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Season 4

Episode 87

( Unless You Promise To Leave Gu Jingze For A Period Of Time)

Yes, it was true that she had not told Gu Jingyu.

Initially, it was because Gu Jingze had told her that she did not need to tell him. Later on, there had been a few occasions when she herself had wanted to tell him, but she had not gotten a chance to do so.

It had gotten to the point where she would find it slightly difficult to bring the matter up.

Lu Chuxia said, “I didn’t expect you to be this shameless. On one hand, you married the older brother. On the other, you even hid this fact from the younger brother and have a rumored romance with him. How thick is your skin? Does Jingze know how shameless you are?”

Hearing this, Yu Minmin looked at Lu Chuxia and defended Lin Che, “Can you not speak with such a foul mouth? Who are you calling shameless? How can you spout such nonsense?”

Lu Chuxia looked at Yu Minmin. “Who do you think you are? How dare you speak to me like this?”

Yu Minmin retorted, “Who do you think you are, speaking in this manner? Why are you still asking me the same question?”

“You…” Lu Chuxia said angrily, “Lin Che, how exactly do you supervise the people under you?”

Lin Che looked at Lu Chuxia. “The issue you’re talking about is between me and you. Just tell me frankly what exactly you’re trying to do. Just get straight to the point.”

Lin Che thought to herself, Neither Lu Chuxia nor any outsider knew about the agreement between her and Gu Jingze.

Back then, she had not told Gu Jingyu because she had been uncertain about when they would get a divorce. She had seen no need to tell him since this was a contractual marriage. Who knew that so many things would happen from then to now? Until today, they remained husband and wife and had even done so many things that married couples would do.

Lu Chuxia said, “So you want me to tell you straight up? Fine. I want you to leave Gu Jingze for a period of time.”

“What?” Lin Che found this request inconceivable.

Naturally, Lu Chuxia knew that Lin Che was not a fool either. If she told Lin Che to leave Gu Jingze altogether, Lin Che would definitely not agree to it. That was why she told Lin Che to leave him for a period of time.

Without Lin Che’s obstruction from within, she could undoubtedly get on well with Gu Jingze for the time being.

She just needed some time.

Lu Chuxia continued, “What do you think? Consider it carefully and tell me.”

Lin Che replied, “Hehe. You want me to leave him for some time? What if I refuse?”

Lu Chuxia’s face hardened immediately. “If you refuse, I’ll tell Gu Jingyu about all the things you’ve done. I’ll tell him that you actually deceived him. I’ll tell him that you’re Gu Jingze’s lawfully-wedded wife right now and that you’re his sister-in-law. We’ll see how bad Gu Jingyu’s temper can get and how he’ll deal with you.”

Lin Che scoffed. “That’s it?”

Lu Chuxia nodded. “Yes. That’s it. Why? Do you agree?”

Lin Che did indeed feel that telling Gu Jingyu was a troublesome matter. She had not even thought of a way to reveal the truth to him.

But could she leave Gu Jingze for a period of time?

Beside her, Yu Minmin looked at Lin Che. At a time like this, it was inappropriate for her to make the decision for Lin Che. Thus, she stayed at the side and gazed at Lin Che quietly.

Lin Che smiled coldly. “What do you mean when you say a period of time?”

“How about a month?” Lu Chuxia continued, “It’s worth it, right? You won’t lose anything either.”

Lin Che’s smile turned even colder as she said, “You’ve really planned this out properly to attain your goal.”

Lu Chuxia responded, “You’re the one who made a mistake in the first place. I’m merely using it against you. So you only have yourself to blame.”

Lin Che said, “Then, what if I don’t agree?”

“You won’t agree?” Lu Chuxia had obviously not expected Lin Che to refuse.

She had thought that Lin Che definitely had some objective in mind seeing as she had intentionally deceived Gu Jingyu. Even though she did not know what Lin Che was planning, Lin Che would probably not easily allow the truth to be revealed to Gu Jingyu in order to attain her objective.

