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Season 5

Episode 52

(Her Man Was Still Being Peeped At)

Gu Jingze shook his head helplessly as he put his arm around her and continued walking in.

The two of them walked into the resort through a special passageway. The Gu family’s bodyguards blocked off outsiders in an orderly fashion and the normal tourists outside looked on in surprise. They couldn’t resist trying to get closer so that they could see what was happening ahead.

Watching them leave, Han Caiying then grunted, “This time, Lin Li, you must win against this little slut. She looks so arrogant right now that I simply want to go over and scold her. This ingrate climbed a high horse and now loves to torture us.”

Lin Li frowned and said, “I know.”

Of course, she wanted to win against Lin Che more than anyone else.

She also walked over with her pass and went in after the verification.

Lin Che and Gu Jingze were immediately noticed once they arrived at the resort.

If there was the most eye-catching thing about this year’s WW banquet, it would be Lin Che and Lu Chuxia’s bet.

This bet instantly made Lin Che a hot topic in the socialite circle.

Everyone couldn’t help but guess what exactly Lin Che had to be able to make the number one socialite, Lu Chuxia, challenge her.

Of course, to begin with, bringing Gu Jingze along to take part in WW already attracted all the attention. All eyes were on Lin Che.

Lin Che and Gu Jingze settled down in the innermost three-story villa. It was apparently specially arranged.

Meanwhile, Lin Li also had a rather nice arrangement under Lu Chuxia’s care. However, it was a small villa in the front.

Han Caiying was already very satisfied. She had been evicted and was now living in a three-bedroom apartment outside. That Lin Youcai still refused to bring her back. She had been suffering and living in this villa. Now, she didn’t want to ever leave.

Lin Che reached the villa and immediately laid on the bed. She had been dead tired recently and now she still had to compete over the next few days. She was extremely nervous and did not want to think of anything else. She only wanted to lie here and never get up.

However, at this moment, she saw people coming over to visit them.

Seeing their getup, she assumed that they were some socialites. After all, this place would definitely see a lot of people.

The villas here were resort villas and there was little privacy. The fencing outside was low while the windows went from the floor to the ceiling, revealing everything happening inside.

Meanwhile, Gu Jingze took his shirt off and walked out from the bathrooms, unaware of the situation.

When Lin Che turned around, she could see Gu Jingze’s strong muscles exposed to the air. They looked even bigger and his triangular golden body revealed a beautiful merman figure because of his low-waisted pants.

His shoulders were broad, so he looked gorgeous when he wore a suit. When he took off his clothes, one could see his broad figure. It gave one a sense of security and a desire to lean on him.

Coupled with that freshly washed, gorgeous face still dripping water…

Lin Che immediately understood who the socialites outside came to see.

They came to see her husband!

What on Earth? These rich young mistresses were so shameless too? Did they come over to take a peep?

Lin Che really thought that… a man’s sexuality was still very attractive.

And Gu Jingze was the strongest contender in male sexuality. Of course, it made many people so excited that they couldn’t care about anything else.

Lin Che looked at him and asked, “Hey, why did you come out without your clothes on?”

Gu Jingze paused and said, “It’s not like you’ve never seen it before.”

“Seriously. I have seen it before, but others have not,” Lin Che replied.

Gu Jingze narrowed his eyes and realized something was a miss.

He looked outside.

The girls outside immediately smiled at him.

Gu Jingze’s eyes remained unchanged and he simply walked to Lin Che.

When Lin Che was still stunned, he already grabbed hold of her waist.

“If they want to see, let them see. We must be more gracious and give our guests a good show.”


Before she could react, Gu Jingze turned her to her side so that both their side views were facing outside. She bent into a beautiful arc while he kissed her on the lips.

Closing his eyes, the way he kissed her made him look like a beautiful prince kissing a sleeping Snow White. That image was so perfect that it took their breaths away.

The ladies outside were shocked. They only wanted to see Gu Jingze. Little did they expect to not only see Gu Jingze but also, unfortunately, see a moment that they did not want to see.

However, Gu Jingze’s bare body was really too charming…

Lin Che’s petite face blushed as she felt Gu Jingze’s skin when he pressed against her. It felt too good…

She never stopped feeling amazed whenever she touched him.

The more amazing thing was how he kissed her.

When he released her, she was still in a daze. However, she still turned her head to see the people outside. Sure enough, they disappeared.

She then asked Gu Jingze, “Why did you do that? You broke their hearts.”

“Weren’t you jealous just now?” Gu Jingze glanced at her.

“…” Who was jealous?

Lin Che speechlessly thought that she was not jealous. Why would she be jealous of this? Those women wanted to see and there was no way around it. She was only angry because such a perfect bare body should have only been for her eyes. Now that they saw it, of course, she wasn’t happy.

Thinking about it, this was Gu Jingze. Such a good man was now all hers. Her heart was full…

Lin Che naturally did not know that in the eyes of the socialites outside, she was extremely mysterious.

They came here wanting to see Gu Jingze, but they were also curious and wanted to see how Lin Che was like.

As soon as they were here, they already gained a lot of attention. Many people were waiting for them to appear.

Actually, if they just compared the men, all the socialites could never compare to Lin Che. The man beside her was Gu Jingze. Wasn’t she already the winner?

Lin Che watched Gu Jingze go in to change his clothes. She laid down and called Yu Minmin.

Yu Minmin asked, “How is it? Are you having fun there?”

“I’m not in the mood to look at the scenery.”

“Alright, I already heard about it on my side. Don’t talk about how grand it is over there.”

“Grand? How can it be? I haven’t even stepped out yet. I just arrived.”

“Everybody is saying that you brought Gu Jingze along with you. Do you know what it means for you to bring Gu Jingze with you?”

“What? What do you mean I brought him along? He followed me himself. I thought I was going alone.”

“He’s there to cheer you on. He didn’t need to go actually. Also, not everybody participating would bring their man along. This is not a rule, but he still went with you. Because he went with you, you will have strength.”


“This is Gu Jingze’s first time attending such an event, so everybody was very surprised and wanted to see him very badly. After all, Gu Jingze is used to keeping a low profile and many people cannot see him if they wanted to. To be able to meet him there, of course, they would want to see more of him.”





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