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Season 5

Episode 45

(Seems Like This Fencing Instructor Is Hard To Approach)

“Fencing? There is some information on a person here. He is named the top instructor. If you can get him to coach you on fencing, you might be able to win.”

Lin Li heard this and quickly took the paper to see. The name on it was Situ Qiong.

She seemed to have heard this name from somewhere…

Lin Che made her way to Xiangshan on that day.

She took a plane and very quickly reached S City where Xiangshan was.

On the car, she looked at the documents while Yang Lingxin asked, “Sister Che, is this person very important?”

Lin Che said, “Of course. He’s the person who will determine whether I’ll be an embarrassment or not.”

“Why don’t you let President Gu make a trip down?”

“Gu Jingze never interacted with him,” Lin Che explained. Actually, she really didn’t want Gu Jingze to go and plead to someone else for her sake.

If Gu Jingze went, there would be two possible consequences. One was that he would have to put down his pride and beg. The other was to use tyranny and leave that person with no other choice.

The latter wasn’t a good idea and she would never bear to let Gu Jingze beg someone.

Especially not for her.

It didn’t matter if she was the one begging. She didn’t really have any status, to begin with, neither did she have any ammunition. She was also used to being shameless.

Yang Lingxin was in charge of handling miscellaneous matters. When they reached the hotel, they headed straight to the room and made preparations.

They were not too far away from Xiangshan. Standing on higher grounds, they could see that the resort looked very simple but extremely beautiful and spacious. It looked like a good place for wealthy people to recuperate.

This Situ Qiong knew how to enjoy too.

After Lin Che settled down, she headed to Xiangshan.

However, when she arrived at the entrance, she was stopped.

Lin Che asked, “Isn’t this the resort?”

The staff at the entrance said, “Sorry, this place is not opened to the public today.”

“Not opened to the public?” Lin Che asked, “I’d like to know if Mr. Situ is in here?”

The staff only looked at Lin Che and ignored here.

Lin Che said, “I just want to visit Mr. Situ. Am I not allowed to?”

“Mr. Situ is not seeing anybody. Please leave.”

“Can’t you tell Mr. Situ to at least meet me before rejecting?”

“Mr. Situ does not see anybody. Please leave,” he grunted and said. “If you don’t, I’m not going to be courteous to you.”

He was about to chase her off when another voice sounded from behind.

“Lin Che, you’re here to look for Mr. Situ too?”

It was Lin Li.

She also came on the same day to visit Situ Qiong.

Lin Che saw Lin Li and was equally surprised.

Lin Li asked, “Why? Do you think only you can join the WW party?”

Lin Che was even more surprised, “You’re joining the WW party?”

“That’s right. I already qualified. Why? Are you surprised?” Lin Li said triumphantly. “If an illegitimate child like you can participate, of course I can participate. Don’t underestimate my status now.”

Lin Che would never believe that a daughter of the Lin family would qualify for such a grand event.

After thinking about it, she understood that it must have been Lu Chuxia’s doing again.

Lin Li grunted and shoved Lin Che aside. She said to the entrance staff charmingly, “Handsome, I am Lin Li. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the TV dramas I acted in. I want to see Mr. Situ. Can I?”

The entrance staff swept over Lin Li, “Mr. Situ does not welcome visitors.”

Lin Li’s face instantly fell and she grunted, “Who do you think you are? Do you dare to stop me? You are just a watchdog. I have Miss Lu’s recommendation. Take it to your Mr. Situ. He’ll see me immediately.”

The entrance staff said, “Mr. Situ already instructed us. He doesn’t want to see anybody. If you guys continue being a nuisance here, I’ll immediately send people to get rid of you.”

Sure enough, Lin Li stepped forward, “I’ll see how you can chase me away. If you dare to touch a hair on me…”

Lin Che was still watching from behind. She kept a distance that was not too far and not too near.

The entrance staff waved his hand and the men behind stepped forward, ready to chase them off.

But when it came to Lin Che, someone quickly said in a low voice, “This woman is part of the Gu family. Do you see? You can’t touch her.”

The entrance staff took one look. Sure enough, some burly men were behind her. They all wore concealed badges of the Gu family.

These people were Gu Jingze’s people.

The entrance staff pondered for a while and then said, “Miss, since you are under the protection of Mr. Gu, we won’t put you in a spot. It’s just that Mr. Situ demanded not to see anyone. It’s better that you leave.”

Lin Li was chased off to the side. Lin Che looked and could only retreat.

Lin Li watched in anger. She glared at Lin Che and grunted, “You can’t see him anyway, hmph. Wait until I get a letter from the Lu family. I’ll come to look for him again. These dogs will have to make way for me. I’ll see how you can meet Mr. Situ. Hmph.”

Lin Che returned defeated and sulked in her hotel room.

She didn’t expect Situ Qiong to really not see anybody.

She called Yu Minmin and told her about it.

Yu Minmin said, “I guessed that he wouldn’t be easy to approach. I’ll think of a way to get you in tomorrow. You’ll see Situ Qiong then and plan your route back.”

Lin Che could only nod and ask her, “How are you going to get me in?”

“I’ll have to think of a way to use Weirdo Gu.”


Why did she call Mr. President a weirdo?

However, Yu Minmin indeed made use of her relations.

The next day, she asked Linda to settle it. She sent Linda straight to Xiangshan to investigate in the name of the government on the basis that there could be hidden dangers endangering public safety.

Linda brought some people along with her. When she met Lin Che, she made Lin Che put on the military uniform. Under the disguise of a female soldier, she snuck in with them.

Yang Lingxin also tagged along, feeling extremely amazed when she went in.

“Those people yesterday really can’t say anything now.”

Linda said, “They naturally don’t dare to offend the National Security Agency. Alright, you guys go in. I’ll take you out later.”

Lin Che nodded and thanked Linda.

Yang Lingxin said, “Even the president is helping you. Sister Che, you’ll definitely succeed.”

Lin Che said, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. It’s a risk for us to come in here like this. If Mr. Situ isn’t willing to help us, he’ll be even angrier when he sees us come in like this. That would be a disaster.”

Yang Lingxin said, “Surely not? If we beg him sincerely, why wouldn’t he help?”

“Mr. Situ has a weird character. And even if he was a normal person, it’s natural to not want to help others. Not everybody is willing to do something for a complete stranger.”




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