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Season 4

Episode 74

(Why Must You Stand On Her Side

Lu Chuxia heard this and raised her voice agitatedly, “What do you mean ‘accidentally’? You stepped on me on purpose.”

Lin Che replied, “I told you that we can always check the surveillance footage to find out what exactly happened. Sir can judge it for himself, but I’m telling the truth.”

“If you want to, so be it. I’m not afraid of you.”

“Enough,” Lu Qinyu turned his head and interrupted Lu Chuxia.

Lu Chuxia’s face was pitiful, “Father.”

Lu Qinyu’s face was filled with anger, “Haven’t you had enough? Don’t be an embarrassment here. Go back and treat your ankle.”

“I…” Lu Chuxia exclaimed defiantly, “Father, don’t tell me you believe that little slut’s words instead of mine?”

“Just hear yourself talk. You’re so unbecoming of yourself, spewing uncouth words left and right. You’d better go back and reflect on yourself. You are not to come out until you get my permission.”

“…” Lu Chuxia looked at her own father in disbelief.

However, she was only fuming in her fit of rage just now. She also felt a tinge of regret after that.

Her father had always been strict and she was obedient in front of him. If it wasn’t for Lin Che today, she wouldn’t have spewed insults like that either.

She glared hatefully at Lin Che again.

“But, Father, are you really going to believe her?!” She was still unwilling to be defeated. She softened her tone and asked again.

Lu Qinyu said, “I believe her. I already met Lin Che just now and she is a good kid. She wouldn’t lie.”

“…” Lu Chuxia could not believe that just one encounter could actually make Lu Qinyu say that Lin Che was a good kid and wouldn’t lie.

This Lin Che… How did she win over her father?

Lu Chuxia huffed, turned around, and left.

Lin Che watched her leave and still looked especially angry.

Her heart warmed thinking about how Lu Qinyu immediately stood on her side. She also felt rather bad.

Because of her, there was friction between him and his daughter. It wasn’t that nice after all.

She quickly said, “Sir…”

“It’s fine. Don’t bother about her. I’ll let these people make themselves scarce quickly. Thankfully, they didn’t really do anything to you,” he looked at Lin Che. “It’s also my fault for not watching over my own daughter and letting her be so arrogant. You must have been frightened.”

“Not at all. I’m actually fine,” Lin Che replied. “And… Just now… I’ll be frank with you. I did step on her on purpose.”

“Huh?” Lu Qinyu looked at her.

Lin Che fidgeted with her hair and said sheepishly, “I saw her sticking her leg out to trip me and I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to avoid it. So I thought that I might as well step on her but I didn’t think that the effect of my high heel would be so serious.”

Lu Qinyu heard this and watched her tease her hair. This reminded him of someone else…

After being dazed for a while, he then reacted and looked at the lady in front of him. He laughed loudly and said, “I see.”

“So, I’m sorry about it. If she wants compensation, I’ll compensate her,” Lin Che said.

But Lu Qinyu shook his head and said, “I was not taking sides with you. I know my own daughter. Her character is just this way; she is rash, confrontational, and very vengeful. Thus, I know that she must have done something bad for her to be stepped on like that.”

“Is that so? But Miss Lu is indeed rather impulsive.”

“Yes, but if someone else was in this situation, they wouldn’t speak up to explain first. You, little lass, are so honest. I believe you.”

“Thank you, sir, for trusting me. I only felt that there was surveillance footage anyway and she did appear to want to trip me. No matter who believes what, I know that I’m not lying. We could always watch the surveillance footage and it will reveal the truth. I was in the wrong, but I used violence to curb violence.”

“Yes, I know.”

“Mr. Lu?” Just then, Gu Jingze walked out from behind and saw Lu Qinyu actually standing there. He couldn’t help but be surprised.

Lin Che quickly ran to him in a few steps.

Gu Jingze took Lin Che’s hand and looked at Lu Qinyu, “You are…”

Lu Qinyu beamed and looked at Lin Che, “It’s nothing. I was just chatting with her. Why? Are you afraid that I’ll bully her? No, no. I think she is very interesting and adorable. I didn’t expect her to be your wife. You really have such good luck in your love life. Young lady, you are extremely pretty.”

Gu Jingze heard this and was even more surprised. He looked down at Lin Che and then smiled back at him, “Yes, I am very fortunate.”

Lu Qinyu said, “Little lass, enjoy your time here with Jingze. Oh right, here is my contact number. Call me if you need anything. You can also come and visit the Lu household if you’re free in the future. Don’t be like Jingze who is always so busy and occupied. Now that we’re all relatives, it is absolutely fine for you to come over.”

“Ah, okay. Thank you, Mr. Lu. I’ll go to visit when I’m free.”

Lin Che took the name card from him.

Lu Qinyu took one last long look at Lin Che’s face. He looked amazed.

She was really alike.

But she was definitely not her.

Lin Che was too, too young.

While she…

He smiled at Lin Che and left.

After he left, Gu Jingze then looked down and asked Lin Che, “How did you come to know the Lu family’s old sir?”

Lin Che said, “Oh, we met outside the washroom previously and he even stood on my side just now. He sent Lu Chuxia back to reflect on herself.”

“Is that so?” Gu Jingze was puzzled. Why would Mr. Lu side with Lin Che?

Lin Che was also naturally curious, “Mr. Lu only just got to know me, so why would he help me that way? The Lu family doesn’t have to fear the Gu family, right?”

“Everyone complements each other in the business field and we actually have an interdependent relationship. Nobody is afraid of anyone else. So when he sided with you, it was definitely not because you’re my wife.”

“Really? Then that is really strange,” Lin Che heard this and was even more surprised.

Gu Jingze said, “Alright. Don’t think so much anymore. Let’s go back.”

“Okay. Are you done with your thing?”

“That’s right.”

Just then, a voice boomed in the hall from out of nowhere.

“The voting for tonight’s dancing queen has ended and tonight’s dancing queen is… Mr. Gu Jingze’s partner, Miss Lin Che!”

Everyone applauded.

This unexpected result was really surprising. However, in recollection, the most unforgettable dance was indeed when Lin Che stepped on Gu Jingze’s feet and danced.

Lin Che didn’t expect the votes for her to be higher than anyone else in such a short period of time.

She looked at the front with a stunned expression.

Gu Jingze smiled.

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze in shock, “It’s me? Oh my God. I danced so terribly.”





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