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Season 5

Episode 48

(Why Must You Work So Hard)

The plate was put at the side and Gu Jingze held the spoon up.

Lin Che said, “I can do it myself.”

“Open wide,” he said with a straight face.

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze and could only open her mouth obediently.

After feeding her, Gu Jingze then nodded in satisfaction. He took another spoonful.

“Seriously, I can do it myself.”

“You’ll forget to feed yourself and the food will turn cold. Eating cold food is not good for the body, especially for that small body of yours.”

Lin Che munched on her food as she looked at Gu Jingze. He held the spoon between his slender fingertips. Then, he blew the porridge on it and brought it to Lin Che.

That demeanor looked extremely gentle.

Those lake-like eyes glistened quietly and gently. It seemed to run over her heart, giving her a sense of peacefulness. This made her calm down a lot more and she lost her anxiousness.

With such a pleasing husband, she felt that no matter how tough or sad it was, it was all worth it.

Even if she was always suffering because of him, there would always be plenty of people wanting this outstanding man. However, it was all worth it for this one and only man.

Since she was already lucky enough to be by his side, she had to work hard.

She stared at him until she was becoming infatuated.

She really wanted to stare at him for an entire day and it still wouldn’t be enough.

Because he really looked too handsome.

Gu Jingze looked at her beaming at him. She looked at him like a starving cat and he was the food. He pinched her nose, “Eat your food. What are you staring at?”

Seriously, that posture and that close proximity made her want to eat him right there and then. How could she be in the mood to eat food?

Gu Jingze asked, “Do you want to win against Lu Chuxia that badly?”

Lin Che nodded profusely, “Word has spread everywhere that I’ll have to leave you if I lose.”

“I’ll make the outsiders talk less.”

“But this is a battle for my husband. If I don’t try my best now, when will I do it? Don’t worry. I’m not going to lose you!”

Gu Jingze paused. He looked at her petite face and pinched her cheeks.

He softened a little and then said, “Quickly finish your food. I’ll take you to find a ballet teacher.”

“Really? Okay okay. I’ll eat faster, but you need to put me down first.”

She asked, “How can I eat properly like this?”

Gu Jingze thought about it. He also wanted her to eat properly, so he nodded and let her eat in peace.

After she ate, Gu Jingze then brought her to a school.

The students were dancing in the ballet class. They looked extremely beautiful and graceful when they moved to the music.

Lin Che watched and said, “The ballet here looks very professional.”

Gu Jingze said, “But of course. The students here always wins world championships. All the students who graduate from here are elites.”

“Ah, are you finding a teacher for me here?”

“That’s right,” Gu Jingze replied.

Lin Che still felt nervous, feeling that it wasn’t such a good idea for such a professional teacher to teach someone who didn’t know anything.

Upon entering the studio, she saw students still dancing.

A teacher in her fifties stood there with excellent posture.

Everyone was very curious when they saw the couple enter.

Especially when they saw Gu Jingze, all the gorgeous ballet girls blushed.

The teacher paused the class and turned to Gu Jingze, “Mr. Gu, you’re here.”

Gu Jingze nodded.

“Oh, is this the student?”

“That’s right,” Gu Jingze introduced Lin Che. “This is Teacher Liu. She is the top ballet teacher in the country. You can learn ballet from her during this period.”

Lin Che nodded and quickly greeted the teacher.

After Gu Jingze left, Lin Che stayed behind to learn.

The students at the side looked on curiously. They were all young and naturally realized that she was Lin Che when they saw her.

However, they were simply puzzled and wondered if Lin Che came to find their teacher because she was going to act in some ballet-related show.

Furthermore, their teacher was no ordinary teacher. Each one of them was the most outstanding ballet dancers who could one day join the national dance group. Only they could follow this teacher.

Lin Che said shyly to the teacher, “I don’t know any basics. I might trouble you.”

She replied, “It’s okay. This may be a crash course, but your condition is very good. You’re actually very suited for dancing. Your legs are straight, yes, and your arms are very nice. Learning ballet is very tough work and you may not be used to it initially. Even though you were recommended by Gu Jingze, if you’re afraid of suffering, then I’ll advise you to give up now. If you’re not afraid to suffer, then you can stay and learn properly. Otherwise, if you can’t learn something, I’ll still ask you to leave regardless of who sent you here.”

Lin Che said, “Teacher, I’m not afraid of suffering. I will learn well.”

She smiled, “Then, we’ll have to see your effort.”

Lin Che started learning on this day.

She did have difficulty picking it up. In the beginning, her feet would swell up, but she still didn’t give up and continued learning.

This surprised the teacher greatly.

She spoke to Gu Jingze’s men and said, “Initially, I thought that she was a celebrity and would be very delicate. But I’m very surprised that she’s very hardworking and trying her best. She’s working even harder than these professional dancers and her basics are very good. She has good potential as a dancer. Although it’s definitely not comparable to a professional, this crash course will definitely allow her to perform.”

Gu Jingze received this feedback and was silent. He pondered and went to the school at night.

He saw that Lin Che was dancing with some of the ballet students inside.

They were helping Lin Che learn and were very close to her.

It had only been a couple of days, but everybody was rather fond of her.

In the beginning, they had the same thoughts as their teacher. They thought that Lin Che was only here for fun and she wouldn’t be able to endure such a tough training. However, her effort made many of them very surprised.

Some even felt heartache for her when they saw her swollen leg.

“Lin Che, I thought it was all fake when actors said they had to learn skills. It turns out that you really need to learn. You are fantastic. It must be hard for you.”

Lin Che replied, “It’s not because of acting, actually. This time, it’s for something very important.”

Some of them said, “Lin Che, you’re really so kindhearted. Oh right, is that your boyfriend standing outside?”

Lin Che then reacted. She looked up and saw that Gu Jingze suddenly appeared at the door.

The students began to become infatuated.

“Lin Che, your boyfriend is way too handsome.”

“Yes, yes. You two make a perfect match.”

“Is this not supposed to be publicized? We won’t tell anyone.”

Lin Che smiled and quickly walked out.

But before she could take a step, Gu Jingze already scooped her up.





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