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Season 4

Episode 69

(The Dancing Queen Will Be Chosen During The Dance)

Gu Jingze only wanted to know when she got such a top.

Her clothes came off, bit by bit.

Without needing her to say anything, his body was already swelling up beyond control.

“You… You…” Gu Jingze could only gaze back at her. His voice was already so hoarse.

Lin Che looked at him and plainly prodded his lips, “Do I look good?”

Look good?

That alluring voice was really going to capture his soul.

She looked good. Of course, she looked good.

She looked so good that…

He wanted to reach out and tear her clothes off.

Lin Che was only looking at him and Gu Jingze already could not take it. He wanted to move his hands, but they were tightly bound by her.

Gu Jingze was about to go crazy.

At this moment, she slowly came down to him and looked at him, “Do you want to take it off?”

This woman…

Gu Jingze swore that once he was released, she would be dead…

Gu Jingze already could not take it anymore. Nobody would be able to do anything when Lin Che used such a tactic.

But when they were about to really embrace each other, he still got very worried.

Lin Che held his hand tightly and whispered beside his ear, “It’s alright, it’s alright. I can handle it… Let’s take it slow.”

Gu Jingze finally broke out of his mental roadblock and slowly pushed himself in.

When he woke up, it was already dark outside.

The yacht was very stable and didn’t feel like they were moving.

Outside the window was the sea. The window was very small, but the dark sea was still visible as it reflected the light above it. It looked as if it was filled with stars and it was very pretty.

Gu Jingze looked at the woman in his arms. This time, he really didn’t hurt her but he still felt his heart palpitate.

When Lin Che woke up, Gu Jingze was already gone.

She rubbed her eyes and put on her clothes. When she walked outside, a Gu family attendant said, “Madam, you’re up. Sir asked us to prepare dinner for you. Please have some.”

Lin Che said, “Oh. Where’s Gu Jingze?”

“Sir went out.”

“Oh. I’m going to take a walk.”

Lin Che had never seen the sea at night, so she naturally wanted to take a look.

When she was outside, there weren’t many people. When they saw Lin Che, they turned their heads to look at Lin Che.

Many people went to the concert or other night activities. The breeze on the deck was cool and especially damp.

Lin Che was still standing there when she heard Lu Chuxia walking over.

“What’s wrong, Lin Che? What are you doing out here alone?”

Lin Che replied, “Miss Lu, I’m just taking a walk. What’s the matter?”

“Eh? There’s going to be a dance tonight and there’s a segment for the dancing queen selection. Isn’t Jingze taking you?”

Lin Che had not heard of such a thing.

She was filled with suspicion. Lu Chuxia scoffed and said, “During the dance, after everybody has danced, someone will be chosen as the dancing queen. All girls will have a chance to be selected. Wasn’t Jingze just there? Didn’t he take you with him?”

“Oh,” Lin Che said. “I just woke up, so I’m not sure.”

Lu Chuxia replied, “Ha. Is that so? Then I must be mistaken. I guess that Jingze didn’t want to take you so that he wouldn’t get disgraced.”

Lin Che’s expression changed slightly as she looked at Lu Chuxia, “Thanks for your reminder, Miss Lu. But there is no point in trying to sabotage my relationship. He didn’t take me because I was sleeping just now. Gu Jingze doesn’t care about his image.”

Lu Chuxia grunted, “Don’t be so sensitive. I was merely reminding you. How was I sabotaging you? Fine, I’m going to the dance first. I came out so suddenly. They must be all waiting for me.”

Lu Chuxia arrogantly lifted her skirt and walked towards the dance.

It was only at this moment that Lin Che noticed Lu Chuxia wearing a shimmering silver-black gown. It was probably a retro-styled dance dress, which looked very appropriate.

Lin Che naturally didn’t know how to dance. She did learn a little because of acting, but that was only scratching the surface.

Thinking about it now, Lin Che decided to go to the dance. She wanted to see how it looked like as it seemed as if many people cared about it.

Very soon, she was at the central ballroom.

A retro-styled dance floor was already set up and the people inside seemed to be English aristocrats. They were dancing proper dances and looked extremely elegant.

Lin Che didn’t spot Gu Jingze nor Lu Chuxia, but she heard people discussing beside her.

“I just saw Lu Chuxia walk past.”

“Who is her dance partner? How come I don’t see him?”

“Who knows? I saw that she went straight in. Perhaps she went to find Gu Jingze?”

“Gu Jingze knows how to dance? That’s impossible. I’ve never seen him dance.”

“Yes, Gu Jingze has always kept a low profile. I have indeed never seen him dance.”

“But that Lu Chuxia has been the dancing queen for three years in a row and Gu Jingze never participated in the dance before. Now, he is here and the two familiars are so close. When I saw Gu Jingze come in, he didn’t have a female partner either. Perhaps he will partner up with her.”

“Is Lu Chuxia that good? Three-time dancing queen?”

“Yes, you’ve never seen Lu Chuxia dance. She is simply too professional. She is a rich man’s daughter alright, learning all kinds of things since she was young. She’s so good at dancing now and she is so pretty. So many young talents have extreme admiration for her. In any case, she is not C Nation’s top socialite for nothing.”

“If she has Gu Jingze’s help for this dance, then tonight’s titles of dancing queen and king are going to be theirs.”

Lin Che heard this discussion and her brows furrowed slightly. She looked inside, trying to find Gu Jingze but to no avail.

At this moment, someone inside exclaimed that Lu Chuxia was going to dance.

Lin Che quickly looked over.

Thankfully, Lu Chuxia’s first dance partner was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed man. He was tall, slim, and looked handsome too.

But he wasn’t Gu Jingze.

Lin Che watched as Lu Chuxia began to dance. Her steps were passionate and she looked like a beautiful fairy spinning on the dance floor. The people around all looked at her. Some even subconsciously stepped aside to give her more space.

Lin Che couldn’t help but think that the daughters of these rich families all had their own gracefulness. It was a pity that she didn’t have a passion for dancing. She could only look on strangely, wondering why they had to turn in and out. Although it looked very skillful, it didn’t make sense to Lin Che.

She was even wearing a plain skirt as she walked about inside. She felt a little out of place and wondered if she should go back and change into a better outfit.

Meanwhile, inside.

Gu Jingze was indeed inside, standing and talking to Stephen.




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