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Season 5

Episode 44

(She Didn’t Know Any Of These Segments)

The second one was fencing. She didn’t know how Lu Chuxia fared in that, but she only knew that she never fenced before.

The third segment was ballet. God damn. This was completely Lu Chuxia’s strong suit.

Was this party specially prepared for Lu Chuxia?

Lin Che said, “I’m dead, I’m dead. I’m definitely going to die. These are all of Lu Chuxia’s strong suits.”

Yu Minmin said, “I listened around and heard that the committee members are all people who know Lu Chuxia.”

“So you’re saying that Lu Chuxia might have had influenced this long ago?”

“That’s right. She is totally confident that you can’t win against her.”

Lin Che gradually clenched her fists, “She really looks down on me too much. Anyway, I still have a month. I may not lose to her.”

Yu Minmin said, “Yes. The rest is up to you.”

Both of them went to the ranch in the afternoon.

This was an ordinary ranch. Because of Yu Minmin and Lin Che’s arrival, the ranch owner already cleared the grounds for them.

Yu Minmin said, “Sometimes, this Madam President status comes in handy. Although I usually don’t like to use my special privilege, we don’t have a choice this time.”

Lin Che selected a horse to try out. The Gu family’s bodyguards helped her ride it. She walked one round with the horse. She told them to let go of the horse and she rode it herself. However, she still did not dare to ride it at a faster pace.

She got down and said, “It looks like I need to practice more often.”

As for fencing, Lin Che absolutely had no confidence in it.

Yu Minmin said, “I heard that there is an expert fencing instructor. I’ve asked around and that fencing expert is called Situ Qiong. He won world championships before, but he returned to his family to settle matters at home. He never came out to compete again. However, during one year, he trained Guan Qing who had zero experience in fencing. Guan Qing won that year’s female championships. From then on, everybody says that the students he trains will definitely become proficient. I don’t think you can win against Lu Chuxia in horseback riding, but fencing may be the segment for you to bounce back.”

Lin Che nodded and said, “We can only do that, but how do we find him? Are we going to hire him?”

“Impossible. The Situ family owns a large family company that makes ships. He is the little prince of the family. His character is weird and he is unpredictable. It’s difficult to locate him and he doesn’t need your money. Also, the main thing is that he has never really interacted with the Gu family. However, he has worked with the Lu family.”

“No way…” Lin Che immediately felt hopeless.

“In any case, just go and try your luck. I’ve already asked people to find his whereabouts.”

This was still Yu Minmin’s strong suit. She was fully qualified to be logistical support, especially now that she was Madam President. Many more things were achievable now.

Yu Minmin said, “Situ will be at a little place at Xiangshan for a break over these few days. You can go over there and give it a shot.”

“Alright then. Does he have any hobbies or interests?”

“Absolutely not… He comes out too rarely, so very few people know if he has any hobbies.”

“Okay…” Lin Che looked at the address. Taking this leap of faith this time made her feel rather down on her luck.

And on the other side.

Lu Chuxia looked at Lin Li who was walking in. She said to Lin Li, “I don’t know if you’ve heard of the WW party.”

Lin Li froze and then her eyes lit up, “I’ve heard about it. Of course, I’ve heard about it. It’s a party that girls in the entire C Nation would die to attend. Those who can attend are the elite socialites. Only rich, young mistresses like Miss Lu can attend.”

Lu Chuxia sat there, leaning against her seat and crossing her slender legs. She held her cup of coffee and drank slowly, “What if I recommended you to attend this year’s WW party?”

Lin Li was ecstatic. She looked at Lu Chuxia in disbelief, “Really?”

“Of course it’s real,” Lu Chuxia said. “I won’t make you lose out if you follow me. I already told you that I will let you experience the charms of an elite family.”

Lin Li was naturally on cloud nine, “Thank you, thank you so much! Miss Lu, I will be as loyal as a dog.”

“Also, that sister of yours will be there too.”

Lin Li heard this and paused for a moment. Lin Che was also going?

“Why? Are you afraid of her?”

“Of course not,” Lin Li scoffed lightly. “She doesn’t know anything. I know her too well. She never learned any skill since she was young. I know her all too well.”

“That’s right. That was exactly what I thought. You know her so well that she will definitely concede defeat to you. This is the information for this year’s WW party. You can take a look. It will last for a week and will be held at Shenyan Island. It will be a huge event and I hope you’ll get a good placing.”

“Then… Is Miss Lu not participating?”

“Me? Of course, I am.”

“Then the first place will definitely go to you. I probably won’t have a chance,” Lin Li, of course, know how to suck up to her.

Lu Chuxia said naturally, “Being able to participate would already be great exposure for you. There’s only one spot for first place, but you need to know that as long as you have a good placing, your popularity will immediately shoot up in the circle.”

Hope built up in Lin Li’s heart.

Of course, she knew about this benefit.

It was already enough if Lu Chuxia let her gain some exposure. Being able to participate was something thousands of girls desired and no ordinary girl could. Her participation this time would already make many people jealous. She wouldn’t assume that she would be able to win the title, but even if she was one of the top few names, her popularity would increase. She would then be able to be noticed by those wealthy people and be ranked among the socialites. That was the greatest benefit for her.

Looking at Lin Li’s insane happiness, she scoffed.

These low-class people were already so happy to attend the WW party.

Meanwhile, she won first place consecutively.

However, Lu Chuxia still made Lin Li participate too.

Because when it came to things like obstructing Lin Che, she would never personally do it. Furthermore, as Lin Li said, she knew Lin Che well. It would definitely be interesting for the two sisters to compete. When the time came, it would naturally be best if Lin Li immediately brought Lin Che down from the start. But even if she couldn’t, she would frustrate Lin Che so much that Lu Chuxia would deal the final blow to her…

Lu Chuxia said to Lin Li, “Oh right, yo’ve probably learned all these before, right?”

Lin Li looked at the information and said, “I have learned horseback riding and ballet, but fencing…”





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