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Season 5

Episode 57

(It Was Just ‘Love Me, Love My Dog’)

As she spoke, she lifted her head to recall.

“I remember that Su Cen was the prettiest girl in our school. Many guys were interested in her, but she was a bit aloof and didn’t like getting too close to people. So in that year, she never dated anyone. On the other hand, Professor Lu was the most stylish professor in our school. He was also the youngest professor. It was rumored that his family was worth millions and he was rich. Thus, many girls were very fond of him. Even if they weren’t his students, they would still attend his classes. His style of teaching was interesting and funny, and he would leave immediately after class. He never gave us a chance to speak with him, but…”

“At that time, he only treated Su Cen very well. We didn’t realize it at the beginning. After that, we realized that when Professor Lu talked in his lessons, he always faced her and called her out to answer questions. Later on, the school wanted to send a list of names for overseas education. He even specially called Su Cen out of our dormitory. At that time, we were all especially envious of her. But later on, she was always revising with Professor Lu alone. It was still acceptable if it was a short period. Everybody knew that Su Cen was good in her studies, to begin with, and it was only right that teachers would pay attention to her. But over time, the gossip spread. Everybody said that Su Cen already had something going on with Professor Lu.”

“Some people said that they saw Professor Lu and Su Cen chatting along Lin Yin Road. Some said that they saw them eating together. Some even said that Su Cen didn’t return to the dormitory after school. She left with Professor Lu in his little sports car. The gossips manifested and turned ugly. People said that the student and teacher slept together. They said that Su Cen… used her body in exchange for a chance to go overseas. After that, Professor Lu suddenly got married to a businessman’s daughter. Su Cen also no longer had one-to-one classes with him. These rumors then slowly calmed down.”

Lin Che thought that this did not differ much from what Old Man Lu told her. But from another’s mouth, she heard nastier stuff and more romantic stuff.

After telling her story, Gu Jingze then sent her out.

Lin Che said to Gu Jingze, “It looks like they really were together that year. I think it is so romantic. A teacher-student romance… It’s a pity it didn’t take place now. If it happened now, there definitely wouldn’t be as much gossip.”


“Also.” She looked up to gaze at Gu Jingze. “Thank you for going to such lengths to find answers for me.”

“If you really want to thank me, stop letting your mind run wild. Come on. Let’s go wash up and sleep.”

“Yes, yes, let’s sleep. I still have a vicious battle tomorrow. I need to take a good rest.”

Gu Jingze hugged her and said, “Alright then. You can rest more today.”

“Hey, no, let go of me! I want to rest, what are you doing…”

“Yes, you’ll rest. I’ll do the moving today.”


The next day.

On the island’s racecourse.

Under the pergola, many women were dressed in their riding suits. They looked so heroic that they did not lose to men in one single bit.

Lin Li changed into her riding suit long ago. She was very fortunate that she was still a rich man’s daughter in the city, so she learned all these things that rich men’s daughters learned since they were young.

Therefore, she wasn’t afraid when she stood there now.

Han Caiying saw those wealthy madams and bosses watching from upstairs. She quickly tidied Lin Li’s clothes, “Perform well. Even if you fall, do it beautifully. Do you see? Those bosses are all watching. Oh my, I see one who is watching you.”

Lin Li squinted and looked in front of her. She lifted her head and puffed up her chest, smiling as she looked at those bosses.

Just then, Lu Chuxia arrived and cheers could be heard onstage.

A few lads specially came to see Lu Chuxia ride and support her.

Their passion for Lu Chuxia made many people envious.

Han Caiying scoffed as she watched Lu Chuxia come out on a horse. She strutted in a figure-eight around and then pulled the reins to stop the horse.

That looked rather nice.

Han Caiying said, “Seriously, she’s just the rich princess of the Lu family. There’s nothing to be so triumphant about. If she wasn’t born with a golden spoon, she wouldn’t be any better than you. Lin Li, outdo her today. See how those lads fawn over her? If one of them takes a liking to you, our family can start a whole new life.”

Lin Li pouted, “She is the top socialite. How can we compare to her?”

Lin Li thought that Lu Chuxia was really something. A true socialite simply had the poise and elegance.

After that, Lin Che also finally arrived.

Lin Che came out from behind. She didn’t look as poised as Lu Chuxia, only appearing plainly from behind. Wearing her red riding suit, she appeared in front of the audience with Gu Jingze. They looked extremely low-profile, but with Gu Jingze, how could they ever not attract attention?

The crowd was already sighing with excitement. Seeing Gu Jingze in a riding suit today, he looked so dashing that people wanted to exclaim how handsome he was.

Lin Che didn’t bother about these fangirls. She only looked ahead at Lu Chuxia.

She revealed a contemptuous face at Lin Che as if secretly provoking her. This made Lin Che’s blood begin to boil.

No matter what, she had to give it her all today.

“The horse riding event is about to begin. In our horse riding competition, we are not only judging speed, but also accuracy. Can everybody see the forest up ahead? Participants must go through the forest smoothly, take a hat accurately, and not fall from the horse. Whoever takes the most number of hats will get the highest score. And as everybody knows, the final score is related to our final honor, which is to be crowned the true top socialite of the WW party this year. Ladies, off you go.”

Lin Che got up on her horse. She turned back to look at Gu Jingze. That face that always only had one expression somehow made her feel safe.

At the sound of the whistle, the competition finally began.

Lin Che immediately dashed ahead.

Lu Chuxia shot a look at Lin Li.

Lin Li got the hint.

Lin Che wasn’t that good at riding a horse. After practicing, she could finally at least walk a path. Thankfully, they were surrounded by bodyguards to ensure that nothing happened to these socialite ladies.

Otherwise, if something happened, nobody could afford to bear the responsibility. All of these ladies were from an elite family in C Nation.

Although Lin Che wasn’t good at horseriding, she did look very good on a horse.

Those lads on stage watched her turn here and there, seemingly unable to find the direction. She looked so absentminded yet adorable. They could not help feeling that way, especially when she looked so good in that red and black riding suit. Beauties simply looked good no matter what they did. They could be silly and still be interesting.



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