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Season 4

Episode 64

(Must Find A Way To Make Lin Che Leave Him For A While)

When Lu Chuxia saw Lin Che’s cold attitude, Lu Chuxia laughed and said, “Don’t tell me you’re still angry about what happened previously? I’ll apologize to you, Lin Che. I was too impulsive. You should also know that I grew up spoiled and I’m used to being impulsive. You can ask Jingze if you don’t believe me. He should know. We used to quarrel in the past too, but we would forget it after we were done arguing. Don’t take it to heart, okay?”

Lin Che looked at her. She made it seem like Lin Che was being too petty by not saying that much.

Lin Che said, “It’s fine. I’ve forgotten about it too.”

Lu Chuxia quickly smiled and said, “That’s great then.”

She gestured at both of them and said, “Come on, let’s go take a seat over there.”

But Gu Jingze already rejected her immediately, “No thanks. You can go ahead. Lin Che and I have something else to tend to.”

Seeing as he rejected her so directly, Lu Chuxia’s face hardened, “What’s the matter?”

Gu Jingze replied, “It’s a matter between a husband and wife. Do you really want to know the details?”

“…” Lin Che immediately blushed.

What nonsense was this Gu Jingze talking about?

Lu Chuxia’s face stiffened even further.

A husband and wife thing…

Indeed, they were husband and wife. Anything they did was reasonable.

But when she thought about how Gu Jingze would do such intimate things with that little slut, Lin Che… When she thought about how perfect Gu Jingze’s embrace would be and how Lin Che would be in that perfect embrace… Her heart was jealous to the core.

Gu Jingze spoke and tugged Lin Che, ignoring Lu Chuxia’s horrid expression as they headed outwards.

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze’s face, feeling his protection over her. It made her heart warm.

Meanwhile, Lu Chuxia stared hatefully in their direction, angrily gritting her teeth.

He was not going to let Lin Che be with her, so she had no way of executing her original plan.

Thus, Lu Chuxia quickly found an attendant from the Lu family.

She said to the attendant, “Find a way to put something in Lin Che’s drink.”

The attendant heard this, looked at Lu Chuxia’s vicious demeanor, and immediately understood what she meant.

“No… No, Miss Chuxia. That is Mrs. Gu and Second Young Master Gu seems to treat her extremely well. If he finds out…” Wouldn’t he be dead?

Lu Chuxia slapped the table, “If you don’t do it, will you believe that I’ll immediately make you leave C Nation forever?”

Of course, he believed her. It was all too easy for the Lu family to make someone disappear from C Nation.

“But, Miss, the Gu family is not docile. If we put them in danger in the slightest, they will find out.”

Lu Chuxia was also aware of this.

She actually thought now that if there was poison, she would really want Lin Che to drink it. It would be hopeless for Lin Che, but there was no way that the poison was going to get close to Lin Che. Gu Jingze’s men would definitely discover it.

Lu Chuxia’s eyes shifted. She looked at the attendant, “Who said I’m asking you to poison her? I don’t think you would be able to find poison in the first place. I only want her to be kept in her room instead of disturbing Gu Jingze here. Can’t you make some… drug that will cause a stomachache?”

The attendant heard this and thought that sounded good. Even if there was no drug, he could add something else to cause a stomachache.

The attendant was still very worried about Gu Jingze finding out. He was afraid of being tossed overboard into the sea.

However, there was no way of avoiding it.

Thus, he could only agree to it.

Lin Che and Gu Jingze were at the seaside looking down at the water.

The yacht made the water roll in waves. Lin Che looked at the endless horizon of the sea and sighed. It felt really nice to feel the sea breeze.

She looked up at Gu Jingze, “You blew Miss Lu off like that just now without worrying about angering her. You two are relatives now. You should still be mindful of your words.”

Actually, she was also taking one’s undeserved gains for granted. Seeing Lu Chuxia’s reaction made her feel great, but she was worried that Gu Jingze would really make Lu Chuxia disgraced and this would affect the Lu and Gu families’ relationship.

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che, “It doesn’t matter if she’s angry with me. The Gu family doesn’t rely on a relationship with a woman.”


Seeing Gu Jingze speak so nonchalantly, Lin Che’s heart began to look forward more.

This Gu Jingze was tyrannical and wildly arrogant, but he still had such a light and breezy aura. It was as if no unsightly temperament could taint his elegance and poise. It was really amazing.

The entire banquet’s atmosphere was very lively. The yacht’s owner really put a lot of thought into this event and prepared a tea party. Guests could play chess and watch performances inside. He seemed to have invited numerous internationally-renowned singers and musical performers to perform. There was even going to be a concert at night and those who didn’t like concerts could go to the bar for hot dances and ****… There would be many interesting performances and programs. The alcohol supply was fully stocked so that everyone could drink and party at any time. The next day, there was an antique auction and networking session planned. People from all walks of life would have something they enjoyed and the efforts were not going to waste.

Lin Che looked at the introduction, saying that there was ****. She was immediately shocked and said, “Oh my God, they have that. Isn’t that too obscene?”

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che, “Don’t tell me you want to watch it?”

“Well… Can I?”

Gu Jingze knocked her head, “What are you thinking? This is a performance and not like the **** that you are thinking about. Your brain is always so filled with silly things. You want to see others strip… We might as well go back to our room and see you strip.”

“Ah, what is strip dancing about…”

“People like you with a brain filled with **** will naturally think about the stripping. But others think about dancing. It’s just a very hot dance and not like the **** you think of!”

“Alright…” So it was like that. She really thought wrongly in this case.

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che, “Or if you really want to see… We can go back and I’ll slowly strip for you to see…”

“Get lost. I think I’ll go watch the performance, hmph.”

Just then, an attendant came to Gu Jingze and said that Mr. Stephen had an invitation for him.

Stephen was the owner of the yacht. He invited a few important people to discuss business and anyone else naturally was not allowed to join. Gu Jingze had to be included in the list.

Gu Jingze brought Lin Che along with him. She asked, “I can sit in and listen. There shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

Gu Jingze replied, “We will definitely be speaking in English and you wouldn’t understand it at all.”

“…” Alright then. She was thinking too much again.

“Idiot, I hate you, philomaths.”

Gu Jingze laughed and looked at her. He brought her up to the top deck of the yacht.

The top deck was decorated very luxuriously. There was an outdoor pool in the front and there was a little pool that produced bubbles like a hot spring behind. A few elegant ladies and gentlemen were seated inside. What made Lin Che feel depressed was that the Lu family members were also here.

Lu Chuxia accompanied her brother as she sat there. Seeing the two of them arrive, Lu Chuxia smiled, stood up, and said, “Lin Che, Jingze, come sit here.”

Gu Jingze placed his hand on Lin Che’s shoulder and walked to the other side. He said plainly to Lu Chuxia, “No need. We’ll sit over here.”





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