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Season 4

Episode 85

(I Want Detailed Information on Lin Che)

Gu Jingze’s tone remained neutral, but each word sounded colder than the previous. His unyielding gaze also deepened from its earlier elegance as if it was a sharp knife slowly twisting its blade.

Qin Qing really could not believe it. Gu Jingze’s marriage would have been major news, but there had never been any articles on it.

Furthermore, everyone thought that even if Gu Jingze was together with Lin Che, he was merely toying with her.

Although he knew that he was wrong for thinking this way, Qin Qing could not help but think that it did not matter if Gu Jingze was really toying with Lin Che as long as she was happy. If she was not happy, she could turn back one day and he would still be standing here waiting for her.

However, he had not expected Gu Jingze to say that they were already married.

Lin Che was very blessed now. She was married to an incomparably powerful man, a man who was much more formidable than him.

The thought brought a heavy blow to his heart. For a moment, he felt his heart ache terribly and it was unbearable.

He had not realized before this that his feelings for Lin Che were actually so deep.

Qin Qing just sat there in a trance.

But Gu Jingze’s gaze turned colder and colder.

Just then, Lin Che returned. She looked at their expressions and could not help but feel that something was slightly strange. “What’s going on with you two?”

Gu Jingze turned his head towards her with eyes that had regained their calmness. He pulled her into her seat and said, “It’s nothing. I was discussing some business with him.”

Lin Che said, “Oh, I see. Hey, there are crabs.”

She picked up the platter of exquisitely-plated crabs on it and wanted to take one.

It nearly pierced her finger when she grabbed it.

Gu Jingze frowned. “Look at you. How clumsy. Don’t touch it. I’ll do it for you.”

Lin Che let out a sound of affirmation. Gu Jingze had already casually taken the crab from her. He split it apart and stuffed the flesh into her mouth.

Lin Che instinctively opened her mouth and started chewing noisily. She said, “It’s so delicious. I want more.”

Gu Jingze looked at her with a pampering gaze as she ate deliciously. He smiled and reached out his hands to continue splitting the crabs.

The people watching from outside found it surprising. They had known the entire time that Lin Che was together with Gu Jingze but now, they knew that she had indeed climbed up the social ladder in a short time.

They had not expected Gu Jingze to treat Lin Che so well and to pamper her to this extent.

Sure enough, it seemed that the wheel of fortune was turning in this lass’s favor.

No one would look down on the Lin family’s illegitimate daughter ever again.

Qin Qing could no longer bear to watch them. He simply turned his head away and mumbled, “I’ll go to the back kitchen to take a look first.”

Then, he hastily stood up and left.

Chen Meili swiftly pulled Qin Qing aside.

“Qin Qing, why do you look so dazed? When exactly is this horrible girl leaving? Seriously. Did she come here intentionally to flaunt? How dare she even come here.”

Qin Qing thought to himself, Yes, yes. He had come here to show off.

Gu Jingze came precisely to show off and to tell him that he had no prospects with Lin Che.

Distressed, he pushed Chen Meili out of his way and walked out alone.

“Hey, you…” Chen Meili glared angrily at Lin Che’s haughty manner.

Very soon after, Gu Jingze and Lin Che left.

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze. “Tell me. Why did you insist on coming here for a visit?”

Gu Jingze broke into a smile and looked at Lin Che’s small face. “I didn’t mean anything by it. Let’s go, stupid. You won’t understand even if I explain anyway.”

“What? How would I know if you don’t explain at all?”

“Your pea-sized brain is always so muddled. How can you possibly understand? Anyway, this matter has been resolved. How could you have liked such a man?”

“Hey. I’ve told you so many times that it’s a matter of the past. Furthermore… there’s nothing bad about Qin Qing.”

Gu Jingze eyes darkened immediately. “Come again?”

“…” Lin Che continued, “Of course he’s definitely not as good as you.”

“Are you comparing him to me?”

“…” Lin Che hurried to amend her statement. “No. Of course, he can’t compare to you at all. You’re one of a kind in this world.”

Gu Jingze showed a satisfied expression.

Lin Che thought incredulously that this Gu Jingze was indeed unique.

Lu Chuxia returned to B City by cruise a few days after Lin Che and Gu Jingze.

When she arrived, she very rudely commanded one of her maids, “Go do a thorough investigation on everything related to Lin Che. What her life is like now, what she’s doing, her past relationship history, and any blots in her life. Find out everything. I want all the information available on her!”

Shocked, the maid looked at Lu Chuxia and instinctively found it strange.

Lu Chuxia had to admit that she had underestimated Lin Che at the start. She had thought that Lin Che was only a small celebrity and a lowly person who would not be able to shake up the situation.

But looking at the current situation, a woman who had the ability to convince the Gu family into letting Gu Jingze marry her for real was definitely not simple.

Her methods had to be very impressive. Otherwise, her father would not actually decide to stand on her side within such a short time.

A while later, the maid sent the results of the investigation over to her.

Lin Che was the illegitimate daughter of the Lin family. She had two older sisters and one younger brother. She had previously liked Qin Qing who had been engaged to her older sister Lin Li, but later backed out of the engagement. Lin Li was a celebrity too, but after losing to Lin Che, she had not been doing too well. Interestingly, Lin Che even had some scandals with Gu Jingyu from time to time.

Ha, no wonder. She was really a manipulative woman.

Lu Chuxia huffed. “Good. Now, help me prepare myself. I want to see what other tricks this shameless woman still has.”

Lin Li had just been bullied at the company. When she walked out, she lifted her head only to see Lin Che’s video advertisement playing on the big screen of the shopping mall opposite her.

Lin Che’s sweet smile made everyone turn their heads one after another.

It was an advertisement for a sweet brand that had been playing for many months. Every time Lin Li saw it, she had the urge to smash the television.

This Lin Che had now one-upped her and had even caused her mother to be chased out of the house. Although she was secretly supporting her mother financially, people were still mocking her mother ceaselessly.

Just then, a car suddenly stopped in front of her.

Lin Li froze. The red Porsche was so polished that it was gleaming and the top of the car was down. The woman in the car was wearing sunglasses. As she looked at Lin Li, disdain exuded from her haughty manner.

“Your name is Lin Li, right?”

“Who are you?” Looking at her arrogant expression, Lin Li disliked her immediately.

She did not like any woman who was so proud and confident in front of her since she believed that only she deserved to act so proud.

However, ever since Lin Che had attained success in her career, Lin Li felt that she had been reduced to mere dust in comparison.

She said, “I’m a person who wants to make you famous.”

“You want to make me famous?” Lin Li continued with surprise, “Who are you? You think you make me famous just because you want to? Heh, who do you think you are?”

“Of course I can make you famous if I want to. All you have to do is tell me exactly whether or not you want to be famous. That’s enough.”




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