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🛍️Purchased Heart 🛍

           {He wants a wife 🙄😏}
            Episode twenty-two 🌺🌺

🥀 Karen 🥀

📱📲 What ?!!!! Leah did that !! 📱📲 I exclaimed as his eyes became flustered.

He was about taking the phone fro
m me but I hang up immediately as I acted like nothing happened.

" What was that about Leah?" He asks curiously and I pout at him in defense.

The next thing I knew, he carried me to bed and began to roam is wet lips all over my neck ..

At first I wanted to give up and stand up buy at least let me have once in a lifetime fun .. he's my fiancee anyway.

I began to reciprocate the romance but he took over as I wasn't good enough…

This was my first time moaning as the kisses became more rough .he was smooching my lips like his life depended on it.

His cologne ran through my nostrils as I wrapped my arms Around him and stare dazzling into his blue ocean…then suddenly he stopped.

What happened..

" I love you !" He blurted and scurried out of the room ..

Did I just hear things ?

I pinched my cheeks to see if I wasn't dreaming and damn it hurts…

I build up the courage or let me say the kiss , that loving kiss Karen just had right now is giving her the courage to walk boldly in the house.

" My sweetheart !" His granny was all dressed like she was going out as she squeals and I hop on the stairs to go meet her.

" Be careful!" He cautioned in  a manly voice and I scoffed.

" I'm leaving my cry baby in your hands !" She said to me pitifully, holding my hands tightly in her warm hands..

" Are you going somewhere ?" I asked ignorantly as he moves closer..

" My granny is traveling to New York at my aunt's place and I don't know why she insisted on leaving me alone !" He said like a pained child and part of me felt sorry for him.

" I'll take care of him !" I replied courageously and she smile.

" Allyssa !!!!!" He shriek loudly making me flinch then I turned to the door to see my ….Role …Model.

Why is llysa here ?

His hand was clutch into hers as they walked towards us …butterflies ran through my stomach as I'm seeing the person that's making me want to go higher in my modelling career.

" Is she …!" She tried guessing and later burst into laughter making me feel nervous.
" You got the body !!"  She remarks awesomely and I smiled.

" She's a model !" He tells her and her face frown all of a sudden.

" Your fiance is a model and I'm yet to see her in a modelling competition or get to Know her …that's bas bro !!" She said to him in annoyance but he didn't say a word .

" You're…

" Karen …"

" Nice name ..use your fiance phone to send me your number later in the day and I'll call you !" She said to me and gave me a quick hug before heading out ..

" Now I've gotten all day with you !" He said trying to cuppe my cheeks but I shrug.

" I've a training today and…

" And what !" He asks buy he knew I can't talk cause his hands is on my bre*st right now.

How can he ..

" It's mine right ?" He asks trying to press further..

He's full of sexinesss.

I murmured indistinctly as I climb up the stairs..

After bathing for just 5 minutes because I didn't want him to see me in a towel, I was back in the room to see him lying down with the pillow.

I gasp as I quickly rumbled my fingers on my leg..

💥 Tyler 💥

What was that about Leah ..

While she was in the bathroom, I picked up her phone to check whom she called and thankfully she didn't put a pattern.

Her wallpaper was the beautiful pictures of her that I saw on Instagram..

I diverted the calling time to a hacker I knew so he could Inform me about what they talked about…

I quickly hid the phone and pretended like I was lying down when she entered..

How come she bath so quick?

I just don't know why I'm feeling attracted to her, I want her not because of my granny but because I love her .

Should I ask her on a date..?

She wore a bum shot and a multicolored top that fits perfectly on her ..guess she knows fashion..

But that bumshot is damn too short and is making me want to pounce on her but I'm holding it in.

" I'll be on my way now !" She tells me after picking up her bag.

" My driver would take you and call me whenever you're done there's something we need to do !" I said in casual tone but she just nod and was about going when I called her back.

" Your phone !" I said and she dash briskly to the bed , just as she was about turning around, I pulled her into a surprising peck.

She looks shocked and sniffled before heading out..

💄 Karen 💄

"Good morning Ma da Lin !" I greeted as I took my seat in her office.

" What happened to your face ." She's asks nervously.

" Just a bit of incident b." I wanted to said it was Leah but just held it.

" Oh sorry !" 
" You'll be doing the last task of the competition tommorow and the first runner up will see sign a contract tommorow with Jaycee " she explained and it's sounds so funny to me that she was literally testing me.

" There's something I've gotten to say !"  I said to her and she nod

" There's something I've gotten to say !"  I said to her and she nod for me to continue.

" Um well, our qclass instructor recommend me to a Jaycee daily photoshoot, to cut it short I passed and was payed later the pictures went viral and I was offered a job as their official model , but still waiting to get your approval..

" I'd be lying if I said I didn't knew about this , I just wanted to hear it directly from you " she explained.
" Here is the signing out contract..once the competition ends tommorow sign it ..and im so happy you're becoming the person i trained you to be …." She praised and I was almost crying as she pulls me into her hug..

" Thank you !" I squeal and walked away gracefully.

💥💥💥💥 Evening

After having a long and stressful day , practicing and settling on her to get back at leah.

I was about boarding a taxi when my phone beeped , I brought it out immediately to check whose message it wss.

Tyler !!

🗯️ Don't board that taxi 🗯️ he ordered possessively and I was shocked at how he knew I wanted to board a taxi.

I told the taxi driver to go and just stood there..

The light from the car dimmed at me making me cover my eyes as the car stopped in front of me..

I bent a bit to check and saw 

My handsome man…

The man that I don't know how to reciprocate his love for me .

Tyler Hilts 



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