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Season 5

Episode 55

(Old Man Lu How Exactly Were You Related To My Mother)

Lin Che could also tell that this Lu Beichen was rather unruly. He was calm and indifferent like Gu Jingze, but they were not the same.

However, it was rather interesting too.

They sat there and chatted. Lu Chuxia saw Lin Che actually sitting with her own father and brother. They were chatting so happily that it made her furious.

Her family was actually standing on that slut’s side. Were they still her family?

Was a family such a hindrance?

Lu Chuxia walked to them. She looked at Lu Qinyu and Lin Che, “Who said you could sit here? This is my seat.”

Lu Qinyu frowned and gently placed his palm on the table, “Chuxia, there are so many seats. Since when has this become yours?”

Lu Chuxia replied, “It’s mine if I said it’s mine. Anyway, this island belongs to our Lu family. Whatever I say is mine will be mine.”

Lu Beichen watched and said, “Chuxia, I think I bought this island. I’m the owner and if I want someone to sit here, they will sit here. What’s your business?”

Lu Chuxia looked appalled at Lu Beichen.

Lu Beichen was also standing on Lin Che’s side now?

Lu Chuxia angrily smacked the table, “Who is your sister: me or her? Lu Beichen, what exactly do you mean?”

Lu Beichen also did not hold back. He simply stood up and straightened his shirt. He towered over Lu Chuxia and looked down at her, “What? Do you want to pick a fight with me here? I’m not afraid to be laughed at anyway. If you aren’t afraid, try me. Let people see what kind of manners this so-called top socialite has.”


Lu Chuxia and Lu Beichen fought since they were young. However, how could she ever win against this tall and mighty brother?

Behind, Lu Qinyu was so angry that he was huffing and glaring.

“Okay, okay, just look at you two. You’re not acting like siblings. Chuxia, go to the side and don’t bother us here again.”

“Hmph, fine. I’ll go, I’ll go right now. Since you like Lin Che that much, I’m not going back home anymore. You guys can take Lin Che back to be your daughter and sister.”

Lu Chuxia glared hatefully at Lin Che, turned, and then left.

Lu Qinyu followed, “Fine, don’t come back.”

Lin Che watched Lu Qinyu get angry. She thought for a while, told Gu Jingze that she was going to check on the old man, then got up and went after him.

Lu Beichen watched and said to Gu Jingze, “Seriously. How old is she already? She was like this when she was young and now she is still like this.”

Gu Jingze only looked up silently and watched Lin Che leave.

Lu Qinyu saw Lu Chuxia leave as he stood there, still fuming.

Lin Che quickly said, “Uncle, don’t be angry.”

Lu Qinyu said, “Sigh, sometimes I really envy the Gu family. All their sons and daughters are so good while my two children are so disobedient whether they are young or grown-up.”

Lin Che bit her lip and pondered. Then, she said to Lu Qinyu, “Uncle Lu, you don’t need to get angry with Chuxia because of me. The more you act like this, the angrier she will be.”

Lu Qinyu said, “I believe that this stubborn and feisty personality of hers is not good. I really don’t know who she takes after. Her brother may not listen to me, but he isn’t like this. But she…”

Lin Che looked at Lu Qinyu. “I also have something I want to ask you actually.”

“Ah, what is it?” He lowered his head and was extremely amiable.

Lin Che asked, “You and Su Cen… How were you two related?”

Lu Qinyu halted, his expression obviously puzzled.

He asked, “How are you related to Su Cen?”

Lin Che replied, “Su Cen is my mother.”

Lu Qinyu’s entire body quivered.

He almost fell to the ground.

Lin Che quickly helped him up.

He looked at least ten years older than her mother and didn’t seem like he had anything going on with her mother, but…

Lin Che did feel strange.

Looking at Old Man Lu’s reaction, it was hard to believe that they had an ordinary student-teacher relationship.

Old Man Lu looked at Lin Che with his mouth agape. “You are Su Cen’s daughter?”


Old Man Lu said, “Okay, good, good. You look so alike. I actually thought about it long ago. You look so alike but I didn’t think it was nice to ask you directly, so I didn’t ask.”

“Gu Jingze told me, so I wanted to ask you because I know too little about my mother. I just want to know a little more about her past.”

“How is she now?”

“My mother already passed away a long time ago.”

Lu Qinyu’s face was once again filled with pain. It seemed to drown his old eyes.

Lin Che could only hold onto Lu Qinyu.

After some time, Old Man Lu slowly recovered from that immense bout of pain.

He sighed and looked at Lin Che. Who would have thought? She was still so young, so active, and at that impulsive age. Who would have thought that she would actually already be gone just like that?

He said, “That’s right. Su Cen and I knew each other.”

“Actually, we didn’t only just know each other. When I went to the village that year, she was only in her teens. She was very talented and smart. She kept pace with her studies and was full of spirit. I thought that it would be a waste for her to stay there, so I pushed her to go to university in B City. At that time, I helped her revise every day and I helped her through her exams. I also told her about the world outside.”

“Sure enough, she really lived up to my grooming and very quickly got admitted to my university. I then began to teach her professional classes. At that time, I was still a young professor. I was full of vitality and always felt invincible.”

“I recommended her to pursue her studies overseas and wanted her to get even better grades. Thus, I continued helping her in her revision and learning. We practically faced each other from dusk to dawn every day. It’s just that at that time, it was unexpected. We were two young people and ultimately, our feelings for each other unknowingly developed. We knew that our age difference was too big. I am a teacher and she was a student. She was my protégé. If anything between us was discovered, people would definitely talk. It might also end up affecting her education path. So, I got married.”

“However, after I got married, she was heartbroken. Seeing her heartbroken also agonized me. We spent a year looking at each other, but unable to get close.”

“After that, she lost all hope and did not want to continue her studies with us. She also didn’t listen to my suggestion to go overseas and simply left my line of vision. I didn’t see her again after that.”

He looked at Lin Che, “I also often think that maybe I didn’t do enough. At that time, I was well aware that there shouldn’t have been feelings. However, I still let her get too close to me and it led to her disappointment. All these years, I have been regretting it deeply. It’s a pity that I can no longer look for her anymore.”

Lin Che only looked ahead and mumbled, “So, it’s like that.”

Actually, she could imagine it. Her mother was young once too. She was bound to have her own feelings and love experiences.





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