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Season 4

Episode 68

(If Not, I’ll Just Tie You Up)

Lin Che didn’t want him to blame himself so seriously because of that previous incident. She looked at Gu Jingze, “Gu Jingze, I’m already fine, really. You never hurt me every single time. It only happened a few times.”

“But it was already so serious those few times,” he said. “It should be a wonderful thing. I don’t want it to become… a burden to you.”

“How can that be? I… It was never a burden.” She thought about how she was always in a daze every time. She was tortured by him because she didn’t have the ability to endure it, so she was always under his spell.

Actually, she also really liked it… when he did that to her.

But how could she simply say that she liked it?

Gu Jingze turned away with all his might. With one palm on the wall and his back facing her, he firmly said, “Get out. I said I’m fine.”


“I’m really fine. Okay? Go out.”

How could Lin Che believe that he was really fine?

But she thought about it and still decided to leave. She said to him, “Well, I’m going out then… Don’t shower in cold water anymore and come out too, okay?”

“Yes, I’m not showering anymore.”

Actually, after their conversation, most of the fire in his body had already left and he didn’t feel the need to shower anymore.

Outside, Lin Che sat on the huge bed, thinking about how Gu Jingze was still blaming himself internally after so long. She had already forgiven Gu Jingze because… he was so nice and there was no special reason for him to be so rough with her. Furthermore, with his character, she didn’t need to say anything and he was already torturing himself for such a long time.

It was the same now. It has been some time, but he was still torturing himself. It was already so unbearable for him but he still wasn’t willing to touch her.

Lin Che pondered and thought of a good idea. She walked to the side of the wardrobe and flipped through her belongings.

When Gu Jingze came out, Lin Che was nowhere in sight.

He tied his bath towel, looked outside, and called out in puzzlement,” Lin Che? Where did you run off to?”

Just then, a voice rang from behind.

“Gu Jingze, I’m here.”

Gu Jingze turned around to see Lin Che clad in simple clothing. She stood there with a flushed face. She was shy and dared not to look at him. Her vexed eyes looked downward.

He frowned and looked at her, “What’s wrong? Is your stomach hurting again?”

“It stopped hurting long ago, but… somewhere else hurts.”

“What? Where? Let me take a look,” he asked anxiously.

Lin Che pointed at her chest and her face burned, “It hurts here.”

“What? Why would it hurt… there?”

Lin Che suddenly walked towards him and reached his side in a few steps. She pushed against his chest and looked at him, “It’ll be better after some rubbing.”

“…” Gu Jingze stared at her chest while his brain was buzzed.

This Lin Che, what was she doing…

But at this moment, Lin Che already pulled his hand toward herself and pressed it down on her own chest.

His hand instantly felt the softness of her chest. Gu Jingze’s body immediately began to heat up.

“You… Lin Che, let go of me. What are you doing?”

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze. For the first time, she took the initiative as she came onto him.

Gu Jingze frowned and refused to let her get close.

However, Lin Che was adamant and kept inching closer to him. She thought about he teased her with his usual actions. She put her arms around his neck and pressed her lips against his.

Gu Jingze’s body trembled.

He felt her coming up to him and deliberately **** his lips.

Many times, he was always the one who took the initiative. He also liked being the leader and seeing her become intoxicated because of him.

Thus, it felt extremely special when she took the initiative.

Especially when she intentionally wanted him to feel something, so the movement of her tongue was a lot more nimble.

Gu Jingze couldn’t resist and in that moment of passion, he quickly had her below him.

Lin Che moaned.

Gu Jingze relaxed his embrace very carefully.

“No, Lin Che. No, don’t touch me…”

Lin Che heard his mumbling and curled his tongue even more. Once again, she took control and pushed him towards the bed. After some movement, Gu Jingze finally laid down on the bed.

Lin Che also followed after. She sat on top of him and did not allow him to move.

Gu Jingze was still protesting, “Don’t do this, Lin Che. Let go of me.” He pushed her hand away, not wanting to continue.

Lin Che didn’t know what to say and could only follow her original plan. She reached out and took his tie.

Gu Jingze felt her actually take the tie, grab both of his arms, and raise them up. Then, she tied his wrists with the tie.

Gu Jingze kept protesting, “Lin Che, don’t do this. Let me go.”

Seeing as he was not obediently staying still, Lin Che got up and kissed him.


This petite woman was really hungry for his life.

How could he take such excitement?

He felt as if half of his heart was already gone.

Her hands had not stopped yet. She continued tying his wrists forcefully and tightly.

When it got tight enough, the man below was already gasping for air and his body was boiling. She then let go of his lips and looked at him from high up. She smiled and said, “You’re mine tonight.”


She held his chin lightly, feeling so amazed that this handsome man was below her right now.

Gu Jingze was already immobile.

He could only look at her in confusion and say plainly, “Lin Che, you’re playing with fire. Let me go, quickly.”

Lin Che said, “I’m not playing with fire. I’m playing with… you.”


This woman was really too wanton.

She dared to say that she was playing with him?

Which woman would dare to say such things to him, Gu Jingze?

Furthermore, she said it to him in this kind of position.

This was insane.

“You’d better let go, Lin Che. I’m giving you one last chance!”

“Are you sure you want me to let go?” Lin Che looked down at him.

She had never done this before, but she was an actress and she had watched all kinds of shows.

Her eyes were sultry as she gazed at him from high up like a queen. Her fingers teased the buttons at her chest, opening one, and then another…

Very quickly, the flesh inside was revealed.

Gu Jingze’s eyes narrowed, looking at that almost-transparent top inside. He almost went crazy.

This Lin Che… What was she wearing? What exactly was she trying to do?

Was she trying to torture him to death?

The top inside danced with the light and he was already burning up uncontrollably.

Lin Che shyly, but persistently, undid her buttons one by one until her entire top appeared in front of his eyes.





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