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Season 5

Episode 46

(Mr. Situ Is Here)

The two of them walked as they looked at the antique decor. This place was filled with charm and was really a good place to recuperate.

Yang Lingxin also said, “This place is really huge.”

Lin Che nodded in agreement.

Unexpectedly, they saw Lin Li coming in from a distance.

She was also stunned when she saw Lin Che and Yang Lingxin.

“How did you come in?”

Lin Che said, “I should be asking you that.”

“I told you that I got a letter from the Lu family. Of course, I can come in when I said I can.”

“Oh, is it? Then why haven’t you gone to see Mr. Situ?” Lin Che hit the nail on the head and made Lin Li’s expression change.

She came in disguised as service staff, probably also intending to play by ear once she saw Mr. Situ.

She also didn’t expect Situ Qiong to be so annoying. He didn’t give face to the Lu family. It was simply too disgraceful.

Lin Li said, “What about you? What trick did you use to sneak in? Do you believe that I’ll call for people now and have them throw you out?”

Lin Che grunted, “Very well. If I go out, we can all go out.”

Who was afraid of whom?

Lin Li naturally didn’t dare. She squinted at Lin Che’s military uniform, but she did quite look the part.

Furthermore, Yang Lingxin was behind her somehow dressed up the same as Lin Che. Even though they didn’t look alike, their hair, makeup and style were practically the same.

Seriously, did she look up to Lin Che that much to dress up like her? Lin Che was merely an illegitimate child.

She said, “I’m going to look for Mr. Situ now. Don’t disturb me.”

Yang Lingxin said behind, “We don’t know who is disturbing whom just yet.”

Lin Li said, “Lin Che, can you keep that brat behind you in check? She’s so rude. If we were in ancient times, she would have been chased out. When the master talks, it has nothing to do with a brat like her.”

Yang Lingxin heard this and stiffened up.

Lin Che frowned and said, “What brat? Do you really think you’re a master? This is my friend. If you insult my friend again, I won’t let you off.”

Lin Li looked at the aggressive behavior of Lin Che, “You dare to not let me off? How will you do that? If you dare to touch me, Lu Chuxia won’t let you off.”

Lin Li turned to Yang Lingxin and slapped her on the face.

“I just want to see how you’re not going to let me off. What can you do to me because of this brat?”

The innocent Yang Lingxin was stunned by her slap.

Lin Che looked at Lin Li angrily. She reached out and slapped her back.

Lin Li was taken aback, “Lin Che, you dare to hit me because of a brat?”

She headed straight towards Lin Che.

Lin Che reacted fast and grabbed hold of her hands.

Hitting Lin Li was a trivial thing. The two of them often fought when they were younger.

Lin Li froze as her hands were held down. She yelled at Lin Che, “Let go of me, you little slut! You dare to hit me? Ouch, it hurts!”

Lin Che grabbed her hands and took a step back.

When she was young, she always worried about getting scolded when she hit Lin Li. Now, she did not have a care in the world.

Lin Li raised a leg and wanted to kick her, but Lin Che released her grip and blocked her leg, sending Lin Li to the ground.

Lin Li’s hands were twisted to the back. She wailed agonizingly, exclaiming that it hurt.

But in that instant, the Xiangshan resort people very quickly discovered the commotion here.

They saw Lin Che pinning Lin Li to the ground, firmly leaving no space for her opponent to move.

“What’s going on?”

“Who’s that over there!”

“Who let these people in?!”

Amidst the chaos, a cold voice suddenly sounded.

“What on Earth is going on?” Following this voice, a man clad in a black suit walked over with a strict face.

“Housekeeper Chen, these two people were fighting.”

Lin Che looked up and saw a sightseeing car pulling up behind. In the car was a person wearing white slacks and sunglasses. He sat there with a clay-like cold expression.

Housekeeper Chen said, “What is going on? They got into a fight. How are you guys keeping watch? Master Qiong is coming soon. How are you going to answer him?”

“Sorry, sorry. We’ll settle this right now.”

Lin Che quickly released Lin Li.

Lin Li was still yelling, “Ah, Lin Che, you dare to hit me! You… Just you wait!”

Lin Li’s hands were almost torn off. She looked up and saw the person at the side. Naturally, she immediately knew that that person was the mysterious Situ Qiong.

Lin Li saw the crew coming in to get rid of them. She quickly called out, “Mr. Situ, I’m the one that Lu Chuxia recommended. She said that you two are good friends. Do you see? I have a letter…”

Housekeeper Chen frowned. He hastily and cautiously looked at the man behind and then said, “What are you still standing there for? Get these people out quickly.”

The crew quickly came over and dragged the three girls out.

Lin Li said, “Mr. Situ, can you please look at the letter? I’m a longtime fan of yours and I specially came to see you. You… You can make me do anything. Please don’t chase me out.”

In contrast, Lin Che only looked at the man and thought to herself, It was really a lot worse to be sent out like this. However, if he wasn’t willing to help, then no amount of shouting and yelling would help.

Just then, the man suddenly waved his hand and sent someone to them.

Housekeeper Chen quickly ran over.

The man seemed to be telling him something. He turned back and said to the crew, “Stop! Release them.”

Lin Che was finally released.

Lin Li then heaved a sigh of relief. She spoke while looking at Lin Che, “I just knew it. Miss Lu’s letter is more useful than anything.”

But at this moment, the sightseeing car slowly rolled towards them. As the man drew closer, his cold aura also followed.

Although he looked very simple and was also dressed very simply, he still felt very oppressive.

Lin Che initially thought that he was an old man. However, the man in front of her didn’t even look thirty years old. His handsome face had a quiet expression. Naturally, after being with Gu Jingze and seeing so many handsome faces, she didn’t have any reaction to handsome men now. However, looking at him again, she still felt that his looks weren’t inferior to any good-looking guy.

His gaze fell on Lin Che. He sized her up and seemed a little uneasy.

He said, “You, stay.”

Lin Che froze.

Beside her, Lin Li’s face instantly fell.

Housekeeper Chen saw this and said to the crew, “Take everyone else away.”

“Mr. Situ, Mr. Situ, you can’t do this…”

Lin Che was stunned. She watched as Lin Li continued calling out while she was mercilessly dragged away.

She then turned to Situ Qiong and said humbly, “Hello Mr. Situ, I am Lin Che. I’m really sorry for barging in like this.”





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