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Season 5

Episode 58

(She Can Forget About Leaving The Horse Riding Competition In One Piece)

Just then, someone called out, “Lin Che, you’re gorgeous!”

A pair of cold eyes immediately stared daggers over.

That person then remembered that Lin Che was no ordinary woman; she was Gu Jingze’s woman. She could never be tainted by anybody else.

Lin Che blushed. She finally found the direction and quickly dashed towards the forest.

Lin Li followed after. Lin Che was still moving in that direction when she felt Lin Li catching up from behind.

With one glance, she suspiciously wondered if Lin Li wasn’t competing, but was specially out to watch her.

She could not be at ease.

She quickly moved away from Lin Li and walked in another direction. However, Lin Li followed close behind, her eyes fixated on Lin Che.

Lin Li thought, If I can’t take your life today, I’ll at least take half of it. I’ll let you get trampled beyond recognition by your own horse.

Lin Li chased after Lin Che. Lin Che began to feel more uneasy, believing that nothing good was going to happen if Lin Li came over. She was trying to avoid Lin Li, but she simply couldn’t shake Lin Li off.

Lin Li soon caught up to her and grunted at Lin Che, “Gu Jingze isn’t here now.”

Lin Che said, “Lin Li, don’t get used by Lu Chuxia. People like her are extremely selfish. If something really happens, she will not protect you.”

“Why? Are you jealous that Lu Chuxia and I are in cahoots? Haha, it’s too bad. Lu Chuxia and I are on very good terms. She is truly a famous person and she’s a rich family’s young mistress. Who do you think you are to show off in front of me?”

How deluded.

Lin Che couldn’t be bothered to say anything else to her. She simply continued to head forward. Seeing Lin Li’s eyes in cold light and forcing herself to chase Lin Che, Lin Che grew anxious.

“Lin Che, you came today alive but I’ll make sure you leave dead,” Lin Li exclaimed and dashed forward. She took out a hairpin that she prepared long ago and stabbed it in the ass of Lin Che’s horse.

The horse whinnied and sped up.

Lin Li laughed out loud as she watched Lin Che who was about to fall at any moment. Perhaps she would get trampled to death if she fell. Lin Li was extremely happy.

Once Lin Che was no longer an obstacle to her, Lu Chuxia would definitely protect her if anything happened. She was elated. She would certainly benefit greatly from this.

Lin Che shook about on top. She clung onto the horse’s neck as her foot touched the ground. She was swayed left and right. If she were to go down, she would probably hit against a tree. However, if she didn’t go down, it would be no good with the horse thrashing about.

Just then, a small pond ahead immediately gave Lin Che a glimmer of hope.

As she approached it, she prepared herself. She knew that this was her only chance. If she didn’t grab it, she might really end up losing her life. Even if she didn’t die, she might get injured and would not be able to take part in the competition anymore.

Looked at the pond drawing closer, she used all her might. At this point, she no longer felt fear as she thrust herself forward and jumped…


With a splash, she fell into the water.

“Something happened, something happened.”

Someone yelled from the spectator stand.

“Lin Che fell into the water.”

People on the spectator stand were stunned.

Because they were in the forest, nobody could see what exactly happened. Thus, the audience all stood up and talked among themselves.

At this moment, at the spectator stand.

A figure held the railing and charmingly jumped off the spectator stand.

It was Gu Jingze.

He marched a few steps and casually took a horse.

Hopping up on the horse, he was extraordinarily handsome.

The caretaker quickly said, “Second Young Master, Second Young Master, no. You can’t go in. We’ve already sent help. Don’t…”

Gu Jingze looked coolly at the caretaker who was stopping him. On the horse, he simply stretched out his leg and kicked the caretaker.

The person fell to the ground. Gu Jingze looked down at him and said coldly, “Get lost.”

The voice alone, without any other emotion, was enough to send someone shivering in fear.

Gu Jingze’s appearance already scared people normally. Looking at the Gu Jingze now, nobody dared to stop him.

Gu Jingze glanced back and then lightly prodded the horse’s belly with his heels and propelled forward.

Everybody watched and thought that Gu Jingze looked so good riding a horse.

Especially with that move, he was way too handsome.

Also with that vainglorious feeling, he was really the one and only Gu Jingze. Nobody could be stronger or more powerful than him.

Furthermore, this was all for Lin Che.

Everyone was really crazily jealous of that woman who could make him so devoted.

Meanwhile, the Lu family members were also already on their way with many security guards following them.

When Gu Jingze arrived, Lin Che was already lifted out of the water.

She was soaked and still in shock, but there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with her body. Although it hurt a little, she could feel that there was no injury.

Thankfully, the water was deep but not too deep.

Gu Jingze pulled on the reins and jumped down from the horse. He looked at Lin Che and ran straight to her.

He hugged Lin Che tightly in his arms.

Meanwhile, Lin Li watched from afar.

Little did she expect Lin Che to actually avert danger and jump into the water at that moment.

She merely fell into the water, yet tons of people came and crowded around her within seconds.

The people who came included the Lu and Gu families and Gu Jingze who came at top speed.

She was just a lass who fell into the water. Was there a need for so many people to panic?

It was just one Lin Che. What was so important about her?

She simply couldn’t get used to seeing Lin Che be protected like that.

To be treated like an important person by so many people when she actually had no power or strength… She was nothing.

Lin Che was brought back very quickly. Everybody was also very surprised. Lin Che was protected by Gu Jingze. He even put his coat over Lin Che. Wearing Gu Jingze’s huge coat on her weak and soaked body, she looked extremely pitiful. All the gentlemen on the spectator stand couldn’t sit still.

Helpless, many people were helping Lin Che below. Lu Beichen was also watching at the side, telling people to be gentle with her.

Everybody really had no clue how important this Lin Che person was. It seemed like she wasn’t simple. She not only was favored by Gu Jingze, but she was also even favored by the powerful Lu family.

The competition outside still went on. Needless to say, the final winner had to be Lu Chuxia who had the highest score.

And Lin Che could only helplessly watch as her score was struck off.

Lin Che rested in the room. After examinations, the doctor said that there were no injuries on her body. This made everybody relieved.

Lu Qinyu also already came all the way here. He looked at Lin Che and asked, “Lass, tell me. How exactly did this happen? I’ll definitely help you.”

Gu Jingze was already squinting his eyes as he stared outside.

“Old Man Lu, don’t need to get worked up. I’ll naturally find whoever was behind this and make them pay.”


On the racecourse.




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