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Season 5

Episode 60

(Is She Going To Lose)

“No, Uncle Lu. I just don’t want to give up. I’ve been practicing for so long. I learned fencing and ballet. Now, I don’t want to not go just because of this small matter. Won’t all my hard work be for nothing? It wasn’t easy to learn them and I still want to show what I’ve got to everyone.”

Lu Qinyu heard this and only looked at Lin Che.

She was like her, just like her.

“You are a fighter, just like your mother.” He sighed and said, “Okay. I’ll get the attendants to make some soup for you. If you need anything else, you can always tell me. I will support you with everything I can.”

Lin Che could only smile. “Thank you, Uncle, but I really am much better now.”

Just then, Lin Che saw that Gu Jingze was already standing at the door.

She had no idea how long he had been listening there.

Lu Qinyu saw that Gu Jingze was here and said to him that if anything happened, he could use the whole Lu family’s power. Lu Qinyu told Gu Jingze not to treat himself as an outsider and then left.

Gu Jingze came in and tucked Lin Che with the blanket.

He looked deeply at her as if he already heard what she said just now. He didn’t say anything else and only said, “Get some rest after drinking the ginger soup. Lie down and don’t move.”

Lin Che thought about it clearly. She knew that she had already come so far. If she really gave up now, it would only make Lu Chuxia happy.

However, she overestimated her body.

Unexpectedly, disaster came like a chain reaction. The next day, she really caught a cold.

When Lin Che woke up, she felt like her throat was already smoking.

It looked like being soaked in the water yesterday and walking straight back exposed her to the wind. This resulted in her cold.

Lin Che looked around. Today was fencing.

She didn’t tell Gu Jingze about her throat. She was worried that he would make a mountain out of a molehill. It wouldn’t be good if he didn’t let her take part in the competition.

However, after what happened yesterday, Lin Che could immediately feel that people were looking at her differently when she came out of her room.

The jealous people were more jealous and the curious people were more curious.

Naturally, when Gu Jingze came out, all those people dispersed.

Gu Jingze saw that Lin Che was dressed thinly. He waved at the attendant to take a shawl. He personally draped it over her shoulders and looked at her. “Why did you come out like that? This is an island. It is very humid.”

Lin Che chuckled, “I’m not that weak. Let’s go.”

At the side, some ladies watched Gu Jingze with blushed faces and then quickly shied away.

Gu Jingze was oblivious to them, but Lin Che pursed her lips in her mind.

After yesterday’s incident, these ladies seemed to be getting closer.


In the fencing arena.

Lin Che changed into her suit and looked at her sword.

Lu Chuxia saw Lin Che and immediately walked over, pushing Lin Che to the side.

Some people saw Lu Chuxia arrive and quickly made way for her. At the same time, they sucked up to her, “Chuxia, you were really great at horse riding yesterday.”

“All-rounded women like you are simply too rare. No, you are the one and only in our C Nation. Chuxia, you’ll definitely do even better in today’s fencing competition.”

“Yes, you simply have no rival in C Nation.”

Naturally, besides having the Gu family, C Nation also has the Lu family. The young mistress of the Gu family never liked to come out and socialize, so in C Nation, Lu Chuxia’s position was unrivaled.

Lu Chuxia smiled in her suit. She turned her head to look at Lin Che, “I’ll make you leave the WW party today. Prepare your speech of defeat. I’ll be waiting for you to say that you can’t match up to me.”

After that, she turned and left.

The fencing competition was about to begin.

Gu Jingze was still at the spectator stand, looking down below.

The people at the side wanted to approach Gu Jingze but were shaken by his ice-cold eyes. They didn’t dare to approach him and could only watch him from afar.

Below, Lin Che cursed internally when she drew her lot.

This was obviously arranged by Lu Chuxia. Lin Che’s opponent turned out to be her.

However, defeating her would give her a higher score.

She looked at her sword and suddenly felt a bout of dizziness. It seemed like the cold was still affecting her.

Just then, she heard the announcement outside that the competition was about to start.

Lin Che walked out and could hear some of the young lads on the stands. Since yesterday, they converted from being Lu Chuxia’s fans to Lin Che’s fans because Lin Che really looked good on a horse.

They were visual creatures after all.

Hearing people calling her name, Lin Che was rather embarrassed. She looked up to see those lads who in turn went crazy. They exclaimed, “Lin Che! Lin Che! I’ll support you! Fight on, Lin Che! Whatever you want, I will support you. Tell me if you need anything!”

Lin Che heard this and blushed even more. These rich playboys…

However, Gu Jingze turned to look at them. His dark face made them tone down a lot. They could only look ahead and quietly support her.

Lu Chuxia saw this and was even angrier. These men… were too much. Seeing one and liking one… They only knew about Lin Che yesterday, and now they were already biased towards her.

Lu Chuxia suddenly wondered if this bet with Lin Che and bringing her to this high-end event meant that she was on the losing end.

Because she never thought that these people would like Lin Che.

Lu Chuxia huffed and lunged forward first.

Lin Che then reacted and quickly retaliated.

Lu Chuxia’s fencing could only be considered normal. Because of Lin Che’s cold, her head throbbed and ached periodically.

She felt as if she could fall to the ground at any minute.

She had no energy to defend herself, so she could only listen as the referee at the side give Lu Chuxia one point after another.

Lin Che also wondered if she was losing.

Was she going to lose just like this?

Then Lu Chuxia’s scheme yesterday really worked. She didn’t die and wasn’t injured, but because of a cold…

It was already chaotic on the stands.

Everyone watched as Lin Che stumbled and retreated. They couldn’t help but say, “It seems like from comparing their abilities, Lu Chuxia is indeed much stronger than Lin Che.”

“Yes, Lin Che is completely out of it.”

“Lin Che is done for.”

“Lu Chuxia is indeed C Nation’s top socialite. It looks like nobody can displace her. So if Lin Che really loses, won’t she have to leave Gu Jingze?”

Everyone inevitably looked at Gu Jingze and thought that he and Lu Chuxia were indeed matching. However, no matter who was with a man like Gu Jingze, the ladies would still feel indignant.

On the other hand, the men were very happy, “If Gu Jingze doesn’t want her, I do. I think Lin Che is really not bad.”

“Get lost. Lin Che is mine.”

Right at this moment, the atmosphere was still anxious in the arena.

But just then, Lu Chuxia thrust her sword forward.





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