However, Lin Che merely said, “That’s right. I refuse. You’ve miscalculated.”

When Lu Chuxia heard this, she glared furiously at Lin Che. “Lin Che, This is the last chance I’m giving you. It’s best for you to seize the opportunity. Whether to agree or not, you decide yourself.”

Lin Che said, “Sorry to disappoint you. I won’t agree. I won’t leave Gu Jingze because of someone else. I’ll bear the consequences of my own mistakes. I won’t make Gu Jingze bear them with me. This is what I’ve learned from my time together with Gu Jingze.”

Seeing her reaction, Lu Chuxia huffed. “Fine. I’ll see if you’re able to bear the consequences. Don’t be mistaken and think that Gu Jingyu will let you off easy just because he doesn’t seem as aloof as Jingze. The entire Gu family is the same.”

When she finished speaking, Lu Chuxia snorted before turning to leave.

Lin Che’s expression was filled with worry as she watched Lu Chuxia walk away.

Yu Minmin asked, “What are you going to do? Will she tell Gu Jingyu?”

Lin Che said, “Maybe she will. I can’t be sure about what exactly she’ll do either. After all, I don’t know her very well.”

“What will happen if she tells him?” Yu Minmin asked.

Lin Che shook her head and said, “I still don’t know either. I just hope that everything will be fine. Gu Jingyu and I are indeed on very good terms, but we’ve always been friends and have never thought of going any further. But he’ll definitely be angry that I kept this matter from him. Ultimately, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have deceived him. I can only accept whatever he does to me.”

Yu Minmin asked, “Otherwise, why don’t you tell him yourself?”

Lin Che said, “Let’s go look for him.”

The two of them walked out and searched all over for Gu Jingyu but failed to find him.

Inside, Song Shuhai said, “Lin Che, why did you come here? Haven’t you finished filming your scenes?”

Lin Che said, “Oh, I’m looking for Gu Jingyu. Have you seen him?”

“Oh, him. I just saw Lu Chuxia pull him aside to discuss something. They went out together.”

Lin Che’s heart sank immediately.

Had Lu Chuxia already gone to look for him?

Was she still a step too late?

Lin Che continued to walk out. She wanted to find out where Gu Jingyu was.

From afar, she saw Lu Chuxia leaning against the car as she viciously said something to Gu Jingyu.

Lin Che’s heart froze instantly.

“Hey, Lin Che, you’re here. You’re just in time. Come here.” When Lu Chuxia caught sight of Lin Che, the corners of her lips turned up with a slight hint of malice.

Gu Jingyu turned his head to look at Lin Che in bewilderment. “How do you know Lin Che?”

Lin Che’s heart clenched when she heard this.

Lu Chuxia sneered and said, “How do I know Lin Che? That’s something you have to ask Lin Che. Lin Che, how do I know you?”

Gu Jingyu’s brow furrowed as if he had sensed that something was off.

He looked at the two of them doubtfully. “What exactly are you guys doing?”

Lin Che bit her lip and finally glanced at Gu Jingyu before looking at Lu Chuxia again.

She clasped her hands together tightly before walking towards them one step at a time.

She had already decided that regardless of the outcome, she would bear it anyway.

She was no longer a child; she knew that she should bear the responsibility alone.

Now that she had nothing to fear, she quickened her pace and reached them within a few steps. When she saw Gu Jingyu, she said, “Gu Jingyu, there’s something that I’ve been keeping from you.”

Gu Jingyu frowned. “What?”

Lin Che looked at Lu Chuxia silently and lowered her head.

Lu Chuxia could not wait for Gu Jingyu to be disgusted with Lin Che as soon as possible. Even if Lin Che had agreed to leave earlier, Lu Chuxia would nevertheless tell Gu Jingyu the truth when she returned. Whatever the case may be, she would not let Lin Che have it easy.




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