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Season 5

Episode 50

(Mr. Situ Really Gave Her Special Treatment)

He said, “With your small physique, you don’t have enough strength for fencing. There is no way to win.”


Lin Che didn’t expect herself to take such a tough training.

His training room was full of things and the intensity of the practice was immense. Furthermore, Situ Qiong was especially sick during training. He stood coldly while appreciating her sweaty look.

Looking at him like that really excited one’s fighting spirit.

Lin Che looked at his sneer and didn’t want to be underestimated by him at all. Thus, she continued with the practice.

Situ Qiong watched her motivated demeanor. He smiled and said, “Let me know if you can’t carry on. It’s just a WW event anyway. You have Gu Jingze’s protection and you actually don’t even need to put in this much effort.”

Lin Che only looked up and glared at him, “Why don’t you just die?”

Situ Qiong said, “Haha. You want me to die just like that?”

“Yes. I’m struggling here and instead of encouraging me, you’re doing the exact opposite.”

Situ Qiong said, “This is to shake up your willpower. Well then, you can pack up your willpower and go back to serving your Second Young Master Gu.”

“Hmph, I’m not falling for your trick. I will continue training and I will treat this arm machine as you. Every time I tear it, I’m tearing Situ Qiong, Situ Qiong, Situ Qiong, Situ Qiong…”

“Hahaha. Okay, go ahead and try.”

Situ Qiong burst into laughter.

The people outside heard the two of them inside as if they heard ghosts. They looked at each other.

This Lin Che… Actually called Young Master Qiong by his name and told him to die in front of his face.

Did she have a death wish or something?

After a day of training, Lin Che simply collapsed on the mat.

She looked at Situ Qiong. He stood tall and looked proudly back at her.

Lin Che sat up, “I’m very curious. Why did you suddenly agree to help me?”

“Me? I’m not actually helping you. Only you can help yourself.” He looked at Lin Che and sat down. “If you can’t persevere, I won’t be able to help you either. I just thought that you would go back after one day and never come back. That was why I agreed.”

“Nonsense, I don’t believe you,” Lin Che sat up with her legs crossed. Her clothes were covered in her sweat and her hair was already wet too.

He said, “Alright. I thought that you have no chance of winning against Lu Chuxia. Even if you learned fencing and are better than her, you will still lose because of horseback riding and ballet. You cannot rival her and I like to help the underdog.”

Lin Che frowned at him and said angrily, “You’re such a bully!”

She took the mat on the floor and started hitting him.

“Ah! Ah! You’re hitting me? Seriously,” Situ Qiong said. “There’s no use in hitting me. You still can’t win.”

“I… I’ll still hit you whether I win or lose. If I win, I’ll hit your face. If I lose, I’ll beat you to death.”

“Hey, stop. Fine, fine, I’ll tell you. You have a chance to win actually.”

Lin Che heard this and stopped. She looked at him, “Really?”

“Of course.”


“When a miracle happens. Miracles always happen in life.”

“You… You get lost, idiot! I’m going to beat you to a pulp!” Lin Che huffed and once again starting hitting him.

When they were done playing around, it was almost time. Situ Qiong walked her out. At the door, he watched her leave while Housekeeper Chen asked, “Will she be coming tomorrow?”

“Yes, she will,” Situ Qiong looked deeply over that direction and said.

Housekeeper Chen heard this and was very surprised. He didn’t realize that Lin Che could hit it off with Young Master Qiong.

However, Situ Qiong also never came across such a brazen girl who could kick up a fuss with him.

In the midst of practices, Yu Minmin called her and told her to head to the office for an important matter.

Lin Che very soon reached the company.

Yu Minmin was also there. She looked at Lin Che and said, “There’s a TV drama that will begin filming in the second half of the year. You can take a look at the script now.”

Lin Che took the script and saw that the title was ‘Witch’s Diary’.

It was a particularly popular online novel that was a hot hit on the Internet. It was highly sought to be made into a film, but nobody could afford to do it.

“Now, there’s a company that already bought the filming rights. The author will personally be the screenwriter and studio manager.”

Because there were too many readers, many people were afraid that the film adaptation wouldn’t be good. The author also made a promise that he would make sure that it would be filmed properly. He will carefully select his filmmaker so that he doesn’t destroy his own show.

Lin Che said, “This TV drama will become a classic.”

“That’s right. The director is now saying that your image is very suited for one of the female leads.”

“Ah… Really…”

“But the important thing is that,” Yu Minmin said. “The director also took a liking to Qin Wanwan.”

Lin Che just knew that it wasn’t going to be so easy.

Yu Minmin continued, “You are competing with her for this role now.”

Lin Che said, “Alright then. We’ll compete with our skills when the time comes.”

“Yes. Anyway, we’ll see who gets selected by then. The company has been focusing a lot on grooming her recently. You better be more careful.”

Lin Che heard this and was surprised, “Are you saying that the company might be giving an unfair treatment?”

“I believe that they have been focusing too much on her, but let’s not talk badly about the company. Don’t think about all this first and focus on your WW banquet for the time being. This is just to give you a heads up. Oh yes, congratulations on becoming Situ Qiong’s disciple. I didn’t expect you to really do it.”

“He said that he just wanted to watch the chaos. Sigh. He heard about my situation long before and thought that it was interesting. He just wants to watch me struggle and die. Sigh, this man is a little too evil.”

“Nevermind. It’s already good enough that he’s willing to teach you. Just endure it.”

The two of them walked out and saw Qin Wanwan walking towards them.

Qin Wanwan hadn’t seen Lin Che for a few days and specially came out to see Lin Che this time. She couldn’t figure out what Lin Che had been up to since she disappeared and pushed aside all activities. The company was very upset about it, but couldn’t do anything either.

Qin Wanwan looked at Lin Che, not expecting her body to look like it was in better form.

She brushed past Lin Che, smiled, and said, “I was wondering where you have been. What’s wrong? Did you go change your image?”

Lin Che asked in puzzlement, “Why?”

“You seem a little different.”

Lin Che replied, “Just some things cropped up at home and I had to take a break.

Qin Wanwan also didn’t say much. She watched Lin Che leave and then said to her own manager, “She does indeed look different, right?”

“I suspect she’s been secretly training and doesn’t want us to know. Her body looks more firm as if she has been training. I wonder what kind of plan she has this time. Anyway, we need to think about countermeasures now.”





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