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Season 5

Episode 47

(Okay I Will Teach You)

He stared at Lin Che and said, “Come up here and talk to me.”

Lin Che nodded and hopped onto his sightseeing car.

Yang Lingxin wanted to tag along but was stopped.

Lin Che shot a look at Yang Lingxin, signaling that she would go alone.

Lin Che looked at the man beside her. Because of his sunglasses, she couldn’t look into his eyes. She could only roughly feel that he was looking at her.

He suddenly asked, “Have you learned mixed martial arts?”

“Huh?” Lin Che froze and said, “No.”

“Really? Those moves just now looked rather neat.”

“Oh, that. It’s because I often fought when I was young, so I know how to fight a little better. Also, girls are generally weak. Girls like them who don’t do hard work are even worse, so of course, she couldn’t fight me. I’ve been mixing around out on the streets since I was young. I’ve done all kinds of menial jobs. I’m different from them.”

He smirked and looked at Lin Che. He finally took off his sunglasses.

He did see the abnormality here just now.

When people came over, he noticed the two ladies fighting.

Thus, he specially stopped far away and watched how they fought.

Little did he expect this thin and weak woman to be so violent. She unceremoniously pinned the other woman to the ground. Furthermore, that move was swift and it looked good.

He asked, “Did you come to find me because of WW party?”

“Ah… How did you know?” Lin Che said sheepishly.

He replied, “I’ve been told that this party will have a fencing segment. So I thought there would be people coming to look for me. It’s just a pity that those rumors are merely rumors. I’m not that good.”

“How can that be? There is no smoke without fire. Furthermore, I really have no other idea either. I can cure a dead horse as if it’s alive.”

The man froze and turned to her, “Are you saying that you’re the dead horse or I’m the dead horse?”

Lin Che immediately realized she had said the wrong thing. She quickly said, “No, no… I’m the dead horse. It’s me. Of course, it’s not you. You’re a world champion and I am… I am someone who doesn’t even know what fencing is for.”

It was rare for him to smile. Looking at her for a long time, he then asked, “Why are you vying for first place? It’s just a party.”

“It’s just a title, but I promised someone. We made a bet to see who will win. I can’t just give up without trying, so I still want to compete.”

He laughed, “You must have agreed to Lu Chuxia.”

“Hey, how did you know?”

“This circle isn’t big. Whatever you want to know, you can still find out about it. Between you and Lu Chuxia, whoever wins will get Gu Jingze?”

“…” Lin Che said, “It’s nothing like that. These people are spreading nonsense.”

“I’m also curious. Gu Jingze is such a conceited man. Nobody would dare to use him as a wager.”

“Oh, you know Gu Jingze?”

“Of course. Who on this Earth doesn’t know Gu Jingze?”

That was true. Although Gu Jingze kept a low profile, it didn’t stop all kinds of rumors from running outside.

“However, although that’s not how it is, I still made a bet. I don’t want to admit defeat, but I know that I probably won’t be able to win at horseback riding against her. I can only rely on fencing to redeem myself. Otherwise, I might not even have the rights to fight her.”

“In comparison to Lu Chuxia, you are indeed inferior.”

“…” Was he here to attack her?

He looked at Lin Che, “But if you want to try, I’ll be back in B City in three days. I’ll see you then.”

“Ah, so you agree? Really? Thank you so much!” She looked at him happily. She didn’t expect him to agree so readily.

Situ Qiong said, “There’s no meaning in life anyway. It doesn’t hurt to take in a disciple.”


She was someone being used to pass time?

Nevermind. As long as he agreed to teach her, it was fine.

Lin Li didn’t expect to get chased out.

She quickly called Lu Chuxia and told her about the whole incident.

Lu Chuxia heard this and was very shocked. She only scolded Lin Li over the phone, “You’re really useless. You already lost to Lin Che from the beginning. I think you’re going to be defeated by her sooner or later.”

Lin Li was also very exasperated. She could only say, “But Situ Qiong is really very weird. He saw both of us, but he only let Lin Che stay while I was chased out. I mentioned your name but it was no use.”

“Lin Che is a vixen, to begin with. She has plenty of tricks up her sleeves. You didn’t learn how to hook men from her and you’re complaining to me. Hmph, forget it. I didn’t think you could succeed anyway. You’re on your own. If you get eliminated by Lin Che from the start, don’t blame anyone else.”

Lu Chuxia angrily hung up the phone, making Lin Li feel very wronged.

She was beaten up and Mr. Situ still favored Lin Che. She was very upset.

Who would have thought that this Situ would be so eccentric?

Lu Chuxia thought about it and was also puzzled. Situ Qiong usually never welcomed visitors. How come he even…

Lin Che and Yang Lingxin made their way back to B City.

While looking at documents on the way, Yang Lingxin asked, “Is that Mr. Situ really going to teach you back home?”


“I think he’s weird. Sister Che, it’s better if you keep a distance from him.”

“He’s alright. It’s probably because people like to bother him too much and he became annoyed. Of course, he doesn’t want to bother with people anymore.”

“Alright then. So when you guys went in, did you talk about anything else?”

“No, we didn’t.”

“But I still find it weird. Why would he suddenly be willing to help you?”

Wasn’t it known that he was a little unpredictable? However, it seemed like he so easily agreed to help Lin Che.

“I guess he’s really very bored,” Lin Che really didn’t want to think too much right now. She only wanted to prepare herself for this event properly.

The fencing issue was settled for now, but there was still the ballet segment.

She didn’t know ballet and she could learn it.

“When she got home, Gu Jingze saw that she was busy searching for something. He went over and asked, “What are you looking at?”

“I’m looking at ballet. Tell me which one of these teachers is better? I don’t know how to dance, but I have a knack for performing. I can learn just by watching.”

Gu Jingze looked at her work so hard. The food was still at the side, untouched.

He looked silently at her and reached out to take the tablet from her, “That’s enough. Put it aside and eat first.”

“Ah, it’s okay. I want to search first. Time is of the essence.”

“No,” he pulled her to him overbearingly. He grabbed her by the waist and made her face him as she sat on his lap.

“Oh my, what are you doing…” Lin Che exclaimed and quickly looked at the maids around them.

Gu Jingze didn’t seem to worry. He even raised his hand and said to the maids, “Get a new plate for Madam.”

The maids quickly served a plate.





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