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🛍️Purchased Heart 🛍

           {He wants a wife 🙄😏}
            Episode twenty-three 🌺🌺

🥀 Karen 🥀

The man that I don't know how to reciprocate his love for me .

Tyler Hilts 

Instead of him to just let me unlock the door myself, he got down and hug me unexpectedly before opening the door.

I was holding the contract to my chest as I felt scared to ask him where we are headed..

" Where are we going ?" I asks as I battled with my brows, lifting my ear in eager.

" I'm not kidnapping you !" He snap back pesky like..

" Oh !" I hummed as I nod my head continuously..

After driving for a very long a*s was even itching me but he just kept a long face and didn't stop driving.

What if he said the opposite of what he wants earlier…

I was about to talk when he stopped jerkily…I growl as he stopped.

" Won't you alight ?" He asks infuriatedly as he holds the car handle for me.

I myself don't know why I'm still sitting in the car ..
 I placed the file in the cabinet before getting down ..

Holly Molly..!!!

My dream restaurant !!!

Hollywood Foods !

I can't be dreaming.. I stood stupefied..lost of he wrap his hands into my . I gasp before accepting his warm gesture.

" Welcome!" The waiter in the blue gown squealed and I smiled excitedly as I couldn't hide my happiness.

He held out something to her and she led us to a place..oh the balcony .

The breeze blew my air and goodness .!!!

I love this ..

We sat on the chair with more couples around but it seems like a vvip area because the tables were filled with gorgeous things .

And the view was felt like heaven's.

I was lost staring at the whole area when he touched me and sat me down.

" Anything for my sweetheart ?" He asks and I blushed lightly.

Seems he knows me before coming to me so I'll test him …if he pass it then .. I'll definitely give him whatever he wants.

" My favourite !" I smiled and he looks confuse.

He said to the waiteress ear and i just watch in amusement.

They brought a glass of cocktail but he orders something else for himself.

The scent I heard made me run crazy ! It ran into my nostrils as my eyes began to get red .

The sneezing first came slowly but then the pace grew faster and he was starting to get scared.

I held my nose and dash out the place as people were staring at me , he followed after me.

I went straight into the toilet and came out after calming down, I was shock when he held my hand.

" I'm so sorry.. I forgot you were allergic to the coffee smell .. I'm so sorry !!" He pleaded pitifully and I felt sorry for making me feel bad .

" Be wary now !" I warned jokingly and he pat my hair before heading back.

The table was cleared already but something was there now.

He passed !!

I didn't tell him though ! 

" Your favourite Chicken Soup and Rice to top it all waffles  " he bluffed and I giggled.

" Thank you !" I let out a soft tone.

" Let eat !" He ordered and I nod in Response..

It was hmmmm..

" I can't drink vodka !" I resisted at his choice of alcohol.

" Whiskey ?" He asks abruptly and I did a cross sign to reject.

" Vodka is okay then !" I groan..

The shot if vodka I had made my eyes blurry but I still had a clear view.

" Be careful !" He snapped as held me tightly.

We were standing and holding the lines as everywhere went dark ..

" Fire crackers !!" I squeal happily but he just held onto me .

💥 Tyler 💥

She squealed happily when the firecracker went straight into the sky …glittering and shining as she pouts excitedly.

Her drunk state is beautiful..

I love her like this…

" I want to sleep !" She said childishly after the fireworks went down and I carried her In a bridal style as all eyes were on us.

I placed her in the car and kissed her after tightening her seat belt.

She's oh !!

She was asleep as I carried her all the way to our bedroom..

" I love you…!" I heard the word I've been waiting eagerly to hear.

I layed her on the bed but find it hard to change her into a comfortable dress ..not that I couldn't but I just don't want it to seem like being a pervert.

" You're mine !" She whispered hot breath into my ear as she pulls me closer to her ..I was lying on her.

She was trying all he'd possible best to run me wild ..

Who cares?

I tilted hee head to the others side as I slid my tongue into her mouth , gaining every access to her plumpy lips.

" Uhmmm!" She moaned at that turned me on as I felt my d*ck getting hard.

I smooched her lips and traced my tongue down her collarbone almost reaching for her neck ..

She gasp when I touched her breast , then something snapped through me.

If truly I love this woman ,I'll not take advantage of her when she's drunk….

I want a real love making where we could see each other when doing it.

I tried standing up but she grabbed me by my collar ..she's tempting.

I slowly jerked away from her and pat her hair when she's was rolling on the bed.

I wasn't willing to change her cloth as I just scurried into the bathroom.

The caller ID that show on my phone made me dash out of the room and went to my library.

📱📲  Oh go on 📱📲

📱📲 It was a conversation between Karen and Alexa about an accident. 📱📲

📱📲 Continue 📱📲

📱📲 They said the motorcycle was sent intentionally 📱📲

📱📲 And who was that ?📱📲

📱📲 Leah 📱📲 he said and my head went drain ..

I felt like smashing my phone..

💥  💥



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