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🛍️ Purchased Heart 🛍

           {He wants a wife 🙄😏}
            Episode twenty 🌺🌺

🥀 Tyler 🥀

I move slowly to her lips and just as I was about placing my lips on hers ..her eyes was wide open and her breath filled my neck.
I was lost of what do as I flinch and quickly stood up ..there was a smile on her face but she looks tired.

" Are you okay ?" I asks and tottered back to her .

" I'm fine !" She replied plainly but gasp when she felt the pain around her waist…..

" It's a small bruise .." i didn't finish talking when the door sprawled open revealing my mother in law.

" Karen !!" She exclaimed pitifully and Walk to the side of the bed , definitely not noticing me.

" Stop pretending !" Karen said under her clenched teeth and her mom's face went down . that's when she noticed me.

" Oh my son in-law is here !" She squeal as she tries getting into my embrace but I grin and stepped back.

" I've already parked your things and it's on the way to his house when I received a call that you're here !" She explained as Karen furrowed her eyebrows angrily.

" Could you please excuse us?" She asks politely and I stare for a seconds before heading out .

🔥 Karen 🔥

I pleaded with him to excuse us so I could rant clearly on her.

" Do you hate having me around that much ?" I ask as I snorted.

" What are you talking about ?" She questioned innocently as I released a long hiss.

" Now that you've sent my load to his house, what should I wear when I go back home ?" I asks absurdly as she roll her eyes Skywards making feel insecure.

" Which house?" She asks ignorantly …

This feels like a quiz competition ..

" Of course our hou…" she cut me off with a hand crossed over my lips.

" My house not anyone's house ..if you're going to be discharge today .. you'll be going straight to his house.. " she stated and my head rang in paces.

What the heck is this now..
I'm still planning on how to go there tommorow and now this …I just pray I don't get discharge today at all.

What I'm I even saying ..I don't want to get discharged forever..I closed my eyes tightly praying so hard against this situation of my when I heard a knock on the door .

" Alexa !" I exclaimed as she run towards me but she didn't enter alone.

The doctor and Tyler were with her too.

Good news or bad news !

" I'm so glad you're okay !" She said as she plays with my fingers.

" Who told you I'm okay ?" I teased and frown when I heard some unnecessary chuckles.

" You're very okay miss ! You're also allowed to leave the hospital as soon as you get the prescribed drugs !" The doctor in the white gown explained to me.

" I've gotten it already !" Tyler said and my mom growl in happiness.

" Ohhh so caring!" She squealed.

The doctor left with Tyler already as he said he wants to go somewhere while mom was sitting around the corner of the room .. pressing her tablet like her life depended on it. .


Can't believe I'll be going to his house today…

" Babe you're on another level!!" Alexa yelled happily as I sniffled.

" I thought you didn't believe rather you never believe me !" I accused her but she pouts at me as she feels sorry for not believing her best friend.

" I'm so sorry ..well there's something that seems weird about this unwanted accident but I'll tell you later !" She explained but she didn't know she has heighten my nervousness.

" Just tell me !" I urge eagerly.

" I'm still on it .. Don't worry you'll be the first person to know" she replied assuringly .

" So dear I'll be on my way !" Mom said as she dip in her bag to bring out something.
" Your wedding will be after one month !!" She said and I just stare blankly as I've promised not to get swayed by this matter.
" This envelope consist of the shares between us .. sign on it and it's yours officially " she explained further and Alexa squealed but I held her hand tightly.

"See ya .." she finally says as she exit the room.

2hours later 💓💓💓

Goodness It's past eight already and he isn't back .. I'm o supposed to be here waiting for him.

" I don't want trouble from Jeffrey,so be on your way ." I warned Alexa cautiously as she insists on staying with me till he comes.

" Don't worry he'll be here so.." she didn't finish talking when her phone rang.

" Whose phone is that?" She asks a dumb questions as u stare at her awkwardly.

" Try asking my middle a*s " I muttered jokingly, she gasp immediately she saw the caller.

" Let me be on my way , I'll call you !" She said and scurried out of the room after giving me a warm pat.

I lay back on the soft but tiny bed as I stare thoughtfully at the ceiling..

How I'm I to behave at his house ?

I'm still deciding on how to tell Madalin about the training ending..and still thinking of what the next task is going to be..

" Oh God help me !!" I said loudly, also with a heavy sigh.

The cracky sound I heard made me turned my gaze to the door..

Of course I knew it'll be him.

" Hope I didn't keep you waiting ?" He asks genially

" Hope I didn't keep you waiting ?" He asks genially making me stare at him with a confused look.
" Just playing around !" He said and smiled.

Playing with who ..

" I wanted you to have some food so you'll just take a shower and sleep when you get home z I didn't know I'll be so late !!" He said in a very calm tone and I could feel myself falling for him.

The blushing ..
Heaven help me from this man.

He's so considerate and loving.

He brought out the packed food boxes and place it on the chest table by the bed.

He sat on the tiny bed making me groan softly as I moved a bit so he'll sit comfortably.

He opened the box one by one and Holly Molly!!

It was breathtaking..I gulp hardly and loudly just staring at the sumptuous dishes in front of me ..

I felt embarrassed when he shot a glance at me ..

What confused me and bother me right now is that foods bought from restaurants are supposedly to have label but neither the box nor the bag has a label.

This got me curious then something flash through me ..

What If he …

It can't be .

" Did you cook this !" I didn't know when it dropped from my mouth but that was truly what I wanted to asks as I stare raringly at him..

He scrunched his lips a little before sighing.

Please talk up !!  Your girlfriend is dying of curiosity.

" Yes I did every single thing here all by myself !" He said courageously but he seems like he was bluffing.

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