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Season 5

Episode 42

(Let’s Walk The Dog Together)

“I’m ready. Really. I’ll listen to everything you say. Just let me out. If people hear that your dad is still in prison, you won’t have any place to put your face, right?”

Yu Minmin knew that he couldn’t be locked up for life. She looked at her own father and firmly said, “Fine. Then you better remember this when you’re out. Firstly, you are not to gamble.”

“Yes yes.”

“Secondly, you are not to go around swindling people and telling them that I’m your daughter. Otherwise…”

“Well, you are my daughter, to begin with. How can that be called swindling? Anyway, I just won’t take your name and use it. I also don’t need to say that you are Madam President. It’s enough that our family can lead a better life now.”

“Thirdly, you are not to go to Glazed Tile Palace or other places that Mr. President and I will appear at.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll listen to you.”

Yu Minmin looked at him. Even if he was let out, she was going to have people keep an eye on him so that he wouldn’t cause trouble.

She turned to the warden and said, “Please let him out then.”

“Okay, okay. We’ll release him immediately,” the warden then opened the door.

Yu Minmin said, “It doesn’t have to be now. I need to leave first. Just follow your normal procedure.”

She couldn’t be bothered to manage him here. Another word with him would already give her a huge headache.

Before she reached Glazed Tile Palace, the bodyguard beside her passed a phone to her.

She took a look and saw that it was from Gu Jingming.

Thinking about it, she never received a call from Gu Jingming before.

If Gu Jingming had any problem, it was always relayed to her through Linda.

Gu Jingming asked, “Is your father released?”

“Yes, he’s out.”

“I’ll have people keeping an eye on him. Don’t worry.”

“Okay. Thank you for especially calling. But I’d better save your number. I still don’t have it on my phone.”

There was a silence on the other end. He said, “Okay. We’ll talk when you get back.”

Yu Minmin returned to Glazed Tile Palace and saw that Gu Jingming had a new phone for her.

Yu Minmin asked in puzzlement, “What is this?”

“It’s a dedicated mobile phone. My number is in it. If you want to call me next time, call this number and use this phone.”

Yu Minming looked at the seemingly ordinary yet exquisite-looking phone, “Is it to prevent eavesdropping?”

“It’s a phone that places safety first. Just take it.”

Yu Minmin smiled and took it. She fiddled with the phone and realized that it was just like a regular phone with multiple functions.

Inside, his number was stored as ‘Gu Jingming’.

She chuckled. Having his number felt as if this was an improvement in their relationship.

Lin Che reached home and played with Prince for a while. After Prince adjusted to the home with two maids dedicated to looking after him daily, his life was especially comfortable.

Even Lin Che was starting to feel jealous. She hugged Prince and mumbled, “You have such a good life. You have a nice place to live in and you don’t need to think about anything. You don’t have to suffer like me and go to compete in some socialite event.”

The maid said that it was time to feed Prince. Lin Che quickly put him down.

Unexpectedly, Prince started running all around. Lin Che hurriedly said, “Hey, don’t let him get lost. Quick! See where he ran to hide.”

The maids tried to catch the dog, taking something and intercepting him.

Lin Che exclaimed, “Oh my, be careful not to hurt him. Prince is still too little. He might not recover properly if he gets hurt.”

The maids heard this and quickly became more careful.

However, as they were afraid of hurting Prince, their movement was also much slower and it became even harder to catch the dog.

Prince escaped so well that everybody searched high and low for him.

When Gu Jingze came in, he saw that the maids were still searching.

Gu Jingze frowned and asked, “What are you guys doing?”

Lin Che stood on the sofa and said to Gu Jingze, “We’re looking for Prince. He’s missing.”

Gu Jingze looked at the maids speechlessly.

Lin Che said, “Prince is too small and there are too many people. He must be scared. That’s why he’s hiding.”

The maids stood there silently. They were so occupied with finding the dog that the room became so messy.

Although it wasn’t too messy, a fussy person like Gu Jingze definitely wouldn’t be happy to see this.

Thus, everyone looked at Gu Jingze worriedly and silently. The room suddenly became a lot quieter.

Lin Che quickly asked, “What’s wrong? Quick find him. He must still be in this room.”

Gu Jingze frowned and stared. After some time, he finally waved his hand and said, “Hurry up and find him.”

He turned back and let his bodyguards in on the search too.

The maids were very surprised.

But Gu Jingze doted on Lin Che so much. It also made them feel rather happy.

After a while, someone finally said, “I found him! I found him!”

Lin Che hurried over and hugged Prince.

“Oh my. Don’t run off again like this.”

Gu Jingze also already came over with a frown, “Keeping such a thing… Now, you know how troublesome it is.”

“Not at all. It is troublesome, but it’s also a fun part of life. Oh right, I’m thinking of letting him out.”

Gu Jingze said speechlessly, “He’s so small. How can we let him out?”

“I haven’t done it before. It’s good to go for a walk too.”

Gu Jingze could only say, “Alright.”

She asked, “Are you coming with me?”

“Of course. What if you and the dog get lost if I let you go alone?”

She thought speechlessly that she wasn’t a kid. But seeing that Gu Jingze went to change his clothes, she still jumped in joy as she followed behind him. Both of them went out together with the dog.

At the park outside, the puppy ran around on the grass. This was considered a wealthy district. They were surrounded by villas after villas.

At the park, some people were walking their dogs while some brought their children out to stroll and play.

Lin Che carried the dog in her arms and teased it, “You’re so adorable, Prince. Our Prince is the cutest.”

She put him back down on the ground and watched him run around.

A few children were still playing on the other side. Lin Che said, “You see? Our puppy is so fortunate to be able to run around.”

“Yes. He doesn’t have to do anything and gets looked after by you. Of course, he’s fortunate.”

“What? He brings us joy and happiness. That is his purpose. Why? Have you never kept a pet?”


“Why not?”

“It’s troublesome.”

“Haha, I don’t think he’s as troublesome as you.”

“What did you say?”

“Nothing nothing…”

“It’s such a waste of time. Do you know how many documents you can read and how much you can learn with that amount of time?”

“Fine. A philomath’s world is not the same as ours,” Lin Che said. “When I was young, I even secretly kept a little rabbit for a few days. It was later discovered by Lin Yu. She secretly took my rabbit to the kitchen and it became rabbit soup.”

Gu Jingze frowned.

Lin Che said, “Later, I thought that I just needed to move out and have my own house. Then I’ll be able to keep pets.”

Just then, another dog dashed over.

Lin Che got scared and quickly ran, “Ah, no! Prince!”





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