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Season 5

Episode 61

(Mr. Situ Turned Out To Be Her Master)

Lin Che immediately stepped back, but she lost her footing and almost fell.

When everybody exclaimed, someone suddenly grabbed hold of Lin Che.

“Lin Che, this is all that you’ve got?”

Lin Che froze.

She looked up and saw Situ Qiong in front of her. She thought that she was dreaming.


Situ Qiong’s face was cold and had the same annoying expression. He pushed her back up.

He looked at Lin Che. “You made it sound so nice when you said that you wanted to triumph over yourself. Even if you knew you’d lose, you wouldn’t give up. Aren’t you giving up now?”

Lin Che clenched the sword in her fist, “But… I’ve caught a cold and I’m feeling unwell.”

“In fencing, the most important thing is not your body, but your sword.” Situ stared at her. “Even if your body is handicapped and you can’t move, your sword can still move. This means that you can still attack your opponent. If you don’t even know this, don’t go around telling people that I taught you fencing!”

Lin Che froze. She instantly felt ashamed and wanted to burrow herself in a hole.

Yes, yes. She forgot about all of it because her body was weak and she was attacked first. She forgot about everything.

But the competition was not over and she still had a chance.

Lin Che stood up, looked at Situ Qiong, and retorted, “The competition hasn’t ended yet. Why are you scolding me? I won’t let you have the chance to scold me.”

Situ Qiong looked at the brilliant glimmer in her eyes. Lin Che was energetic once again as she stood there. She smiled and said in a voice that was neither too soft nor too loud, “Of course. A disciple of me, Situ Qiong, won’t be defeated that easily!”

Everybody was surprised.

Who was that person down there?

It was Situ Qiong. The Situ Qiong who never liked to appear in front of others.

He was the Second Young Master of the Situ family.

The Situ family, known as the king of ships, had almost as much influential power as the Lu family in C Nation. It was a pity that they were too low-profile, so they weren’t often mentioned.

Now, Situ Qiong actually said that Lin Che was his disciple.

Of course, everyone knew that he was a fencing legend. Because of his family’s business, he never appeared on the fencing stage after that. However, he was still a legend.

Meanwhile, Lin Che was actually declared by Situ Qiong as his disciple. That meant that Lin Che was probably the only one whom he admitted as his disciple.

This Lin Che really made everyone feel more and more amazed at her. Gu Jingze was her man, the Lu family respected her, and the Second Young Master of the Situ family was now her fencing master…

What values did she have to be able to know so many people who were impossible for others to get close to?

In the fencing arena.

Lin Che took up her sword again and faced Lu Chuxia.

“I was letting you have some fun. Now… It’s payback time.”

Without saying anything else, her sword rushed forward and started fencing with Lu Chuxia.

Lin Che wasn’t considered skilled, but Situ’s training was very effective. Her skills weren’t exceptional, but she was stronger than Lu Chuxia who was physically weak. Lin Che put all her strength on her sword and focused, making it difficult for Lu Chuxia to retaliate.

Not long after, points from the referee were already accumulating on Lin Che’s side.

Situ watched from the side. This strong, brave and energetic woman named Lin Che seemed to blossom like a rose. She was so captivating.


“Lin Che leads with 45 points. Lin Che wins!”

Lu Chuxia stood there dazed with her sword still in her hand. The spectators watching from above were also stunned.

In the later part, she practically couldn’t retaliate as she stood there and was attacked by Lin Che.

She was enraged.

She threw her sword to the ground and grunted at Lin Che, “You think winning one round is enough? Hmph, I’ll let you see tomorrow.”

After that, Lu Chuxia turned and ran away.

Lin Che stood there.

She was still in shock from hearing that she won.

Wow, she really won. She won…

She took off her headgear and felt as if she was in a dream.

Because she was fighting solely on willpower, her body was already too weak.

After she took off her headgear, her hair was already drenched from her own sweat.

Sweat droplets also formed on her face. She looked so beautiful like a beauty who just stepped out of water. Because of fencing, she didn’t doll up. However, that bare face looked ever more crystal clear.

The men on the stands were really stunned.

Especially with how she charmingly took off her headgear, this woman was really captivating. Every movement of hers was perfect and she was so amazingly beautiful…

On the stands…

Gu Jingze noticed how those men were looking at her.

He pursed his lips and stood up. Looking at Lin Che, he thought that she was indeed a unique woman. On the other hand, he was exasperated at how inviting this woman looked. Did she know how these men were staring at her?

He turned his head and looked plainly at those men.

He took a deep breath and said to the bodyguard beside him, “See who is staring at my wife and gouge out his eyes for me.”


Everybody quickly stopped and pretended to look elsewhere.

Gu Jingze was so ruthless; who knew if he would really do such a thing? After all, nobody here ever dared to challenge him.

Even though they were all wealthy people, there was still a hierarchy in statuses. Furthermore, apart from being tyrannical, Gu Jingze liked playing bad…

In the arena, Lin Che took off her suit and felt a bout of weakness. She almost fell.

Situ Qiong then walked over and helped her up.

Lin Che said, “I told you that I would win. Do you still dare to scold me now?”

“Yes, you won,” he smiled at her.

She only trained for a month and she really ended up winning.

From the beginning, he thought that she wouldn’t be able to persevere. In the end, he thought that she didn’t learn well. Even later on, he thought that she couldn’t win.

Now, he really had to eat his own words.

He thought that a woman whom Gu Jingze fancied would indeed be different somehow. That was the only way to attract Gu Jingze.

Just then, Gu Jingze already made his way down.

He had no relationship with Situ Qiong. Even at this point, he was impolite. He looked at Situ Qiong and then reached out to take Lin Che.

Lin Che said, “I’m fine, I’m just tired.”

Gu Jingze said, “Don’t move. I’ll carry you.”

Lin Che didn’t reject either because she was really tired. She felt as if she had no energy to walk anymore.

She also didn’t want to bother about those people on the stands or whatever was going on there. She only wrapped her arms around Gu Jingze’s neck.

She turned her head and said to Situ Qiong, “Remember to watch my ballet performance tomorrow.”

“Yes, okay, but do you know how to dance ballet? Don’t tell me that you only learned that recently too?”



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