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Season 4

Episode 73

(That Man Turned Out To Be Lu Family’s Old Sir)

Lu Chuxia sat there as she thought and thought. She thought about Lin Che.

“All of this is Lin Che’s fault. She must have done it on purpose. She intentionally stepped on me and she also intentionally made Gu Jingze dance with her. She is really cunning. I only told her about the dancing queen just now and she already cooked up a plan sneakily from behind.”

Lu Chuxia stood up from the chair and said to her attendants, “You guys, come with me.”

The doctor wanted to say something. But as he remembered that this was Lu Chuxia, he didn’t dare to stop her.

Lin Che was still there looking at the dancing queen votes when Lu Chuxia was already stomping over angrily.

“Lin Che,” she called out Lin Che’s name. Her eyes were fired up and she simply wanted to tear Lin Che apart.

If Lin Che didn’t come in the middle, Gu Jingze would have already been hers.

But now, she lost so much because of this woman.

Lin Che saw Lu Chuxia approach. Although she tried her best to look stable, it was still obvious that she couldn’t walk normally.

Lin Che thought about her foot. She looked down to see that Lu Chuxia’s foot was indeed swollen beyond recognition.

Lin Che looked back up at the menacing Lu Chuxia.

Lu Chuxia scoffed, “Lin Che, look what you’ve done.”

Lin Che asked mindlessly, “What does that have to do with me?”

Lu Chuxia shrieked, “You have the cheek to say that it has nothing to do with you? Just look at my leg. It’s in this state because of you. Now that my leg has a problem, don’t try to shirk the responsibility.”

Lin Che looked at Lu Chuxia and said airily, “You stuck your foot out and tried to trip me. You’re only reaping what you sow now. How is that my fault?”

Lu Chuxia laughed coldly, “Yes, I did stick my foot out, but I didn’t do it on purpose. I was just warming up my ankle. You were the one who stepped on me on purpose and wanted to harm me. You even fell on purpose in front of Gu Jingze. You’re clearly shirking responsibility.”

Lin Che listened in amusement as Lu Chuxia twisted the story.

And she twisted it until it seemed so natural.

Lin Che couldn’t help but hand it to Lu Chuxia.

“Whether that is true or not, Gu Jingze also already said that we’ll know once we see the surveillance footage,” Lin Che remarked.

Lu Chuxia scoffed even more, “Do you think that I’m afraid of watching the surveillance footage? Lin Che, aren’t you too na├»ve? What do you think one surveillance footage means to me? I am the young mistress of the Lu family and you are nothing. Now that you’ve hurt my precious body, I want you to compensate me! Nobody can argue with that!”

Lin Che watched as Lu Chuxia lifted her head and told the attendants, “Grab a hold of this person. I want to send her to C Nation’s police. She hurt me and injured my body. I must see to this matter.”

The few attendants looked at her and then at Lin Che. They didn’t dare to approach Lin Che.

This was Gu Jingze’s wife. If they did anything bad, how could Gu Jingze let them off?

Lu Chuxia stood there and asked, “What are you doing? Do you belong to the Lu family or the Gu family now? The Lu family doesn’t need cowards like you guys. Do you still dare to hesitate at a time like this? Do none of you want to continue working?”

“No, Miss.”

The attendants quickly replied and could only harden themselves. They approached Lin Che and looked at her, “Miss Lin, please… come with us to the police.”

Lin Che was of course unwilling. She glared at Lu Chuxia, “What evidence do you have to claim that I did it? I’m not going if you have no evidence!”

“You can explain it to the police yourself. Now, don’t think about running away!” Lu Chuxia waved her hand and let the attendants take her away.

However, at this moment.

“Chuxia, what are you doing?”

Behind, a deep voice sounded.

Lu Chuxia froze. She turned around and she instantly looked down and called, “Father…”

It was Lu Chuxia’s father, Lu Qinyu.

Lin Che looked up, stunned. She suddenly thought that this person looked familiar.

She immediately recalled.

Wasn’t he the old man whom she bumped into outside the washroom?

How… How did he turn out to be… Lu Chuxia’s father?

Lin Che’s heart felt congested. They were so different.

Lu Chuxia looked at her father and was a lot more obedient, “Father, why are you here?”

Lu Qinyu got wind that Lu Chuxia brought a few attendants to look for Gu Jingze’s wife, so he hurried over.

He glared at Lu Chuxia with his hands in front of him, “What are you fooling about this time?”

Lu Chuxia quickly said, “Father, do you see my foot? That little slut just stepped on it now. Of course, I wanted an explanation. Please speak up for me. Don’t you see? Since when have I been bullied by anyone like this?!”

Lu Qinyu looked down at her ankle and looked back up at Lin Che.

The moment he saw Lin Che, he also froze.

He narrowed his eyes and took a few steps forward.

Looking at Lin Che, he said in surprise, “You… You’re Gu Jingze’s wife?”

Lin Che nodded, “You… You are the Lu family’s old sir?”

Lu Chuxia looked at the two of them and suddenly felt that something was not right.

But then, her father smiled as he approached Lin Che. He beamed and said, “I was wondering where you came from since I haven’t seen you before. I thought you were some family’s lass. It turns out that you’re Gu Jingze’s newly-wedded wife.”

“We’re not newly wedded. We’ve been married for a long time,” Lin Che shook her head. “Oh, right. Are you okay now, sir?”

“I’m fine, I’m fine. I told you that I’m okay. You don’t need to worry,” Lu Qinyu looked closely at Lin Che. “I really didn’t expect you to be that well-hidden wife of Gu Jingze’s.”

“We’re not exactly hiding either. He just doesn’t like to come out that much.”

“Yes, he doesn’t. I only see him once in a blue moon.”

Lu Chuxia was already angrily standing behind them, wanting to stomp her foot.

This Lin Che… Had she already met her father?

When? Why was her father even talking to her with this attitude?

Lu Chuxia was enraged and she said, “Father, do you see what she did to me just now? Aren’t you… Aren’t you going to speak up for me?”

Lu Qinyu looked at Lu Chuxia and frowned, “Enough. What happened to your foot?”

Lu Chuxia pointed at Lin Che, “She stepped on me and hurt me on purpose.”

Lu Qinyu didn’t quite believe her. He looked at Lin Che and asked, “What exactly happened?”

Lin Che couldn’t say anything else in front of him. She sucked it up and said, “I accidentally knocked into Miss Lu previously. She said that she stuck her leg out to stretch her ankle but I didn’t see it and I accidentally tripped over her. I stepped on her ankle in the process, so it swelled up.”

Lu Qinyu heard this and his brows frowned even deeper.




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