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🛍️Purchased Heart 🛍

           {He wants a wife 🙄😏}
            Episode twenty-four 🌺🌺

🤩 Tyler 🤩

📱📲 Leah 📱📲 he said and my head went drain ..

I felt like smashing my phone..and I did angrily…

She'll regret doing this..

I went back to the room and slid in the bed , hugging her from behind so she could feel protected…

🌹 Karen 🌹

My head is hurting like hell !

I remember drinking vodka yester night..hope I didn't do anything weird .

I quickly check under the duvet and I was still in my cloth .." why didn't he changed me ?" I muttered and got down from the bed. .

He was still sleeping as he snores softly , I move closer to him and caress his thick brows , he shrugged making me flinch .

I finished brushing my teeth and went downstairs maybe I might be able to cook something for us.

He has Every kitchen utensils as well as ingredients because he loves cooking too.

I don't know what I could prepare as I wasn't aware of his taste it choice..

Just prepared some toast bread and a cup of hot tea least just for breakfast.

I could hear the creepy sound's he make as climb down the stairs..

I quickly gathered everything I did and took it to the dining .." Morning !" He said perfunctorily but I didn't reply him.

" Morning!" He said rather angry this time as he moves towards me.

" I prepared some toast! "I replied ignoring his greetings but he just stand stupefied.

" Why I'm I being ignored right now ?" He grouse and I roll my eyes at him.

" I just told you I prepared so.." he didn't let me finish as he dragged me to him making me gasp from shock.

" Good morning Darling Karen !" He said in a sweet voice and I chuckled before pecking him softly.

" Eat now !" I ordered like a stern mom and he obeyed just like a stubborn boy .

" We are having the final competition today !"

" The stage Walk ?" He exclaimed unintentionally and he hold his mouth in regret .

" What happened ?" I asked curiously as I put a bite in my mouth .

" I shouldn't have said that …" he pout and bow his head.

I just smile to myself as he has bursted the secrets to me…

" So tell me what about Leah !" He asks obnoxiously.

" She's a trainee at my…

" About the accident…let me check !" His word left me in a flustered state as he stand from his seat to do what.

He didn't even asks for permission or tell me to do it myself before slipping up my top to check the bruise on my waist.

" It's so fast !" He squeak in surprise to the fast recovery of the bruise.
" I knew she has something to do with the motorcycle and I'll get her !" He said scarily but I didn't feel scared rather I was happy because I've got someone to support me.

I stare into the wardrobe confusingly not sure of what to wear I nod my head continuously….

Anyone would think I'm a dumbass right now ..the door sprawled open and I gaze at it to check whom it was.

Tyler was sweating profusely as he held unto a carton colored box and throw it at me.

I wasn't a good goal keeper and it dropped on the floor.
" You suck !!" He teased with his tongue stick out I angrily ran towards him in the towel wrapped around my waist.

" Don't tease me again !!" I yelled playfully as I ran after him ..

He was standing in front of me hopping from one side to the other so I couldn't catch him , something shocking happened just as I was about running to him.

My towel slip down .. leaving me Stark naked ..I felt flabbergasted as I was lost but it amazes me that he turned his gaze away immediately.

I shyly bent down to pick the towel and scurried inside as I lock the door.

I'm starting to feel at ease being with him.

I love him.

I love Tyler..

He makes me happy..

I untied the ropes attached to the box as it sprawled opened.. I blushed hardly at the sight I'm seeing right now.

A pink mini skirt and a flyard top with a white sneakers and of course a beautiful hair band.

Oh my gosh!! I beamed happily as I daze upon the lovely things I was wearing..

" You're looking stunning !" He remarks casually and I wondered how he opened the door .

Isn't it his house.

I let down my hair and put the band in the middle making me look like a real life princess.

Yes I am ..

Tyler's Princess..

" Here !" He held out a beautiful rainbow designed bag at me and gosh !!

" Thank you so much !" I beamed a lovely smile at me but he puts his hands over his lips and moved closer to him to kiss him.

" I meant for you to stop thanking me !" He retarded and I was woefully embarrassed as I felt the need of the ground to swallow me.

" Let's go !" He grabbed my hand and we head to the car..


" Give this to your friend !" He held out a beautiful shopping bag to me and didn't wait for me to say a word before zooming off.

" Karen !!' I turned around to see Alexa dressed gorgeously and amazingly.

" You look dazzling !" I remark happily.

" You're crazily oozing of sexiness …oh you're oozing with beauty !" She said jokingly and I slap her arm softly.

" Someone sent this for you !" I said to her and she collected it gracefully.

"Call him let me thank.."

" I'll do that for you !" I teased and we both laughed.

Still waiting for the arrival of others but I already saw the hall been arranged as we were coming.. it's something official.

🗣️ How can someone become popular overnight ! 
One of the ladies in the room said loudly but I didn't know whom the word was meant for.

🗣️ Definitely because she sold her body !
Another accused and I was getting the hint when they started looking at me.

🗣️ What if because of a money monger mom ?" 
That's when I knew it was me ..
I clutch my fist angrily as Alexa was about going to meet the girls.

" It's because she's Tyler hilts fiancee !!" Someone that just entered accused.
" Karen is Tyler hilts Fiancee !!" She roared loudly and I turned to check whom it was.

I couldn't believe my eyes…

How could she ?


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