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Season 4

Episode 81

(The Situation Turned Around So Shockingly)

Qin Wanwan was definitely worthy of her name.

Lin Che looked down at her watermelon-red gown. Subconsciously, she thought that she was no doubt a coward for not daring to prepare some flamboyant gown. She had been scolded so much that she was afraid that she would again be criticized for such a thing. Thus, all this while, she did not really dare to stand out.

Just then, Qin Wanwan turned around to smile from inside, her charm displayed to the fullest. With her long dress trailing after her, she walked in slowly and stopped every now and then to take a photo. Everywhere she went, the lights shone on her and she was the focus of attention. It was difficult to not be envious of her.

She signed the board before finally disappearing from the red carpet. Next up, however, was Lin Che.

In comparison, Lin Che was much more subdued.

When a reporter called out her name, she tilted her head and smiled at him in greeting.

Reporters from foreign media outlets were also photographing her very politely and smiling while looking at her.

Lin Che responded to every one of them. The dress she was wearing was neither long nor short. Attached to her watermelon-red dress was a black tube top. The dress was made of some slightly glossy material and was filled with some beautiful colors below, bringing out the whiteness and softness of her skin. The cinch at the waist made her waist appear very slim and very beautiful. However, she definitely seemed much more proper than Qin Wanwan.

Very soon after, she entered and immediately saw Qin Wanwan waving at her.

“Hey, Lin Che. You came to Paris too. Why didn’t you let me know beforehand?”

“I didn’t know you were coming too.”

“I’m here as a brand ambassador. I’m representing Kadiya. What about you? Why are you here?”

Lin Che said, “I guess you can say that I came just to walk the red carpet. I’m not representing any brand.”

“Ah, then how did you get in?”

“I just asked someone for an invitation.”

“I see. That’s fine too. It’s quite difficult to get in, mainly because we don’t really have connections overseas, so we can’t get invitations. Look. There are so many people still walking the red carpet. They can’t come in even though they want to.”

“Yes,” Lin Che smiled and said.

Gathering her dress together, she said, “Alright, I’ll go change my outfit first. I’ve really had enough of this dress. I’m going to go mad if I continue wearing it.”

“Alright, go.”

After they separated, Lin Yu received the schedule for the fashion show. Although she did not really understand what was so appealing about fashion shows, she nevertheless looked at it carefully. In any case, she would definitely be watching the show with Gu Jingyu, so she did not really care exactly which show it was.

Qin Wanwan finished changing and came back to tell Lin Che that she had been officially invited by Kadiya to watch Kadiya’s show. She was also planning to watch Lafayette and Chanel’s shows. In short, all the shows she had chosen were shows from big brands.

Lin Che did not know which ones she wanted to watch. She could only say, “I’ll see how things go.”

Qin Wanwan said, “You’re so silly. It wasn’t easy for your company to send you here either. Of course, you must choose the few shows that are worth watching. Many media outlets and famous people attend the shows of the big brands, so there’ll be many articles on them as well. Naturally, you should go and watch those shows. But it’s quite difficult to get invitations to these shows and there’s no point in getting a seat at the back either since the cameras won’t even capture you.”

Lin Che said, “Yes. Anyway, I heard that they’ve already settled the matter.”

Qin Wanwan said, “You’re simply too lackadaisical. You don’t care about anything at all. You’re too lazy.”

Lin Che could only shrug in response. “It’s because I’m not really familiar with these things. It’s better to just let the professionals handle them.”

Qin Wanwan sighed while shaking her head as if she was exasperated at Lin Che’s failure to live up to her expectations.

Yu Minmin only spoke after Qin Wanwan left, “Looks like she got a front-row seat for the Chanel show.”

Beside her, Yang Lingxin asked, “Is it difficult to get?”

Yu Minmin nodded. “Chanel is an extremely popular brand, so it’s not that easy to get an invitation to a show.”

Yu Minmin continued to explain to Yang Lingxin, “We came to attend the opening event and to walk the red carpet. All of the shows for today will be in the afternoon. Invitation cards are separately given for the opening event, but each runway show after that is where everyone starts to compete. There are invitation cards for the entire fashion show and each brand gives out its own invitation cards to its show. It may be easy for some ordinary people to get invitation cards, but most of them will sit in the back rows. Then, there are some less popular brands for which invitation cards are easy to get, but there won’t be much attention on their shows. For big brands like Chanel, they would have given the front seats to a few famous people a long time ago. It would be very difficult for other people to get front-row seats. Even getting seats at the back would be pretty difficult. Thus, Qin Wanwan came here just to say that she received invitations from Chanel and Kadiya.”

Hearing this, Yang Lingxin instinctively said in anger, “In that case, did that Qin Wanwan only come here to boast?”

Yu Minmin raised her eyebrows and kept silent.

Yang Lingxin said, “Seriously, is there anything to boast about?”

“That’s enough. Let’s go. We have to wait for Gu Jingyu.”

That afternoon.

Gu Jingyu finally arrived.

He took Lin Che with him and they entered the venue together with a foreigner. While walking, the two of them conversed in fluent English and Gu Jingyu even explained the conversation to Lin Che at the same time. “We’ve chosen three shows to watch over these few days. There’s no need to watch any of the other shows. We’ll spend the remaining time having fun.”

“Yes. Whatever you say.”

“That’s a good girl. When this ends, I’ll take all of you to eat something delicious.”

Thereafter, people continued to stream in to attend the fashion week. They came with the intention of watching other shows and left after just taking a few street snaps.

Along with Gu Jingyu, Lin Che attended one show from LV and one show from Chanel. She even saw Qin Wanwan at the Chanel show.

She was sitting just opposite Lin Che. When she saw Lin Che, she asked surprisedly, “So you were going to watch the Chanel show?”

Lin Che said, “Yes. At first, I didn’t know either.”

“So you came with Gu Jingyu? No wonder. He can get tickets to any show,” Qin Wanwan said while looking at Gu Jingyu.

Gu Jingyu merely looked back at her.

Some of the people watching the show were dressed in particularly strange clothes. They were supposedly people in the fashion industry and people in street photography. In order to fit in, Lin Che had chosen a more gender-neutral piece of clothing and was very fashionable too.

On the other hand, Qin Wanwan’s clothing was even weirder. It was extraordinarily colorful and matched Chanel’s colors this year very well.

Qin Wanwan looked at the two of them meaningfully before shifting her gaze back to the runway.

The runway shows of the big brands were all scheduled towards the end as the main events. After they ended, the show ended as well.

Over here, everyone was busy watching the show and taking street snaps. Back home, there was a lot of discussion of the celebrities who were attending the fashion week.

First and foremost, Qin Wanwan’s gown had made its appearance at the wine reception and made everyone gasp in awe.

So many people were praising Qin Wanwan online. They said that Qin Wanwan was really too beautiful to the point that she inspired the admiration of even the foreign reporters.

In comparison, Lin Che took up a much smaller space in the papers for the first day. Although she was beautiful, her outfit was ultimately a very typical one without any unusual elements.

The articles had different things to say about the different celebrities who watched the show. Among them, there were people who had especially stood out and were praised. There were also people who had not really stood out but had taken up some space in the papers and got some exposure.




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