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Season 4

Episode 77

(There Is Actually Such An Outrageous Thing)

Chen Yucheng looked at Shen Youran and appeared rather unsettled.

Shen Youran’s heart paused, but she still looked at Chen Yucheng and said, “Just say what you want to say. It’s okay. I can take it. This thing is all caused by Shen Youlan anyway. She should bear the consequences of her own misdeeds.”

Chen Yucheng said, “These people won’t shy away from any crime. When it comes to not returning the money, they’ll sell girls out as prostitutes to earn the money. And at the underground warehouse, she might have already… been fixed.”

Shen Youran heard this and her heart naturally sank.

Even though her relationship with her sister was not that good, she was still her sister after all.

But she only thought for a while and said, “Nothing else matters as long as she can return.”

Lin Che also understood what he meant by ‘fixed’. Her heart grew uncomfortable and she thought that these people were way too villainous.

But it was indeed more important that she returned.

Chen Yucheng said, “The Gu family’s bodyguards have already been dispatched. They are very speedy and should be able to locate their position in no time.”

Shen Youran nodded and looked at both of them, “Thank you, guys.”

“There’s no reason to thank us. We’re all family.”

Lin Che said.

Not long after, the Gu family’s bodyguards outside walked in and politely greeted Lin Che, “Madam, we’ve found them.”

“Okay, we’ll go over.”

Shen Youran quickly stopped Lin Che, “It’s dangerous there. You wait here. I can go by myself.”

“It’s okay. I’m only going to look.”

“Of course not. Don’t talk about anything else. What if someone takes a photo of you there? I’m only going there to retrieve my sister. With the Gu family’s people there, they wouldn’t be able to do anything to me, right?”

Chen Yucheng also said, “I will go.”

Lin Che was a lot less worried about Chen Yucheng. She heard this and nodded.

The two of them quickly reached the place.

Shen Youran saw that many people indeed already gathered. There were police officers and the Gu family’s bodyguards.

Inside was a bald man standing there. He looked at Shen Youran and Chen Yucheng, “Ha, I didn’t expect that catching someone today would drag in relations too. This luck is really bad.”

Shen Youran asked directly, “Where is my sister? We can still discuss the money, but she must come back with us.”

“Will you give us money if she goes back with you?” the bald-headed man asked.

Chen Yucheng said, “Tell me the truth. How much did she borrow? How did it roll to a few hundred thousands?”

“Hey, understand this clearly. She borrowed a few hundred thousand. The capital is a few hundred thousand and coupled with the interest, it is 520,000.”


Chen Yucheng looked at Shen Youran.

Shen Youran also couldn’t believe what a student needed that much money for.

Chen Yucheng replied, “We can return you the money she borrowed, but you can forget about the interest.”

“Hey, that’s not how we do things here. My brothers worked hard and they need some food on their plates,” the bald-headed man said unhappily.

Chen Yucheng said, “It is a given to return what is owed, but the interest is illegal. I believe that you don’t wish to make things difficult either. If you challenge us, nothing good will come out of it for all of us. We don’t need to fight like that. You have plenty of profitable places and you don’t need to clash with us here. It’s only a few thousands. It should be nothing to you guys.”

“Hey, you make it sound so easy, but these are our rules. How can we function if you do this?”

“Very well. If anyone asks why you broke the rules, tell them to come and find me. I will tell them why I have the right to break the rules.”

The bald man froze, looked at Chen Yucheng, and then looked at the people around him.

He turned his head, said something to his people, and then turned back, “Alright, we’ll return the girl to you.”

Shen Youran looked at Chen Yucheng in surprise, “Are they really giving my sister up so easily?”

Chen Yucheng said, “They had the cheek to talk about rules with the Gu family. They have to make up for that.”

“Ah… Okay,” Shen Youran said.

The bald man could only let Shen Youlan be brought out.

She indeed looked like she had been tortured. She looked insane, dirty, and in just an overall mess.

The moment she saw Shen Youran, she quickly screamed, “Sis, Sis, save me. Save me please.”

Shen Youran felt congested. She watched as the police bring her over and took her into the car. Shen Youran then went along with them.

Chen Yucheng looked around. He let the two sisters have space to themselves. Since he didn’t want to be in the same vicinity as Shen Youlan, he hopped into his own car.

Shen Youran quickly took a wet towel and wiped Shen Youlan’s dirty face. Now that she was safe, Shen Youran angrily endured the urge to strangle Shen Youlan and asked her, “What the hell did you do?!”

Shen Youlan pouted and looked at Shen Youran, “N-nothing… I only borrowed money to buy some stuff, but I couldn’t return the money. I asked for money from you yesterday, but you didn’t want to give it to me.”

“You asked for a few hundred thousand. Don’t you think I would be crazy to give it to you?”

“Don’t you have Chen Yucheng? He’s filthy rich but you refused to give me the money. Because of you, I… I…” as she spoke, Shen Youlan covered her face and wailed pitifully.

Shen Youran looked at her hatefully. There were still so many loopholes, “You borrowed so much money. Where did it go? Don’t tell me you used it to gamble?”

“I… I only bought two bags and I bought… some makeup products and some shoes and clothes…”

“Two bags cost that much? Do you think I’d believe you?”

“I bought Chanel bags. Each one costs over thirty thousand.”


Shen Youran nearly wanted to vomit blood.

Very soon, she was brought to the hospital for a detailed examination.

Lin Che arrived in time.

Seeing Shen Youran looking unwell, she walked over and held Shen Youran’s hand, “Alright, she’s already back with us. We can talk about other things next time.”

Shen Youran nodded. On the way, she already called Lin Che and told her how Shen Youlan spent so much money. She was furious and incredulous at the same time.

“She is just a schoolgirl and she actually bought such expensive bags,” Shen Youran said. “I don’t even know how to explain it to my parents.”

Just then, the doctor walked out and said to Shen Youran, “She was probably assaulted last night.”

Shen Youran’s heart instantly tightened up.

But the doctor continued, “However, her **** was already damaged for a long time. It’s an old injury, so it’s not a serious problem for her body.”

Shen Youran’s jaw dropped. She couldn’t believe it even more.

She was only seventeen…

Shen Youran took a deep breath before snapping back to reality. She said to Lin Che, “If my mom knows about it, she’ll be driven mad…”

She was always treated like a treasure since she was young. Her mum always thought that she was good in her studies, had good looks, and had everything she wanted. She would definitely have a great future, but who would have thought that behind that image…




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