr t greeted and the hall roared in laughter.

" You'll be going out one by one to showcase your amazing skills !" She ordered and we nod in response.

Ava rolled her eyes at me as she walked in to the stage , Everyone clapped for her , she has a bright smile on her face when she came back.

🌺🌺🌺 It was my turn and I suddenly became nervous.. why ??  Because He was there.

He'll be watching me !

I want to impress him but I'm scared.

" Go on now !" Alexa half yelled as I opened the curtain swiftly.

I decided to the a dance walk , following the ryhtm of the jazz playing underneath..

My face was beaming of happiness as made surprising dance poses that I didn't Knew I could.

The place was filled with roars and cheers and I was so happy ..I took a sharp glance at him and he was smiling.

I made him smile !

Yes !

" Voting time .. please drop your vote !"

I held Alexa's hands tightly and closed my eyes..

" There are ten winners !! "
" Three of them has a prize.

" Sophie .21 votes
" Lia. 19 votes 
" Katy. 19 votes
" Ariane. 16 votes
" Maya 15 votes.
" Rottip .15 votes
" Ava … 13 votes

The others were still full of hopes awaiting the 3rd runner up .. but Ava face filled with disappointment as she groan painfully ..

" The third runner up is ..Alexa !" He said and Alexa jumped happily as I was crazily Happy to .

She deserves it 

"Second runner up is .." i prayed it was me because I don't think spot one is a go area..
" Is Lilian !!" He exclaimed and she burst into tears .. tears of joy but I felt pained.

" I step backward ready to leave..
" The first runner up is Karen !!!!!!!!!!!!!" He exclaimed loudly and I stopped.

My Heart was beating so fast that almost everyone could hear and I felt tears build up In my eyes..

We received the award and each was given to a different modelling company..mine was already available even without this but I received something.

" A car !!!"

" Thanks to Tyler Enterprises for the car !" He said and I felt stupefied.

Did he knew I was going to win ..!

He winks at me when I stare towards his direction.. that's when I became unsure of this position.

Alexa was given 500k
While Lilian received 1millionaira .

" A car and a fashion catalogue…"

I hugged Madalin before heading out of the scene but then someone grabbed my hand …dragging me away.

I turned to find him holding my hand.

" Congratulations!" He squeak softly.

" Hope you didn't have anything to do with it ?" I asks curiously.

" Oh no ..I don't do that , the car was for anyone who took the first position.!" He explained.

πŸ“±πŸ“² Where are you?πŸ“±πŸ“²

πŸ“±πŸ“² I'm with Tyler right now !πŸ“±πŸ“²

πŸ“±πŸ“² Oh just wanted to tell you Jeffrey is here to get me and congratulations.. can't wait to ride in your car πŸ“±πŸ“²

πŸ“±πŸ“² Congrats too ..see ya πŸ“±πŸ“²

" Are you hungry ?" He asks as we walked to the garage.

" Kind of !" I replied perfunctorily and he stopped.

" Hungry or not ?" He asks again.

" I'm not !" I rejected.

" Really !" He said looking at my stomach.

" Y.." I didn't finish when my stomach growl .. Second embarrassment..

Ground swallow me  !!

I bowed my head bashfully as I couldn't face him directly..

He began to laugh hysterically and that angered me as I slap him on his arm ..

" Ouch !" He whimpered before grabbing my waist, pulling me into his chest .

" I want to take you here !" He said in a flirty tone as he pushed me more closer but I shrug and disentangled from his tight hug and scurried into the car.

" Why are you lying to me !" He asks pitifully as he start the engine.

" I was unsure …

" Unsure because you didn't Know you were hungry?" He's sounding pesky right now..

" Leave me alone !!" I muttered angrily and he giggled.

" Okay my lady …Your car would be with you soon !" He said assuringly and I smiled.

The aroma that filled my nostrils got me thinking like someone has prepared something..

" Is someone in ?" I ask raringly but he didn't reply me…

I wanted to turn to the side of the dining when he hold my head and pushed me through the stairs…

" Shower first and wear the dress on the bed !" He said to me and Walked away.

What dress again ??

I looked around the bed to see a short white transparent top.

Don't tell me he wants me to wear this..

Wait I'm I going somewhere..

I wore a black tube and a black pant , putting on the white top  only ..I packed my hair into a bun and went outside.

He was wearing an apron as he place the dishes on the table, arranging it with all might.

" Come on !" He giggled and I walked to him..

The food was delicious, yummy and tasty ..I was eating the last spoon when he crawled to my side..

I gasp in shock when he dip his hand into his pocket…

He brought out a jewelry box and that's when I knew he was giving me a ring but he didn't say a word as he opens it slowly.

What's this ?

He brought out a necklace instead of a ring..

" Do you like it !?" He asks innocently and I gave him a disappointing smile.he stand up and put it on my neck ..

" Why aren't you saying anything ?" He asks as I smiled my fakest at him..
" We're you expecting something else ?" He asks again.guess he has seen the look on my face.

He brought his mouth closer and pecked my forehead before squatting back to the ground..

One knee on the floor the other foot flat down as he brought out another box..

Excitement and eagerness filled my face .. do you want to know why I'm getting excited over a contract marriage ring.

I thought there wouldn't be a proposal..

He finally opens the ring as the glitters dimmed my eyes…

What the heck !!!

This is my first time seeing a diamond..

A diamond ring

From Tyler !!

🌺  🌺



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