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🛍️ Purchased Heart 🛍

        { He wants a wife 😏🙄}
          🔥 Episode nineteen 🔥

4. To No man is allowed near you except the ones I allow !

My goodness..🙁

" Hey bro !" Jay squealed and he walks past me briskly giving me Goosebumps.

He continued talking with Jay like I didn't exist and my annoyance grew heavily.

I didn't even say bye before scurrying out of the room but I could hear some ridiculous chuckles.

I'm on my way to meet Alexa as she's the only one that can sort out my life's problem and explain to me how it's going to be.

" Karen !!" I heard someone called my name so loud making me turn to check whom it was..

Alexa was sitting at the cafe near the street, it baffles me as that wasn't the suppose meeting place.

I tottered to the zebra crossing waiting for the the light to go on red.

I was walking gracefully with some other people when a crazy motorcycle start to come from nowhere..

I tried running further but before I could do ..I was lying helplessly on the floor.

" Karen! Karen ! " Alexa voice was all I could hear before closing my eyes.

🍀 Alexa 🍀

I knew something is definitely not right, the fact that the place we reserved was taken by about person.

And someone suggested me the restaurant across the streets , yes !! Something's seems off.

I'll have gotten a hold of the motorcycle driver if I wasn't a minute late.

I just pray my friend is okay 

I wander outside the hospital room waiting for the doctor's say on her when I received a phone call.

I dip it Back into my bag as one thing I hate doing in my life is picking an unknown number.

It was ringing for the 10th time if I didn't miscount and I've just decided to pick it so I'll pent out my frustrations on the caller.

📱📲 Do you have a death wish 📱📲 I yelled harshly on the phone as I hear the person release a gasp.

📱📲 Are I'm I talking to Alexa ! 📱📲 The voice sounded so sweet and husky that I feel myself getting hot.

Snap out of it !!!

📱📲 Yes this is Alexa 📱📲 I replied.

📱📲 Is Karen with you ?📱📲 He asks again and I was flustered at how the unknown man knew her.

📱📲 She's hurt and as a hospital right now 📱📲 I said nervously.

📱📲 What !!? 📱📲 He growl.
📱📲 Please tell me the hospitals name !?📱📲 He asks politely but he was definitely panicking.

who's he ?

📱📲 High saint !📱📲 I muttered he hang up on me.

Why is the doctor not out yet ? 

I was stamping my feet on the floor as I kept thinking of the situation..

I'll find out about this..

📱📲 Hey sweetheart !📱📲 I said to my fiance on the phone.

📱📲 Baby , are you okay? You sound dull 📱📲 seems like he noticed something from my voice.

📱📲 Oh yeah! Something Happened to Karen and that's the reason I called you now , please track down a motorcycle 📱📲 I pleaded with him as he was an official agent  , best hacker at that. 

📱📲 Oh geez .. hope it's not a big deal but how do I track without a number ? Did you perhaps remember or saw it by chance ? 📱📲 He asks raringly and I was silent for a moment.

I replayed the scene in my head trying to remember the number ….

It's … I got it !!.

📱📲 It's 3F2 CT1 📱📲 I replied him and he blow a loud kiss before ending the call .

I smiled and bow down my head still feeling distress when I heard someone footsteps approaching me.

I briskly raise up head to check whom it was ..

I'm I seeing things ? I rubbed my eyes roughly as I thought I was seeing nonsense.

Why is he here !! 

Don't tell me what Karen said yesterday was truly real !?

Oh my goodness ! 

Ryan !!

He's burning of extreme hotness .. he's wearing a casual wear but that doesn't stop his broad muscle from revealing.

He's so dazzling !

I could feel myself almost drooling as he got closer to me.

Come off this Alexa !

Your Friend is on a sick bed right now !

My heart was beating so fast that I could hear without placing my hand on my chest as he stops in front of me.

I stare wobbly from head to his toe but his face was all moody.

" Alexa right !" He said In the same soothing voice.

Say something …I was stupefied.not knowing what to say.

" Oh ,oh,yeah .u .m . i am !" I stutter as my face was red from blushing.

" Thank God, where's she ?"he asks, tweaking his nose as I couldn't stop glaring.

" The doctor is still attending to her !" I replied feebly then I notice the doctor come out of the room.

" Ryan !!" The doctor called out as he ran into his embrace.
" What are you doing here ?" He asks making him ruffled his hair.

" My girlfriend is the girl inside !" He said pointing to the room and my mouth was wide agape.

She wasn't lying after all..

Karen is so lucky..

" Oh I didn't know ! Well she's good !" He said to him and he exhale deeply and loudly.
" She just had a slight bruise by her waist and a cut on her cheek !" He said and Ryan hold his waist angrily.

Why is he angry when she's perfectly fine with a small injury.

" That beautiful face !" I heard him hummed and I widen my eyes in surprise.

" She'll wake up in about 2hours , her injury just need to be sanitizely treated and a few medicines and She'll be okay !" He explained and scuttled off after giving him a hug.

🌺 Ryan 🌺

Her beautiful cheeks was bruised..and that tiny waist..

I walked into the room with her unintroduced friend and she was sleeping soundly.

Beads of sweats trickled down her face as I used the back of my hand to wipe it off ..

" I need to be somewhere now , I'll be back soon !" Her friend said to me and I nod.

" Take your time and thank y.." she didn't let me finish.

" Thank you for taking care of my best friend , you're joking!" She beamed a brilliant and lovely smile before heading out.

No wonder ! She was her vest friend..


I just held her hand and stare keenly at that beautiful face and the plumpy lips , the kiss we had at the hotel room reoccurred and I find myself wanting to kiss he again.

I move slowly to her lips and just as I was about placing my lips on hers ..her eyes was wide open and her breath filled my neck.




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