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Season 4

Episode 91

(Lin Li Humiliated Yu Minmin On The Spot)

However, responding to the reports currently would definitely blow up the issue even more and instead make news of Lin Li’s comeback an instant hot topic.

Right now, she did not want to stay silent and let everyone speculate. But at the same time, she was worried that responding would play into the opponent’s hands.

While she was still deliberating about how to handle the matter, Lin Li continued to fire attacks. During an event, she was asked about the reason for her break-up with Qin Qing.

Lin Li immediately replied that it was because of Lin Che.

She boldly said that she had known from the start that Lin Che had feelings for Qin Qing. However, as she did not want her romance with Qin Qing to ruin their sisterly relationship, she ultimately chose to break up with him.

The matter blew up again.

Acting in concert with her, a few verified bloggers on Weibo also posted that they had found evidence to prove that Lin Che had indeed been the other woman in the relationship and had snatched Qin Qing from her.

A number of former students who had gone to school with them also testified that Lin Che had been very close to Qin Qing at the time and had seemed to be secretly in love with him.

In an instant, many Internet ghostwriters went online to post comments stating that Lin Che was the third party in the relationship and that her mother was similarly a third party.

Lin Li was momentarily pleased with herself. Although she was also cursed out for using the information for exposure, she did not care. It was true that she was creating hype for herself and furthermore, she had also achieved the objective underlying it.

By using Lin Che, she had immediately become the hottest trending topic. Even the television series that she was about to appear in had consequently become a hot topic as well.

Initially, she was still worried that Gu Jingze would force her out of the industry. However, Lu Chuxia told her that it was impossible because Gu Jingze would not concern himself with trivial matters like these.

As expected, Gu Jingze really left the matter as it was.

Lu Chuxia had accurately predicted his behavior. As she read the news articles, she thought to herself that Gu Jingze would definitely give Lin Che the chance to develop her career on her own, so he would not bother with such affairs.

She proved to be completely right in making an issue out of this.

Lin Che was extremely annoyed by the news. On the film set, she was so furious that even her teeth hurt.

She did not think that this Lin Li would actually dig out so many past events and mix the truths with the falsehoods to concoct an exaggerated tale. It made it very difficult to filter the truths from the lies.

Yu Minmin said, “Don’t be angry. We’ll find an opportunity to retaliate.”

“Even if I die from my own grief, I refuse to give her any chance to verbally abuse me. I want to see what else she can dig out. If I don’t respond, she’ll expose my entire history sooner or later. We’ll see what else she can do then.”

Yu Minmin raised her eyebrows. There was nothing they could do about this either. “She might even look into Gu Jingze’s affairs.”

“She’ll only do that if she no longer wishes to live.”

That was true.

Lin Che filmed here in hiding while Yu Minmin helped her handle the matter.

She did not expect to meet Lin Li at the venue of another program.

Lin Li was secretly reveling in her return to the public eye. She had not enjoyed the feeling of being a celebrity for such a long time. Right now, she was ridiculously proud. The feeling of having people chase after her was a great one.

Just for this, she could care less about being cursed out for sensationalism.

When she saw Yu Minmin, she did not miss the opportunity to add insult to injury. She asked her directly, “Hey, why don’t I see Lin Che around?”

Yu Minmin could not be bothered with her.

She smiled and continued, “Don’t tell me she’s hiding and doesn’t dare to show her face? That’s a pity. I’ve been waiting for her reply.”

Yu Minmin said, “Don’t be under the impression that we really don’t know what to do with you. It’s just that we don’t want to take things too far. After all, doing others a favor in a current tangle makes one a waiver of future trouble. In the entertainment industry, friends don’t last forever, nor do enemies remain enemies forever.”

“Ha. Yu Minmin, are you schooling me? Do you really think that you’ve become a mentor just because you made Lin Che famous and are known as her manager? Why don’t you take a look at yourself in the mirror?”

Yu Minmin smiled coldly. “I’ve already looked at myself in the mirror. At least I know myself better than you do. As for you, I think you should know better than me that you shouldn’t go overboard when it comes to Lin Che. You won’t be able to undo it later.”

Her warning instantly reminded Lin Li of Lin Che’s background with Gu Jingze.

But she had the Lu family’s backing now.

The Lu family was definitely not an ordinary family either.

Lin Li scoffed and looked at Yu Minmin. “Then you should look in the mirror even more clearly again. Who do you think you are? You’re just a lackey who cleans up after your master. Don’t think that I don’t know about your past problems. I’ve heard that your family is unbelievably poor. Do you need some funding from me?”

Yu Minmin looked at her emotionlessly. Just when she was about to respond, a few people in uniform had already nimbly made their way here from behind.

Leading them was the President’s General Secretary.

This person often appeared in political news from time to time as a spokesperson for the Glazed Tile Palace. As a result, a considerable number of people were aware of him.

“Miss Yu.” He respectfully lowered his head and bowed to Yu Minmin. “Is it convenient for you to follow us somewhere right now?”

Yu Minmin let out a sound of affirmation. She turned back to tell Yang Lingxin, “I’ll leave you to watch over the rest of the program. Wait for me to come back.”

Yang Lingxin watched this scene in surprise. She could only nod her head silently. “Okay, I understand.”

Yu Minmin smiled at her before following the General Secretary out.

Lin Li stayed opposite the exit as she watched Yu Minmin leave. There was no one left for her to vent at.

But she did find it a little strange.

Behind her, someone was asking, “Was that person just now the President’s General Secretary?”

“That person really resembled him.”

“Was that person looking for Yu Minmin?”

“Why would the President’s General Secretary be looking for Yu Minmin?”

Was Yu Minmin acquainted with such a high-ranking person?

Everyone was very confused. Their doubts were not resolved even after they watched Yu Minmin leave.

Yu Minmin looked at him. “Mr. General Secretary, does Mr. President need to discuss something with me?”

The General Secretary turned around and said, “Miss Yu, I’m afraid that you’ll have to start living in the Glazed Tile Palace from today onwards.”

“What?” Yu Minmin looked at him in disbelief. “Why?”

“Because Mr. President has confirmed that he’ll be revealing your identity soon. Right now, you must move into the Glazed Tile Palace, learn the necessary information, and get used to the situation, lest you slip up when the time comes.”

Yu Minmin was still in a state of surprise.

Was she about to move into the Glazed Tile Palace?

It was the background for the opening scene of the daily news. It would always appear when the music began to play. From afar, the gold-colored building looked like a palace.

Was she going to move into that place now?

Heaven really knew how to joke around with her.

“Do I have to move in?” Yu Minmin asked. There was no need to treat her as his fiancĂ©e so seriously.

The General Secretary said, “The decision has already been made. This issue concerns Mr. President’s image, so we can’t leave out a single detail.”

Alright then. He was right too. When it came to the President’s affairs, a small issue was actually huge.

Each member of the Gu family was really difficult to deal with. She had just settled Gu Jingyu’s matter when a problem arose on Gu Jingming’s end again.

Yu Minmin could feel that even her temples were throbbing. She still could not believe that she was about to move into the Glazed Tile Palace.

At the Glazed Tile Palace.

Yu Minmin passed by the speaker’s area of the Glazed Tile Palace. She had seen it often on television. Then, she proceeded to walk in before arriving at the living quarters.

Some of the President’s staff lived around the Glazed Tile Palace. Their living quarters clustered around this gold building.





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