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Season 5

Episode 51

(Attending WW Party)

“Perhaps she felt threatened since I came here.”

“Perhaps so. She still tries to hide it from us and thinks that nobody can tell? She is probably worried about not being able to get resources because you’re here and your images will clash. Thus, she’s in a hurry to change her image.”

Every day, Lin Che went to practice fencing in the day and practiced ballet at night. Her schedule was packed. In between, she would learn horseback riding. She got extremely, extremely tired.

The day of WW party drew closer and closer. Lin Che’s ballet was almost there. She was able to dance quite well, but she and Yu Minmin watched Lu Chuxia’s previous performance. Lin Che really felt her head ache when she saw how Lu Chuxia danced.

“How do you think you can compare to her?”

“She’s practically a professional… As for me…”

Yu Minmin asked, “What about fencing?”

“I’m not sure about fencing either. That bastard Situ Qiong never taught me properly.”

“Are you sure you want to attend the WW party? We can forget about it…”

“Get lost!” Lin Che looked up to the sky and heaved a long sigh. No matter what, she had to participate…

Lin Che said, “If I can’t beat her at ballet… I can think of something else.”

“Like what? Will you break her legs?”

“Idiot, I’m not that violent! I got it! I’ll go speak to my teacher.”

Lin Che bounced out while Yu Minmin shook her head speechlessly.

After chatting with her teacher, Lin Che rushed to Situ Qiong’s place.

Situ Qiong asked, “Haven’t I already told you the important points about fencing? Why are you still here?”

Lin Che directly grabbed his collar.

The people around them were shocked.

Was this Lin Che crazy to treat their Young Master Qiong like this?

But Situ Qiong made his people back down. He even chuckled and looked at Lin Che, “What do you want?”

“I believe that you haven’t taught me everything yet. Tell me now. Will my fencing be able to win? If I lose, I… I will kill you. You hear me?”

Situ Qiong shook his head. Looking at her, he loosened her grip, patted her shoulder, and said, “Fine, you’re right. I didn’t tell you everything.”

“What? You seriously… Just you wait…”

“However, when you’re fencing, you only need to remember one thing. No matter who your opponent is, focus on one thing. Remember what your goal is. The best defense is to go on the offense. Remember your target, remember what exactly it is. It is to defeat her, right?”

Lin Che heard this and was a little confused. She stared at Situ Qiong and didn’t say a word for some time.

Finally, she only silently nodded her head.

He said, “I am optimistic about you. After all, you are my one and only disciple after so many years. Do it well.”

Lin Che nodded.

WW banquet.

The participating elites, socialites, and young ladies were dressed to the nines. They headed to the small island where the week-long event was going to begin.

Gu Jingze took Lin Che on her journey in the morning. Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze in surprise. “Are you coming along with me?”

Gu Jingze asked, “Why? Who else are you bringing if not me?”

“Hmm, isn’t this a girls-only event?” Lin Che replied.

Gu Jingze took her hand and asked, “Do you know what a woman’s greatest asset is?”


“It’s her husband.”


Lin Che was not convinced and said, “Who says it’s her husband? A woman’s greatest asset is herself!”

“If it were others, I can still believe that. But am I not your greatest asset? Do you think you have something more valuable in your hands?”

“…” Fine. She was stumped at that moment.

But when they got out of the plane, she indeed saw many people outside. It was obvious that they were all here for the WW banquet.

The population on this small island was small and mostly made up of tourists. Most of the tourists came by boat while those who appeared from the private airport were wealthy people from all around the globe.

Everyone also brought their husbands as they disembarked their planes. Going with the wind and under the curious stares of some visitors, they sat in their cars.

Lin Li brought Han Caiying and Lin Yu together with her.

The WW party was really very difficult to get into, so Han Caiying insisted on coming. Lin Li actually got a pass from Lu Chuxia and it was her first time participating. Thus, she brought her mother along.

Han Caiying got out of the car and looked at the resort in front of her. She hastily said to Lin Yu, “Quickly take a look around. What if there is some prince passing by? Better get to know some of them. These people will never be within your reach on a regular day. It’s such a high-scale event, so you better grab hold of this opportunity.”

Lin Yu looked at Lin Li who was the main attraction today. Lin Li was dolled up prettily and prepared to participate in the banquet. Lin Yu somehow felt unhappy.

It was all because Lu Chuxia chose her to be her lapdog. That was how Lin Li rose to the top.

The people back home knew that Lin Li was actually going to participate in WW banquet and was practically celebrating. They felt that Lin Li was finally useful, so they spent a huge amount of money to help Lin Li for the banquet. Lin Youcai also told people he met that his daughter was participating in WW banquet. He felt so triumphant.

Han Caiying looked at those socialites. They were dressed very elegantly, which obviously required money. She felt envious.

She tugged Lin Li and said, “Look, that’s the wife of the president of an oil company. I’ve seen her before. She is from a real estate company. Oh my, that person owns a private bank.”

Lin Li quickly stopped her, “Are you done? I know them. You don’t need to tell me.”

Han Caiying said, “Of course, I have to tell you. It’s so rare that you’re able to participate in this banquet. If we didn’t have this rare opportunity, would we still get to step into such a high-end banquet? Didn’t you see all these people? They are worth billions of yuan. If you catch anyone’s eye, the next half of my life will be pinned on you.”

Just then, they saw a row of people clearing the way in front of them.

“Move aside, move aside. All irrelevant people please move aside.” Han Caiying was pushed aside as she was seen an irrelevant person.

She angrily said, “Hey, we’re here to take part in the banquet. Do you know that? Do you dare to push me?”

But in the next moment, they saw Gu family’s bodyguards appear.

After that, Gu Jingze’s business car pulled up.

The moment Han Caiying saw the Gu family’s people, she immediately backed down. Although she wasn’t willing to, she recalled what Gu Jingze said the last time and didn’t dare to do anything.

She could only watch from a distance as that sprite Lin Che stepped from the car gracefully.

This little slut who had always been living in the nanny’s room in her own house now actually had people making way for her.

Gu Jingze got down and held her shoulder. Seeing that her dress was crooked, he reached out and straightened it for her.

Gu Jingze looked at her dotingly and nagged, “You’re such a mess.”

Lin Che laughed and said, “It’s fine. I have you. We are complementary.”




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