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Season 5

Episode 59

(I Will Make Her Wish She Was Dead)

The security already quickly pushed someone to the front.

Everyone watched from the outside. The competition had just ended and they were all discussing – not about how outstanding Lu Chuxia was in the competition, but how a lot of people cared about Lin Che when she fell in the water.

Lin Li was pushed to the front.

She angrily asked, “Why are you guys pushing me? Seriously.”

At this moment, Gu Jingze’s figure appeared below the spectator stand. Looking at Gu Jingze’s cold demeanor, the audience fell silent and looked at Lin Li.

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Li. “Who made you do this? I’ll give you a chance today. If you tell me, I will let you off. If you don’t, I won’t care if you are Lin Che’s sister or not. You stabbed Lin Che’s horse and I will definitely make you pay.”

This was the first time Lin Li saw Gu Jingze’s fuming expression. It sent shivers down her spine.

She subconsciously went to find Lu Chuxia.

However, she saw Lu Chuxia who was already walking over. She stared at Lin Li with indifference. Lu Chuxia even narrowed her eyes and pursed her lips as if threatening her.

If Lin Li told him the truth, Lu Chuxia would never let her off.

Lin Li was uneasy, but Gu Jingze couldn’t possibly do anything to her. No matter what, she was Lin Che’s sister and Lin Che was fine, wasn’t she?

Lin Li said, “It’s me… I did it. I hate Lin Che. Is that enough?”

Gu Jingze scoffed, “Just from looking at you, I know that you wouldn’t dare.”

Lin Li smiled coldly. “Why wouldn’t I dare? She is merely an illegitimate child. When we were young, she even washed my socks and prepared my daily footbath. Her mother was a third party and now she is taking part in the WW party. What right does she have? Does she really think that she can compete with all those true socialites? She will never.”

Before Lin Li finished, Gu Jingze’s eyes had already darkened.

There was still no warmth on his face. It was so cold that he looked like a finely carved piece of ice. He looked good, but he was just that cold. The darkness in his eyes circulated like the silence before the storm. It made people feel really oppressed.

Not one person there dared to make a sound. They only looked at Gu Jingze.

He then said, “Fine. Since it’s like that, take her away.”

Lin Li yelled, “You can’t kill me, neither can you do anything to me. Killing me would be illegal. Even if you rule the world, you can’t kill me. Hmph.”

Gu Jingze’s coldness seemed to be coming out from his nostrils.

He couldn’t be bothered to look at her. He gazed straight ahead. “No, I won’t let those who offend my people die. That would be letting them off too easily. Send her to the Golden Triangle. The drug peddlers there seem to lack women recently. They have been oppressed too much. Tell them that this is a little star. They will definitely and most certainly enjoy making good use of her.”


Everybody gasped.

It was called the Golden Triangle but was more often called the Poison Triangle.

There was no need to explain what it meant to send her there. One would also know what she would have to do there.

So, so ruthless.

Lin Li froze.

She was better off dead… She had never thought about what kind of future that would be.

She then quickly looked for Lu Chuxia’s figure.

Lu Chuxia was shaken, but at this moment, she stepped out in front of Gu Jingze. “Jingze, don’t be angry. Lin Che is injured now. Why don’t you take her back to B City? She doesn’t have to take part in the rest of the competition.”

However, Lu Beichen pulled Lu Chuxia back.

“That’s enough. Stop adding more problems. Come with me.”

Lu Chuxia was dragged out.

Everyone was still looking at Gu Jingze.

People had heard the rumors that Gu Jingze was very scary, but today was the first time they really saw it. When Gu Jingze was angry, the entire atmosphere was simply shocking.

Nobody dared to say anything. They could only watch as the ladies get dragged out.

Meanwhile, Gu Jingze declared, “Lin Che was unhurt this time. Otherwise, if something really happened to her… I don’t care who the next person is. I will not let her off.”

Although he wasn’t looking at anyone specifically, Lu Chuxia only felt cold sweat on her body.

Thankfully, she was a Lu family member.

She suddenly had this thought in her head. Otherwise, would the person being taken away be her?

Thankfully, his sister was her brother’s wife. Just with this level alone, he couldn’t possibly do anything to the Lu family so easily. Furthermore, he was on good terms with Lu Beichen. Otherwise, today would really be…

Lu Chuxia didn’t expect this Lin Li to be so useless.

She only managed to make Lin Che fall into the water. And because she fell into the water, nobody actually cared about Lu Chuxia’s results. Instead, everybody’s attention was turned to Lin Che.

The score she got this time was much better than the previous times. Furthermore, she looked so good riding a horse, but none of these people cared at all…

In the distance.

Han Caiying already knew that something happened, but when she saw Lin Li being taken away, she dared not approach at all.

Lin Yu was still upset. “Mom, you see? That Lu Chuxia was clearly the evil mastermind but now, the person being taken away is Lin Li.”

Han Caiying quickly said, “That’s enough. Don’t go over there. It’s too scary. Gu Jingze is so scary. We have no way of challenging him. Don’t go over. Don’t go over there at all.”


Han Caiying was really frightened to the bone. She had never seen how these elites treated people. It was all the more she had never seen Gu Jingze this way.

That attitude made her believe that if anyone dared to approach him, they would be immediately killed by his attitude.

Han Caiying said, “Forget it. Lin Li asked for it herself. You better not go there. Otherwise, Gu Jingze is too scary and it wouldn’t be good if you implicate us. These people… These people are too much. Just because they have the power, they are bullying people like this. Let’s… Let’s leave this place as soon as possible.”

Han Caiying truly never thought that these powerful people could really do anything they wanted.

Those small matters to undermine Lin Che in the past were all merely child’s play. These C Nation elites were truly the ones unafraid of anything.

She simply didn’t dare to fight with these people. How could she afford to?

“Mom… What are you doing?” Lin Yu was being taken away by her mother. She didn’t dare to look back, neither did she dare to ask what was going to happen to Lin Li.

In the room, Lu Qinyu said, “Alright, Little Che. If there’s nothing much, don’t take part in tomorrow’s competition.”

“No,” Lin Che quickly replied. “I want to take part in it. I’m actually fine.”

Lin Che really felt fine and energetic. She didn’t need to stop.

Lu Qinyu said, “That’s enough. Just take a look at yourself. It’s just a competition. If it’s because of some bet you made, I’ll make that brat Chuxia call it off. If you’re going to play so seriously, that’s not right.”





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